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Posted by | May 10, 2018

EGSA Minutes                                                          Meeting #15 May 4, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416

In attendance: Adrian, Robert, Abbey, Megan, Dane, Rachel, Joseph, Abigail, Kunle, Robert (acting secretary)


PBESA June 10-13. Would students be interested in using a department van to carpool to Reno? Ask Megan Asche to join van she will send an email

New officers- President: Megan Asche

Vice President: Joseph Taylor

Secretary: James Helper

Treasurer: Abigail Cohen

Faculty Liaison: Liesl Oeller

Communications Director: Abbey

Club Advisor: Dr. Zack

BUGSS Update: Mark Schwarzland is UI contact for university guest speaker vent. There was some confusion this year. Dave is WSU speaker. UI and WSU students will co-organize a guest speaker. One faculty and student will be on committee for each school. WSU: Crowder, Abbey and Abigail. Goal is to do event in Fall, but might be spring. I would invite a high profile speaker that will attract school of biological science department memebers.

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

I will be working on transitioning the new officers onto CougSync. Thank you all for helping this club run as efficiently as possible, it has been a great year.

Vice President (Ben)

Not present

Treasurer (Joseph)

GPSA is slow at updating funding but our club account is doing just fine. Dr. Zack donated some boxes for making displays. Kunle says we got funding

Secretary (Alix)

GPSA (Kunle)

Kunle suggests that Josh M (our new rep) has a person in Pullman to attend meetings. Joseph volunteered

It is good for students to attend PDI events

Abbey is going to communicate with the extension person who spoke at colloquium to make a database of grid research, interests, so they can solicit speakers for public talks

Kunle reports EGSA received funding. Not many groups got funding this year, meaning we are awesome. The packet was good- we followed instructions.

Faculty Liason (Rachel)

Laura Lavine is interim chair (announced by Dean) for 2 years because the dean recognized “division” in the department. Laura starts July 1st, Steve stays on until August, so there is overlap.

Two new students, both will be in Pullman In August

We are not getting the spousal hire after all

Good luck Liesl

Communications Director (Abbey)

We are making a twitter and Instagram

May 12th garden community fair, EGSA will be there


Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan): na
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Rachel will join merch committee
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): Updates through Adrian, May 11 Zeppoz

Committee Reports

  • Debate team (Ben: Abbey, Abigail, Jim, Adrian)- The team is occurring
  • Library: Please check out books and allow people that are taking prelims privacy
  • Meta team
  • Mini grants: Sent applications
  • Linnean games: practices continue

Good of the Order

Jeb Owen wants greater participation in Art/Sci over the summer so email him if interested. Megan says it’s fun.

If you’re interested in giving an elevator speech at PBESA contact Kunle