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Assistant Professor of Tree Fruit IPM


The College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) at Washington State University (WSU) seeks an Assistant Professor of Entomology to develop an innovative research and extension program focused on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of insects and mites attacking tree fruit. The position falls within two areas of preeminence within the college: horticultural production and processing systems, and biologically-intensive, sustainable, and organic agriculture. Entomological and IPM research and extension at the WSU Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center (TFREC) is recognized nationally and internationally as an area of excellence at WSU, and this position represents a core component of this area of excellence. This position will help WSU build upon its reputation of excellence in tree fruit IPM while further bolstering its national and international leadership in the training of graduate students, especially in the area of specialty crops. The uniqueness of being located at a research and extension center in the middle of the leading fruit production region of the US represents a truly transformative experience for students that cannot be replicated on campus. This position will contribute to the integration of interdisciplinary activities at the TFREC by working with other colleagues to access external funding focusing on key production and ecological/environmental issues.

Washington is the largest producers of apples, pears, and sweet cherries in the US, with 65, 50, and 45% of the total US production, respectively. The position offers an exciting opportunity to work with the progressive tree fruit industry of Washington State which contributes $8B annually to the economy of Washington State and is

the largest single agricultural commodity. The Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission and the Washington and Oregon Pear Commission regularly provide around $3M/year for research projects aimed at the improvement of tree fruit production, pest management, and mechanization. In addition, Washington growers have recently funded a $32M endowment to provide six endowed chairs, operating funds for the Wenatchee and Prosser stations, and Extension delivery. This position will be well positioned to work with the industry in both applied and basic research areas that help improve IPM and technology transfer.

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