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Posted by | September 29, 2017

EGSA Minutes Meeting #1 September 11, 2017 at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 5706586  Phone Dial-in (509) 335-9445 meeting ID: 06586

Item #1: Motion to make every other Monday at 9:00am the permanent EGSA time

  • Motion Passed – meetings Fall 2017 will occur Mondays at 9am

Welcome! Especially new students: Liesl, Jessa and Dane!

  • Pullman: Rachel, Megan, Abbey, Maggie, Liesl, Ben, Joseph, Olivia, Jessa and Kunle
  • Wenatchee: Adrian, Robert, and Alix
  • Yakima: Dane

Overview of student events:


  • CAHNRS Fall Festival – ice cream and a great way to meet other CAHNRS students!
    • This Thursday – thank you for signing up!
  • BUGSS – (alternates between WSU & UI) – Bi University Guest Speaker Series
    • Seminar followed by a reception, one-on-one meetings with the speakers, etc.
  • Honey Sales – our way to raise money and fund the events our club puts on!
  • Insect Feed with Dr. Zack – great outreach opportunity on campus!


  • Insect Expo – Our biggest event of the year! Outreach, education, and community members anticipate this event – it is very important!
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic – an insect-themed movie night
    • Needs to be organized with Dr. Sheppard
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch – a way to say thank you to our wonderful staff who help us!
  • Student Choice Speaker – a student-hosted seminar, sometimes with a dinner/reception
    • Start making nominations – at ESA, take notes on speakers you particularly enjoy or think our student body would benefit from hosting. Extra points for interdisciplinary talks that might attract students from other departments or the community.

Upcoming Events:

CAHNRS Fall Fest plans and discussion. Date: Sept 14 (4-6PM)

  • Items needed:
    • Volunteer sign up here
    • Displays from Dr. Zack (ask permission)
    • Live arthropods – we’ll get a table in the shade!
    • Flag and tablecloth!
    • Display Hive – probably not this year, but keep in mind for other events
    • Departmental van – might not be necessary but for other events where venues are far away, make sure we sign up to use!

BUGSS – Bi-University Guest Seminar Series (In Entomology)

  • “Genetically Engineered Pests as Tools for Applied Entomology?” by Dr. Fred Gould
    • 3:30pm Tuesday September 19th at UI international ballroom, University of Idaho – reception to follow

Honey Extractions

  • This is always hectic, but thank you for being flexible and volunteering! Honey is our major funding contributor and our club’s financial situation is looking good!
  • Next Steps:
    • Buy bottles
    • Talk to Lighty about a good date, complete SO paperwork, and advertise!
    • Limit on how much honey one individual can purchase? I don’t think we talked about this…

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

  • Fall trip – look for a doodle poll from Adrian, Abbey and Maggie will be choosing a location for us to meet for camping and insect collecting! Student Retreat 2017!

Vice President (Ben)

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • Current standing: We have money! $7476! We are in great shape to fund our events and could branch out a bit
  • Dinner for the Student Choice Speaker?
  • Live insects (Abbey)
  • A library (ask faculty for matched funds)
  • Other fun enriching things

Secretary (Alix): A writing ‘club,’ google-doc based, where we can post our manuscripts and get peer feedback. Look for a link soon.

Faculty Liaison (Rachel)

Faculty retreat report:

  • CPR/First aid and mental health training – our new student orientation for the Entomology Department will be more holistic this year – be sure to attend this Friday from 10am – 2pm (RSVP by Tuesday if you want lunch!)
  • Equipment access and inventory – there will be more clarity of what equipment is available to us and where it is!
  • UI Co-op courses – transfer credits didn’t count towards GPA and weren’t listed as a grade – this has a temporary fix, but we might bring this up to GPSA to fix more permanently
  • Faculty-student relations – attend events Dave emailed us about
  • Green dot training – required for undergrads but not grads – if you are interested in receiving training for the identification of potentially violent or hate-related incidences, take the training! Look for a link from Rachel
  • University (unlike our club…) is in a poor financial situation. However, the entomology dept. has funding to hire two new faculty members, one in Wenatchee and one in Pullman. Students can be a part of this process
  • Scholarships and Awards! Apply! You cannot win if you do not try!!
  • There was a large donation made to the department that will be split into student scholarships, a museum improvement fund, and a seminar endowment.

GPSA-funding report (Kunle)

  • Student insurance has changed (Again) – keep up to date online! Get your eyes checked!

Outreach Coordinator (Abbey)

  • Creatures of the Night: Most likely weekend before Halloween – PCCI puts this on and is always happy we participate!
  • Live insects will be purchased (if interested in helping, talk to Abbey!) – we need a care protocol to make sure we can keep them alive

Other updates:

  • Prelim Study Group – Wednesdays from 11am-12pm – see google doc and question bank (Thanks Megan!)
  • Meta-analysis group – Wednesdays from 1:!5-2:15 – the goal is to publish a paper!
  • Coffee and Donuts – 1st Monday of the month, will coincide with EGSA meetings
  • Happy Hour – FRIDAY September 22nd and Slice and Biscuit (free slice with your beer, or beer with your slice, YOU decide!)
  • Come to Bug Beer Friday with Jeb at 4pm!
  • We will have a Halloween party and a holiday party this year! Stay tuned!
  • Patches are going to happen (Thanks Merch club and Abigail!) If you have other merch ideas, talk to Abigail – calendars may happen again this year, get some photos ready!
  • Faculty meeting update next EGSA meeting
  • Linnaean Games – Thursdays at 3pm, come check it out! Advisor: Dr. Zack – Team: Rachel, Adrian, Robert, Alix and Jim. Great prelim studying! It’s entomological trivia, bug knowledge bowl!
  • WSU’s debates team will hold a mock presentation before the Denver meeting
  • Herma Memorial – Alix will get in touch with Emily, and work with Rachel to make this happen – thank you for EGSA’s support in making this happen.


Next meeting: Monday September 25th at 9am