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Posted by | March 21, 2017

EGSA 2017 Agenda #4

AMS #: 5703232. Or phone: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 03232.

Time: 11AM, March 3, location FSHN164

Upcoming stuff

Pioneer symposium Friday March 17. Speakers might be interesting: a lot of industry and start up presentations.


  • Mary Barbercheck SCS March 19-22
  • Student of year, Paper of the year, and Errett Deck Research Fellowships coming up: usually a small pool of applicants. Submission deadline is March 17th.

When should next meeting be?

  • 2 weeks from now is March 17 (Spring Break)
  • Re-schedule to March 24?
  • Decided to reschedule to March 24th, and Dave & Jeb want to come talk with us about potential prelim changes.

Committee updates                              


  • Last talk was about patches and potential suppliers. Need to decide where we will get them and get a price. We will use the standard beetle badge. Trying to get them finished by PBESA.
  • Less than 10 calendars left, could bring them to PBESA and advertise at the table. However as of now don’t plan for that since PBESA usually doesn’t have tables.
  • Could sell Calendars at Insect Expo (Megan).
  • Working on getting the phone square to work for purchasing (Joseph)

Faculty meeting (Emily): No Updates

GPSA (Emily + Joseph):

  • Next Monday election debates at GPSA meeting (5:30), however, there is only one candidate for each.
  • A new opening for student regent position, comes with tuition waiver but also a significant time commitment (Entire academic year).
  • Health insurance update. AmeriBen is no longer part of our plan, it will be just United Healthcare (probably initiating in Aug 15th-ish).
  • Bowling next week (probably Thursday)
  • Outreach / Advertising (Rachel) – Insect Expo, send flyer to elementary schools in Pullman/Moscow: need time to be approved.
  • Events have been approved!! Only serving packaged things from establishments with food handling licenses so we don’t have to deal with food handling hassle. (Mary Barbercheck and Insect Expo).
  • Need someone to start making a flyer for Insect Expo (Megan volunteered). Will be in contact will local schools to raise awareness.

Socialization (Olivia):

  • Doughnut coffee hour today, next one is April 7th.
  • Went to Paradise creek brewery great turnout, next one at Rants and Raves in Moscow 23rd of March at 5:30 cheap beer and wine!
  • Spring EGSA hike? Suggestions: Step-toe, Coeur D’alene, TBD on date and time. (Probably towards end of April).
  • Prom still working on date and budget, possible April 29th.

Linnaean Games (Alix): No Updates

Herma Memorial:

  • Official guidelines from Adam opened up the idea of having an outside memorial also. Looking for feedback if we should stay with the inside memorial or if you would prefer a outside memorial. Currently there is $1,000 + faculty donations.

Need:  $2,000 for a tree or $5,000 for a bench.

Discussion: Really liked the idea of the memory book that everyone could contribute to because it embodied her personality by always providing a helping hand (Rachel). Wants to stay with inside memorial since it is already well planned out, will stay clean, and be accessable for many students (Robert). Will replace Jakes position on the committee (Rachel).

Event updates:

Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert):

  • Wenatchee students are coming afternoon of 19th (Sunday), leaving morning of 21st (Tuesday)
  • Still need: Pickup from Pullman airport, 3PM March 19 (Sunday) [Josh Milnes]
  • 3 meeting slots available Tuesday March 21. More people welcome to hike at 2:30 PM on Tuesday March 21, Mary is all about it! Most students have class at that time however.
  • Room for going out to breakfast or more meetings Wednesday March 22 before 10:30

Currently working out room bookings for coffee hour and lunch, purchasing drinks and refreshments, catering, etc.

Cougsync search and reach out to other clubs that might be interested, tell undergrads, tell the world.

Insect Expo (April 1st):

  • We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want
  • Rachel has been working on paperwork

I.C.C.C (Josh):

  • Josh met with Dr. Sheppard! Dr. Sheppard will be checking into movies he wants to watch that day, working on getting permission for the movies. Suggested using KQQQ for advertising, should be free. Dr. Sheppard will take the lead and Josh will be supporting his efforts.

Upcoming events

There has been concern about E.Paul Catts and ICCC being on the same day. It turns out the night talk is Friday, and the day talk is Thursday so there is no conflict.

Working on developing a shirt for PBESA.

Currently looking for an insect that represents Portland:

  • Suggestions: Oregon Swallowtail butterfly, or the Symbolic Bumblebee

New presentation opportunity: EARTHS conference

  • Theme: Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Environmental Issues Date: Saturday, April 1st
  • Location: Washington State University: CUE 518 Keynote Address: Dr. Dan Spencer, University of Montana.

Abstracts due March 10

Event is April 1 (Same day as Insect Expo day!!)

Seems focused on how to help the environment in some way.

The interdisciplinary Spring 2017 EARThS Conference seeks papers that address such questions from graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and biophysical sciences at University of Idaho and Washington State University. Ideal papers will focus on case studies or cross-sectional analyses of (1) creative approaches to examine the past, present, or future of environmental issues or (2) interdisciplinary efforts that seek to address or adapt to such problems in local, regional, national, and/or international venues.

  • SCS March 19-22
  • Insect expo April 1
  • PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now
  • E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown)
  • ICCC: April 20?