Among Xmas lights and garland . . . bugs?

By Linda Weiford, WSU News

PULLMAN, Wash. – Give your Christmas tree a good shake before carrying it indoors. If not, you’ll probably transport holiday hitchhikers straight into your living room.
It’s not usual for an assortment of bugs – ranging from beetles and ladybugs to moths and mites – to dwell deep within a tree’s branches and become active when exposed to the warmth of a human home, said entomologist Richard Zack of Washington State University.

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Beekeepers are now ‘farmers’ in Washington State

By Linda Weiford, WSU News PULLMAN, Wash. – A new law that defines Washington’s commercial beekeepers as farmers will enable the state to better reap the benefits of healthy bee populations while boosting a critical profession, according to a bee expert at Washington State University. “Beekeepers’ work is similar in concept to managing tiny livestock,”… » More ...

Call for Proposals

Norm Ehmann Urban Pest Management Award July 2015   Request for proposals: Researchers or educators involved with urban pest management problems which occur in the Pacific Northwest are invited to apply.  Research may be conducted outside the Northwest if it involves pests that also occur in the Northwest, like bed bugs. Purpose: This endowment was… » More ...

Can Mushrooms Save the Honey Bee?

February 17, 2015 By Sylvia Kantor, College of Agricultural, Human & Natural Resource Sciences PULLMAN, Wash. – Research by a Washington State University bee scientist and a mushroom farmer indicates that extracts from the fungus might help honey bees fight off disease and parasites. One experiment involves a prototype beehive made from mushrooms. Read the complete… » More ...