EGSA 2017. Agenda #4


AMS #: 5703232.

Or phone: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 03232.


Time: 11AM, March 3, location FSHN164


Upcoming stuff

–Pioneer symposium Friday March 17. Speakers might be interesting: a lot of industry and start up presentations.


–Mary Barbercheck SCS March 19-22

–Student of year, Paper of the year, and Errett Deck Research Fellowships coming up: usually a small pool of applicants. Submission deadline is March 17th.


When should next meeting be?

–2 weeks from now is March 17 (Spring Break)

–Re-schedule to March 24?

–Decided to reschedule to March 24th, and Dave & Jeb want to come talk with us about potential prelim changes.


Committee updates                              

  1. Merch

-Last talk was about patches and potential suppliers. Need to decide where we will get them and get a price. We will use the standard beetle badge. Trying to get them finished by PBESA.

-Less than 10 calendars left, could bring them to PBESA and advertise at the table. However as of now don’t plan for that since PBESA usually doesn’t have tables.

-Could sell Calendars at Insect Expo (Megan)

-Working on getting the phone square to work for purchasing (Joseph)


  1. Faculty meeting (Emily)

-No Updates

  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph)

-Next Monday election debates at GPSA meeting (5:30), however, there is only one candidate for each.

-A new opening for student regent position, comes with tuition waiver but also a significant time commitment (Entire academic year).

-Health insurance update. AmeriBen is no longer part of our plan, it will be just United Healthcare (probably initiating in Aug 15th-ish).

-Bowling next week (probably Thursday)

  1. Outreach / Advertising (Rachel) – Insect Expo, send flyer to elementary schools in Pullman/Moscow: need time to be approved.

-Events have been approved!! Only serving packaged things from establishments with food handling licenses so we don’t have to deal with food handling hassle. (Mary Barbercheck and Insect Expo).

-Need someone to start making a flyer for Insect Expo (Megan volunteered). Will be in contact will local schools to raise awareness.


  1. Socialization (Olivia)

– Doughnut coffee hour today, next one is April 7th.

Went to Paradise creek brewery great turnout, next one at Rants and Raves in Moscow 23rd of March at 5:30 cheap beer and wine!

Spring EGSA hike? Suggestions: Step-toe, Coeur D’alene, TBD on date and time. (Probably towards end of April).

Prom still working on date and budget, possible April 29th.


  1. Linnaean Games (Alix)

– No Updates


  1. Herma Memorial

-Official guidelines from Adam opened up the idea of having an outside memorial also. Looking for feedback if we should stay with the inside memorial or if you would prefer a outside memorial.

Currently there is $1,000 + faculty donations.

Need:  $2,000 for a tree or $5,000 for a bench.


-Really liked the idea of the memory book that everyone could contribute to because it embodied her personality by always providing a helping hand (Rachel)

-Wants to stay with inside memorial since it is already well planned out, will stay clean, and be accessable for many students (Robert)

-Will replace Jakes position on the committee (Rachel)


Event updates


Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert)

–Wenatchee students are coming afternoon of 19th (Sunday), leaving morning of 21st (Tuesday)

–Still need

–Pickup from Pullman airport, 3PM March 19 (Sunday) [Josh Milnes]

–3 meeting slots available Tuesday March 21

–More people welcome to hike at 2:30 PM on Tuesday March 21, Mary is all about it!

Most students have class at that time however.

–Room for going out to breakfast or more meetings Wednesday March 22 before 10:30


–Currently working out room bookings for coffee hour and lunch, purchasing drinks and refreshments, catering, etc.

-Cougsync search and reach out to other clubs that might be interested, tell undergrads, tell the world.


Insect Expo (Arpil 1st)

-We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want

-Rachel has been working on paperwork




I.C.C.C (Josh)

–Josh met with Dr. Sheppard!

-Dr. Sheppard will be checking into movies he wants to watch that day, working on getting permission for the movies.

-Suggested using KQQQ for advertising, should be free.

-Dr. Sheppard will take the lead and Josh will be supporting his efforts.



Upcoming events


There has been concern about E.Paul Catts and ICCC being on the same day. It turns out the night talk is Friday, and the day talk is Thursday so there is no conflict.

Working on developing a shirt for PBESA:

Currently looking for an insect that represents Portland:

  • Suggestions: Oregon Swallowtail butterfly, or the Symbolic Bumblebee


New presentation opportunity

EARThS conference

Theme: Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Environmental Issues

Date: Saturday, April 1st

Location: Washington State University: CUE 518

Keynote Address: Dr. Dan Spencer, University of Montana

Abstracts due March 10

Event is April 1 (Same day as Insect Expo day!!)

Seems focused on how to help the environment in some way.


The interdisciplinary Spring 2017 EARThS Conference seeks papers that address such questions from graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and biophysical sciences at University of Idaho and Washington State University. Ideal papers will focus on case studies or cross-sectional analyses of (1) creative approaches to examine the past, present, or future of environmental issues or (2) interdisciplinary efforts that seek to address or adapt to such problems in local, regional, national, and/or international venues.


–SCS March 19-22

–Insect expo April 1

–PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now

–E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown)

–ICCC: April 20?

February 17, 2017

EGSA 2017. Agenda #3


AMS #: 5702895. Or phone (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 02895.


Time: 1PM, Feb 17, location FSHN164


Special appearance: Benjamin Derrick explains his water monitoring project and need for insect-knowledgeable volunteers on Saturday


Stream protection in town, two transects east and west. Both in city limits.

Habitat assessment: recommended once a year, biological assessment: three times a year (looks for macroinvertebrates, Spring, Summer, Fall), physical chemical assessment: once a month. Prefers to do it on Saturdays, but is flexible. Probably towards twilight at night (5 or 6pm)

Will probably need waders, not very fun without them especially in winter.

Joseph has helped before. He has a lot of the supplies that are needed. Doesn’t take a long time, and can be very fun. Great opportunity.

Would like interested people to contact him and schedule when they would like to help.

(Joseph was in the Seattle Times!!)


Committee updates                                            


  1. Merch – Talked about patches, knows a person with an embroidery shop, just need to work out a budget. Potentially have stickers.


  1. Faculty meeting (Emily) – No updates except Jeb will be coming to our March 17th meeting to talk about student evaluations. Pioneer symposium – a letter was delivered to Adam, so we are progressing.


  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph) – Elections are coming, Joseph will be running again. March 6th, people will be giving speals who are running for executive positions. May not be useful to attend because there probably wont be any contested positions.

PDI on Stem academic Job market Feb 23rd 10:30-1

Writing workshop: submitting your thesis March 9th 1-3


  1. Outreach (Rachel) – Fundraising event (Would need a lot of people min. 20 people) 15% of profits go to club. Pattys and Rants & Raves have a fundraiser where we reserve a time slot and 15% of the funds they make during that time go to the club. Potential outreach event, may be hard to get enough people. Could co-locate it with another event, but time slots are scarce.


  1. Advertising


  1. Socialization (Olivia) – Wednesday 22nd going to paradise creek get a dollar of your beer, the more you buy the more you save! March 3rd doughnut worry drink coffee. Entom Prom still happening! Friday March 31st (coincides with GPSA Research Expo) or Friday April 21st (coincides with E. Paul Catts, and ICCC). Could rent Minh’s!!!


  1. Linnaean Games (Alix) – Next meeting is Wednesday 22nd. We talked about a roster, but next week will be nailing down a roster.

Event updates


Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert)

–Sign up for slots/volunteer (5 still available, 1 dinner, 1 lunch slot, volunteers for drivers)

–Advertising is coming made an amazing flyer!!

–Soon it will be open to faculty, and public


Insect Expo

-We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want


I.C.C.C (Josh)

–Josh met with Dr. Sheppard!

-Was a great meeting and has a lot of great information, sounds like he will be working everything out.

-April 20th


Upcoming events

–SCS March 19-22

–Insect expo April 1  – Getting an assassin bug, and a vinegaroon. Dr. Zack very excited to update collection boxes.

–PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now

–E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown)

–ICCC: April 20?

–RIP B.U.G.S.S. (wants to restructure department first, we are very disappointed)



Next Meeting:  Returning to 11:00am on Friday’s

Feb 3, 2017

EGSA 2017. Agenda #2


AMS #: 5702569.


Time: 11AM, Feb 3, location FSHN164


Special guest Dr. Steve Sheppard may drop in via Wenatchee at any time (!!!)


Item 1: permanent meeting time Friday 11AM?


Committee updates


  1. Merch – Made money from calendars, ~16 left over, give calendars to non-wsu speakers throughout semester (6 of them). Placed one calendar in display case, selling them at a discounted rate ($8). Still considering having a patch, looking for distributors.


  1. Faculty meeting (Emily)

Seemed willing to pitch in for funding towards Pioneer Symposium once they are aware of what they will be funding and who it affects.


  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph)

Two budget resolutions. Both from transportation services 1) $5/year to maintain existing bus service. Project with this increase they can maintain existing service for another 7-10years. President is requiring balanced budgets due to deficit. Voted to put it on the ballot. 2) Add express service and increase frequency of buses. Would be an addition $5/semester. Vote: approved to put on the ballot.

General Elections: Applications opened Wednesday (2/1/2017) to be a GPSA senator, executive member, etc.

Events: Industry job Series Negotiating Feb 4th 10am-12pm

-Excellence awards due Feb 15th

-GPSA bowling night at Zeppos Feb 10th 7-9pm

-Writing workshop series Feb 17th 1-3pm writers block

-Student forum w/ president Schulz Feb 16th 4-5pm, Response to graduate student feedback he received from the drive to 25 townhalls.

GPSA is in the process of hiring a new coordinator.


  1. Outreach (Rachel)


  1. Advertising

–Mary will give talk title to Robert monday


  1. Socialization (Olivia)

-Have happy hour at tapped, not many people showed up. (People not wanting to go to restaurants financed by cult, needs research)

Doughnuts and coffee this morning, huge success. Next happy hour at Paradise Creek.

Entom Prom: Have it towards the end of April (Friday/Saturday)? Will be sending out in email.

Taxonomy is planning a bunch of collecting trips, all are welcome.


  1. Linnaean Games (Alix)

Timing conflict with original time due to colloquium lunches. Rescheduled to Wednesdays at 9am. Practices are 8th/22nd of February, and 8th/22nd of March. Game masters know we will have a team.

  1. BUGSS (Abigail)

Dave emailed schwardzlander, still hasn’t responded. Emailed Ed Bechinski, Dave said he thinks BUGSS is dead…


  1. PBESA (Alix)

Photo salon March 24th deadline, usually not many submissions, Send to Lisa Brain, $50 prize for 3 different categories. Travel awards due Feb 8th, so far no submission. Abstracts for student competition due Feb 8th. Student leadership award has no applications yet, due Feb 6th. Working on developing a fun run, earn raffle tickets for prizes, is there any interest? (Mixed approval). T-shirt are sold/given away at these branch meetings. Need anyone interested in spearheading the design of the shirt, contact is Sanford Eigenbrode.


Event updates


Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert)

–Presentation will be colloquium time, campus-wide invitation (single talk)

–Will open sign-ups for meeting

–Will have a coffee hour, lunch for everyone, and intimate dinners for three people with speaker and it will be provided by club funds.


Should have talk title by Monday, then we can start advertising it.


Please make sure you can make it, this is a big event and we should show the speaker our maximum respect.


Insect Expo (Robert)

April 1st CUE Atrium

There is money for

–Live insects

–Pinned insects

–Edible insects

–Insect displays

–Mini observation hive


No one has approached with purchase orders yet. Have been in contact with Dr. Zack for updating displays, will be giving a list of needed items.

Will need purchase order for snacks for kids at the Expo. Need special permission for edible insects and they are very expensive, so we are moving away from that.

Discussion: Should move towards cultivating a live insect collection, and being more proactive with outreach. Make a list of potential insects/arthropods.


I.C.C.C (Robert)

–April 20 in conjunction with E. Paul Catts.

–Josh Milnes volunteered to be point person. Thankyou Josh


Upcoming events

–Insect expo April 1

–PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now

–E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown)

–ICCC: a mystery


EGSA Meeting Minutes – April 21st, 2015

21 April 2015

Student Choice Speaker Wrap Up

  • Suggested for next year to make it clear in the invitation that all expenses are paid

Mary Gardiner

  • Lunch Thursday at 12:30 in conference room – please email Alix by Wednesday at noon to RSVP
  • Talk Thursday at 3:30pm in T101 – flyer sent out
  • Reception Thursday evening 5pm at Mark Schwarzländer’s house – flyer sent out

Staff Appreciation Lunch – May 4th at noon (Outside weather permitting, FSHN 164 if not)

  • Natalie and Robbie will order from Subway
  • Bring a side, dessert, or soda/juice
  • Natalie and Robbie will order gift cards/flowers for staff

LEAD Awards Thursday April 23 5pm (Location unknown, probably the CUB Ballroom)

  • 5 seats towards the front, rest in the back
  • One person to ‘receive’ the award, and everyone is welcome to be in the photo at the front


  • VOTE! You have until Friday, April 24

Merchandising Committee Update

  • None
  • Deadline set to have tablerunner and flags on hand by the Fall Festival next year

GPSA Updates

  • Civic Engagement Week

Lizz and Jake volunteered at the organic farm

  • Ice Cream Social at Ferdinand’s

April 30th, 1-3 pm

Bring your student ID

  • End of the Year Party at Belltower

May 2nd, 8-10 pm

Food will be provided, alcohol must be purchased

  • We received our full requested amount of affiliate funding

We should ask for more next year, as we are likely to get it

  • Travel grants are still in review
  • Katie Harris (Anthropology) is the new director of legislative affairs for GPSA

Her responsibilities involve lobbying the state senate to improve graduate student wages, insurance, etc.

Faculty Meeting Updates


Upcoming Outreach Events

  • Email Robbie IMMEDIATELY if you are interested in helping with either event
  • April 25th and June 18th – Outdoor Biology Activities and the Insect Walkaround

Pullman Community Gardens Event

  • May 16th at the Community Gardens
  • Plant sales, community organizations, and a bee talk


  • Sonia Altizer will be the guest speaker in the fall
  • We need new committee members – Alix, Cami, and Lizz will not be doing this next year
  • Email Lizz to volunteer

Memorial for Herma

  • The Student of the Year award came with $1,500 financial award
  • Due to university rules, we cannot give the money to Herma’s family
  • This also cannot be a scholarship in Herma’s name, as a minimum $25,000 donation is required to create an endowed scholarship
  • Therefore, we would like to use these funds to create an on campus memorial for Herma
  • Please send ideas for the memorial to Robbie as soon as possible; he is working on a proposal to submit to Adam for how we will spend these funds
  • A poll of the students will be conducted to determine which memorial idea will be funded
  • Examples of memorials: a bench, a tree with a plaque, etc.

Upcoming Events

  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • April 25th – Outdoor Biology Activities
  • May 1st – Department (with food science) BBQ
  • May 4th – Staff appreciation lunch
  • June 18th PCEI “Insect Walkaround”


EGSA Meeting Minutes 21 April 2015 Student Choice Speaker Wrap Up Suggested for next year to make it clear in the invitation that all expenses are paid Mary Gardiner Lunch Thursday at 12:30 in conference room – please email Alix by Wednesday at noon to RSVP Talk Thursday at 3:30pm in T101 – flyer sent… » More ...

October 19, 2015

State of the University Address “Successes and Next Steps: Positioning for the Future” will be in the CUB Auditorium on Tuesday, October 27th at 3:00 PM. There will be a reception following at 4:00 PM.
Interim President Dan Bernardo will discuss progress on WSU’s strategic initiatives and outline next steps as the university prepares for a new president.

Our next Lunch & Learn will be at noon on Friday October 30th. Our presenter will be Hannah Merley with the office of Grant and Research Development aka OGRD. She will explain the services OGRD offers grad students and faculty. I am working on getting someone from Student Health to talk to us to explain their services and plan information for grad students and on the services the WSU Libraries offer to students, faculty and staff. Dates to be determined.

The next WSU Entomology Colloquium will be on Friday, October 30, 2015, FSHN 354 – 2:10-3:00. Robert Orpet (PhD student in the David Crowder Lab and is an ARCS Scholar ) will be presenting his PhD research proposal. The title of his presentation is: Woolly Apple Aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum) Population Dynamics in Relation to Soil, Earwigs and Grower Perceptions. For more information on Robert Orpet go to: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Robert_Orpet. The dial up number for all sites for this event is 5702332.

You are invited to attend a Plant Pathology Seminar given by Dr. Yu-Ming Ju, Academia Sinica, Taipei,Taiwan
“A Termitomyces mushroom-growing termite and cultivars of the mushroom: at 10:10 am, Thursday, October 29, 2015 in 343 Johnson Hall. Dr. Jack Rogers, rogers@wsu.edu is hosting this event.

Betsy Beers was mentioned in a WSU News article on October 22, 2015. The article titled: New ’Alien’ Wasp Discovered in Washington State. To read the article go to: https://news.wsu.edu/2015/10/22/new-alien-wasp-discovered-in-washington-state/ This article was picked up and was also in several local newspapers.

You are cordially invited you to participate in the events and sign up for a time to meet with Allen Moore. Dr. Allen J. Moore is Distinguished Research Professor & Department Head of the Department of Genetics at the University of Georgia. He will be at WSU November 3-6, 2015. Dr. Moore will be presenting the Ecolunch in the School of Biological Sciences on November 3, at 12:00 pm, the Entomology Colloquium on November 4, at 12:10 pm, and the ADVANCE at WSU luncheon on Thursday, November 5, where he will be discussing supporting success for women in STEM as an administrator. The location for the ADVANCE at WSU luncheon Thursday November 5, 2015 is still to be determined. His schedule is below. Please email me and let me know when you would like to meet with him. Feel free to forward this email to anyone (especially your lab group members) you think might be interested in meeting with Allen. He is an accomplished scientist and an incredible advocate for women and diversity in science, I think you will enjoy meeting with him.
Note, Laura Lavine is hosting a reception for him at her home on Thursday, November 5, you are more than welcome to attend and to bring a guest or two. Please just RSVP to Laura Lavine.

If you have not changed your password since August 20th please change it before October 27th. It is possible that those who have not changed their password by the above deadline could experience a service disruption. See the attachment for instructions on how to change passwords and further information.

WTFRC 2016 Apple Crop Protection Research Review
1) Pre-proposal are due at the ARC by November 6th, 2015 at 4:00pm. ARC will forward all pre-proposals to WTFRC by the deadline date of November 11, 2015 at 5:00pm. This day is a holiday, so please submit your proposals early. Send your pre-proposal(s) to Carrie Johnston via email at arcgrants@wsu.edu. NOTE: Pre-proposal submission guidelines have changed. All submissions must be submitted using the “Pre-proposal form” which can be found on WTFRC website at http://treefruitresearch.org/proposals-reports/pre-proposals. Complete the required information and submit to me by the deadline date. PLEASE DO NOT USE LAST YEAR’S FORM.
2) Pre-proposal approval notification(s) will be sent by December 2, 2015. Note: pre-proposal submissions are for new proposals only. Continuing and final reports do not require pre-proposal submission.
3) Approved new proposals and continuing proposals are due at ARC by December 22, 2015. This early due date is necessary because of the 52nd week University closure. Send them to Carrie Johnston electronically at arcgrants@wsu.edu. NOTE: Have your budgets approved before submitting your proposal to ARC.
Approved new proposals and continuing proposals are due at WTFRC by 4 PM on January 5, 2016. NOTE: ARC will be submitting the proposals to WTFRC. Again the formatting has changed. Please check out WTFRC website for the latest forms.
4) The 2016 Apple Crop Protection research review will be at the Confluence Technology Center in Wenatchee, January 28 – 29th.
Note: Final Reports should be sent directly to WTFRC. See attachment for the ACP research priority list.

On behalf of the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences, you are invited to nominate a WSU alumna of distinction in exceptional leadership qualities for the 2015 CAHNRS Women’s Leadership Award. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to showcase a woman you know who has made a meaningful impact in her career, community, or the common good. Please nominate a woman whom you believe has:
· exhibited leadership skills in their field of expertise;
· contributed their time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in their community;
· actively assisted others, particularly women, in realizing their full leadership potential;
· demonstrated qualities of teamwork, integrity and dedication; and
· proven qualities of determination, resiliency and the ability to overcome adversity.
Nominations do not have to come from an academic unit and we encourage anyone that has worked with outstanding WSU graduates to nominate those individuals. Nominations will be accepted until November 13, 2015. The winner will be recognized at the 2016 CAHNRS Honors in the spring. Find more about the nominations and submit forms here.

New Vehicle Accident Reporting Procedures: Washington State’s Office of Risk Management now requires use of their on-line State Employee Vehicle Collision Report Form (SF137). Link to this form is: https://etort.des.wa.gov/incidentreport. Use of this form is effective immediately and paper versions are no longer accepted by the state or WSU Risk Management. Please continue to stock the paper version of the SF137 in your vehicle glove boxes. Drivers can use this form as a template for capturing necessary information, as the automated report requires the same data. Drivers are required to print a PDF copy of the report and provide it to their supervisor. Supervisors will forward a copy to the WSU Office of Risk Management Services via email. The State’s Administrative and Accounting Manual, Chapter 12, Transportation, and WSU Safety Policies and Procedure Manual 7.20, Motor Vehicle Accidents, requires all traffic accidents be reported within 48 hours, regardless of how minor. If you have any questions about these procedures, or the form, please contact:
Pam Merryweather
WSU Office of Risk Management Services (509) 335-3682, pamerrywx@wsu.edu


Remember to turn your clocks back on Nov. 1.

WSU will be closed Nov. 11 for Veteran’s Day.

Nov. 26 for Thanksgiving Day and Nov. 27 for Native American Heritage Day.

ESA Annual Meeting is November 15-18, 2015 in Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, MN. Theme is Synergy in Science: Partnering for Solutions.

ESA Pacific Branch meetings are April 3-6, 2016 in Honolulu, HI at the Pacific Beach Hotel.

Students: Be sure to check out the WSU Grad School Scholarship page for a list of scholarships. Most have a submittal date of Dec 15, 2015. The link is: http://gradschool.wsu.edu/Scholarships-2016/#Richard

WSU will be closed December 24 & 25, 2015 for the Christmas Holiday and will be closed December 28-31 except for essential operations.

2016 International Congress of Entomology, Sept. 25-30, 2016, Orlando, FL. Website: http://ice2016orlando.org/
To get the latest news in the world of Entomology here are some interesting websites:
Entomology Today http://entomologytoday.org/category/entomology-news/
Entomology News http://www.topix.com/science/entomology
LA Times http://articles.latimes.com/keyword/entomology
The Conversation http://theconversation.com/us/topics/entomology
SciTechDaily http://scitechdaily.com/tag/entomology/

Have you visited the WSU Entomology Facebook page Entomology at https://www.facebook.com/wsuentomology?fref=ts? This page was created for the James Entomology Museum activities, but we can all like and post to the page