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Posted by | May 10, 2018

EGSA Minutes                                                       Meeting #14 April 20, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416


Recap – ICCC and Insect Expo: Great job everyone, and thank you for all of the help! Insect Expo went great and had many attractions for the attendees. ICCC: Estimating approximately 30 people attending, with 22 who were NOT ENTOMOLOGISTS !   Insect Expo: Ran out of fossil stuff. Some people drove all the way from Spokane to attend! 200-250 estimated to attend.

  1. Paul Catts: Doughnuts and coffee with students after this meeting and another talk @ 11:00am (FSHN Pullman).

Entom Prom: Tomorrow dinner at Black Cyprus 6:00pm and dancing in Etsi Bravo @ 7:30pm

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

  • Nominations for officers are closed and voting is open. Follow link below and only vote once for each position. Voting closes Wednesday (4/25/18) and 2 officers will need to attend RSO officer training either Thursday or Friday at 8am in TODD 320.

Vice President (Ben)

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • How much we want to have carry over into next year? Revenue tied to honey – more honey in the last few years has been helping our budget. Books, live arthropods, etc have helped us use our money. Similar carry-over this year to last year despite these expenses. $2500 to Herma Memorial would still keep our budget at a good carry-over level.
  • Mini-grants could be a good annual expense – discussed later at this meeting.
  • Tabling at National and Branch meetings
  • Undergraduate involvement?

Secretary (Alix)

GPSA (Kunle)

  • Josh is our new GPSA representative after this meeting!
  • 5% budget cut all around (if you have questions ask Joseph!)
  • Travel grants for summer are currently open – check it out! Approval from advisor needed.

Faculty Liason (Rachel)

  • N/A

Communications Director (Abbey)

  • May 12th Pullman Community Fair – look for updates soon
  • Summer display boxes and educational materials – 12 ideas for highlighting arthropod definition. Pollination syndrome boxes, insect special ability box, defense displays, etc. Instagram and twitter for WSU Arthropods – can help with communication. We could have the community ask us to show up in classrooms etc. Could be a good outlet for people who no longer want their arthropod pets!
  • UI graduate student meeting: 6-7pm on Tuesdays. BUGSS: get revamped?! Faculty + students on the committee.

Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): na
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Pollinator mix seeds – possible have by May or June? Want NATIVE PNW seeds. T-shirts coming up with a call for designs?
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl):
    • Entom-Prom is figured out!
    • Saturday April 28 – Bowling Happy Hour at 6pm
    • Doughnuts and Coffee today = end of semester
    • Mini-Grants: Motion passed!

Committee Reports

  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): $2500 donation from EGSA – motion passed! Thank you all for your support!
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): Complete!
  • Linnaean Games (Jim): Roster all set, but PB-ESA is going to be lightly attended for Linnaean games. Megan is digitizing over 1800 LG questions!! She rocks!
  • Elevator Talks: Trying to get 2 volunteers from each school to participate in and event: elevator talks + impromptu public speaking.
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Going well but slightly behind – Dave is helping with an abstract and things are moving along. Hoping to submit by mid-June. Local level analysis for next year?
  • Prelim study (Olivia): Megan and Abbey will be leading next semesters’ charge! Quizlet Linnaean Games flashcards are good practice as well.
  • Writing Club (Alix): Who wants to take this over? Maybe BEN!
  • ESA Debate team: Ben (captain) + Abbey, Abigail, Adrian, Jimmy, and maybe a Canadian team member – topics will be assigned June 1st

Good of the Order

Next and final meeting: Monday May 4th at 9am