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2016-2017 EGSA Officers:

President – Robert Orpet
Vice President – Karol Krey
Treasurer – Joseph Taylor
Secretary – Adrian Marshall
Faculty Liaison – Emily Wine
Communications Director – Rachel Olsson


Meeting Minutes:


[section title="Page Section" bgcolor="" fullbleed="0" csshook=""][row layout="single" bgcolor="" textcolor="" padding="pad-top" gutter="gutter" csshook=""][column csshook="" bgcolor="" verticalbleed="0"][textblock ] Note: Congratulations to Kunle, Karol, and Abigail, and Linnaean Games team for placing in PBESA competitions! Jeb visits to discuss Prelim expectations -Jeb and Dave want to work on a way to create standards for prelim exams and what is required to pass the exams. -They have put together a list of topics that summarizes what they think you need to know and be able to describe. They cover basic biology and key entomology topics with thresholds for what it takes to get a passing vote. -These standards are being put in place not arbitrarily, they are based on current troubles graduates and post-docs are facing. History -There used to be 3-4 written subject exams, and were written by people who were not specialists. Rationale was to make sure exams are not too difficult for anyone. -Over time, no correlation was found between oral exam performance and written exam performance. -So they switched to writing a proposal (grant) and having an oral exam, however, there is still great variability between lab requirements. -Another issue is there has been too much variability between quality and execution of exams which has resulted in almost no exam failures showing almost no need for the exam in the first place. -On average there are only about 4 faculty who attend preliminary exams. Despite attempts no other faculty attend these exams. Current Dilemma -We are currently lacking courses to fully prepare you for the preliminary exams.

  • Requires more initiative on the students to find resources.
-There is extreme variation in robustness and quality of dissertation work
  • Need to have better defined expectations.
-Today post-docs and careers are not available to those who have not published -Some faculty believe this increase in work for students is too much work for faculty -Largest noticeable gaps in knowledge: Basic ecology concepts (Lotka-Volterra model, life table, etc.), basic biology (DNA replication, insects vs animals), Describing the processes of evolution and natural selection, mutation causes and rates, IPM concepts and pillars. Solutions -Idaho is hiring people, so potentially more classes there. However, the graduate school is refusing to give credit for classes from Idaho. -Make book of previous questions available to everyone. -Give each other harder mock exams the better, actual prelim should be easier than you expected not the other way around. -Read textbooks from classes that are not offered.   ----------Conclude Meeting with Jeb and Begin EGSA Meeting--------------   Item #1: Voting for officers will start April 14 President: Adrian Marshall Vice-prez: Josh Milnes, Ben Lee Secretary: Alix Whitener, Maggie Freeman Treasurer: Joseph Taylor, Josh Milnes, Abigail Cohen Faculty Liaison: Josh Milnes, Olivia Smith, Abbey Hayes, Jim Hepler, Rachel Olsson Communication Director: Abbey Hayes   Item #2: make nominations for next year’s Faculty Advisor to EGSA Nominated Dr. Zack, Dr. Owen, and Dr. Turner for EGSA faculty advisor next year.   Item #3: Insect Expo! Discussion/feedback for next year? Need more small plastic cups for mealworms, we have run out of mealworms for the last two years. Shoutouts: Alix is great at facepainting!! Thank you Rachel great job organizing!   Updates:   -Socialization (Olivia) ----Entomprom: Friday 21st (during E Paul Catts dinner) or Saturday 22nd in downstairs Vote for Saturday, will check to see availability for Saturday. Can do homecoming next year. -Last Donut and Coffee hour for the semester was today. -Etzi Bravo for April social hour   -Merch -Called both farmers markets: Want us to do informative booth where we don’t sell things. (It would be free). If we want to sell things it gets complicated. -The packets only carry 6 native seeds, our goal was to find 12. May look at new companies. -Getting on patches to have them by the end of the semester.   -Outreach (Rachel) ----Cub scout camp Wed. and Thursday, June 21st and 22nd. 50 min drive from Pullman, east of Potlatch, ID. Option for a rotation in daylong schedule or do a 40 minute presentation during lunch. (will be forwarded to Abby) - Megan agreed to do talks for Kathryn Daniels, will do girl scout presentation in morning and elementary in the evening. (April 19th-20th) Contact Megan if you are interested in joining. ROAD TRIP!   -Faculty meeting - Presentation in Wapato by Pete Landolt, fun with wasps. Will double check on date and time. Will need to reserve another room on campus. - Entomology BBQ is April 21st, it’s a potluck.   -GPSA (Joseph, Emily, Adrian) -Minutes are available to look at. There were some by-law changes.   Event updates:
  1. Paul Catts + I.C.C.C (Josh and Abbey)
-Laura sent out email with itinerary and sign up for everything you want to do (Dinner). Keep it on your schedule. [/textblock][list display_type="accordion" img_size="full" display_accordion="1" title="" tag="h2" headline_tag="h5" hide_excerpt="" hide_link="" posts_per_page="10" csshook="" bg_image="" source="feed" post_type="post" taxonomy="category" terms="EGSA" remote_posts_per_page="5"][/list][/column][/row][/section]

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Insect Expo 2017

Insect Expo 2017

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[section title="Page Section" bgcolor="" fullbleed="0" csshook=""][row layout="single" bgcolor="" textcolor="" padding="pad-top" gutter="gutter" csshook=""][column csshook="" bgcolor="" verticalbleed="0"][textblock ]EGSA 2017. Agenda #4   AMS #: 5703232. Or phone: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 03232.   Time: 11AM, March 3, location FSHN164   Upcoming stuff --Pioneer symposium Friday March 17. Speakers might be interesting: a lot of industry and start up presentations. --Mary Barbercheck SCS March 19-22 --Student of year, Paper of the year, and Errett Deck Research Fellowships coming up: usually a small pool of applicants. Submission deadline is March 17th.   When should next meeting be? --2 weeks from now is March 17 (Spring Break) --Re-schedule to March 24? --Decided to reschedule to March 24th, and Dave & Jeb want to come talk with us about potential prelim changes.   Committee updates                              

  1. Merch
-Last talk was about patches and potential suppliers. Need to decide where we will get them and get a price. We will use the standard beetle badge. Trying to get them finished by PBESA. -Less than 10 calendars left, could bring them to PBESA and advertise at the table. However as of now don’t plan for that since PBESA usually doesn’t have tables. -Could sell Calendars at Insect Expo (Megan) -Working on getting the phone square to work for purchasing (Joseph)  
  1. Faculty meeting (Emily)
-No Updates
  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph)
-Next Monday election debates at GPSA meeting (5:30), however, there is only one candidate for each. -A new opening for student regent position, comes with tuition waiver but also a significant time commitment (Entire academic year). -Health insurance update. AmeriBen is no longer part of our plan, it will be just United Healthcare (probably initiating in Aug 15th-ish). -Bowling next week (probably Thursday)
  1. Outreach / Advertising (Rachel) - Insect Expo, send flyer to elementary schools in Pullman/Moscow: need time to be approved.
-Events have been approved!! Only serving packaged things from establishments with food handling licenses so we don’t have to deal with food handling hassle. (Mary Barbercheck and Insect Expo). -Need someone to start making a flyer for Insect Expo (Megan volunteered). Will be in contact will local schools to raise awareness.  
  1. Socialization (Olivia)
- Doughnut coffee hour today, next one is April 7th. Went to Paradise creek brewery great turnout, next one at Rants and Raves in Moscow 23rd of March at 5:30 cheap beer and wine! Spring EGSA hike? Suggestions: Step-toe, Coeur D’alene, TBD on date and time. (Probably towards end of April). Prom still working on date and budget, possible April 29th.  
  1. Linnaean Games (Alix)
- No Updates  
  1. Herma Memorial
-Official guidelines from Adam opened up the idea of having an outside memorial also. Looking for feedback if we should stay with the inside memorial or if you would prefer a outside memorial. Currently there is $1,000 + faculty donations. Need:  $2,000 for a tree or $5,000 for a bench. Discussion: -Really liked the idea of the memory book that everyone could contribute to because it embodied her personality by always providing a helping hand (Rachel) -Wants to stay with inside memorial since it is already well planned out, will stay clean, and be accessable for many students (Robert) -Will replace Jakes position on the committee (Rachel)   Event updates   Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert) --Wenatchee students are coming afternoon of 19th (Sunday), leaving morning of 21st (Tuesday) --Still need --Pickup from Pullman airport, 3PM March 19 (Sunday) [Josh Milnes] --3 meeting slots available Tuesday March 21 --More people welcome to hike at 2:30 PM on Tuesday March 21, Mary is all about it! Most students have class at that time however. --Room for going out to breakfast or more meetings Wednesday March 22 before 10:30 -- --Currently working out room bookings for coffee hour and lunch, purchasing drinks and refreshments, catering, etc. -Cougsync search and reach out to other clubs that might be interested, tell undergrads, tell the world.   Insect Expo (Arpil 1st) -We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want -Rachel has been working on paperwork       I.C.C.C (Josh) --Josh met with Dr. Sheppard! -Dr. Sheppard will be checking into movies he wants to watch that day, working on getting permission for the movies. -Suggested using KQQQ for advertising, should be free. -Dr. Sheppard will take the lead and Josh will be supporting his efforts.     Upcoming events   There has been concern about E.Paul Catts and ICCC being on the same day. It turns out the night talk is Friday, and the day talk is Thursday so there is no conflict. Working on developing a shirt for PBESA: Currently looking for an insect that represents Portland:
  • Suggestions: Oregon Swallowtail butterfly, or the Symbolic Bumblebee
  New presentation opportunity EARThS conference Theme: Perspectives on the Past, Present, and Future of Environmental Issues Date: Saturday, April 1st Location: Washington State University: CUE 518 Keynote Address: Dr. Dan Spencer, University of Montana Abstracts due March 10 Event is April 1 (Same day as Insect Expo day!!) Seems focused on how to help the environment in some way.   The interdisciplinary Spring 2017 EARThS Conference seeks papers that address such questions from graduate students in the humanities, social sciences, and biophysical sciences at University of Idaho and Washington State University. Ideal papers will focus on case studies or cross-sectional analyses of (1) creative approaches to examine the past, present, or future of environmental issues or (2) interdisciplinary efforts that seek to address or adapt to such problems in local, regional, national, and/or international venues.   --SCS March 19-22 --Insect expo April 1 --PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now --E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown) --ICCC: April 20?[/textblock][/column][/row][/section]

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EGSA 2017. Agenda #3   AMS #: 5702895. Or phone (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 02895.   Time: 1PM, Feb 17, location FSHN164   Special appearance: Benjamin Derrick explains his water monitoring project and need for insect-knowledgeable volunteers on Saturday   Stream protection in town, two transects east and west. Both in city limits. Habitat assessment: recommended once a year, biological assessment: three times a year (looks for macroinvertebrates, Spring, Summer, Fall), physical chemical assessment: once a month. Prefers to do it on Saturdays, but is flexible. Probably towards twilight at night (5 or 6pm) Will probably need waders, not very fun without them especially in winter. Joseph has helped before. He has a lot of the supplies that are needed. Doesn’t take a long time, and can be very fun. Great opportunity. Would like interested people to contact him and schedule when they would like to help. (Joseph was in the Seattle Times!!)   Committee updates                                              

  1. Merch - Talked about patches, knows a person with an embroidery shop, just need to work out a budget. Potentially have stickers.
  1. Faculty meeting (Emily) - No updates except Jeb will be coming to our March 17th meeting to talk about student evaluations. Pioneer symposium – a letter was delivered to Adam, so we are progressing.
  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph) - Elections are coming, Joseph will be running again. March 6th, people will be giving speals who are running for executive positions. May not be useful to attend because there probably wont be any contested positions.
PDI on Stem academic Job market Feb 23rd 10:30-1 Writing workshop: submitting your thesis March 9th 1-3  
  1. Outreach (Rachel) - Fundraising event (Would need a lot of people min. 20 people) 15% of profits go to club. Pattys and Rants & Raves have a fundraiser where we reserve a time slot and 15% of the funds they make during that time go to the club. Potential outreach event, may be hard to get enough people. Could co-locate it with another event, but time slots are scarce.
  1. Advertising
  1. Socialization (Olivia) – Wednesday 22nd going to paradise creek get a dollar of your beer, the more you buy the more you save! March 3rd doughnut worry drink coffee. Entom Prom still happening! Friday March 31st (coincides with GPSA Research Expo) or Friday April 21st (coincides with E. Paul Catts, and ICCC). Could rent Minh’s!!!
  1. Linnaean Games (Alix) - Next meeting is Wednesday 22nd. We talked about a roster, but next week will be nailing down a roster.
Event updates   Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert) --Sign up for slots/volunteer (5 still available, 1 dinner, 1 lunch slot, volunteers for drivers) --Advertising is coming made an amazing flyer!! --Soon it will be open to faculty, and public   Insect Expo -We are getting an observation hive. Tell Joseph other things you want   I.C.C.C (Josh) --Josh met with Dr. Sheppard! -Was a great meeting and has a lot of great information, sounds like he will be working everything out. -April 20th   Upcoming events --SCS March 19-22 --Insect expo April 1  - Getting an assassin bug, and a vinegaroon. Dr. Zack very excited to update collection boxes. --PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now --E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown) --ICCC: April 20? --RIP B.U.G.S.S. (wants to restructure department first, we are very disappointed)     Next Meeting:  Returning to 11:00am on Friday’s

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EGSA 2017. Agenda #2   AMS #: 5702569.   Time: 11AM, Feb 3, location FSHN164   Special guest Dr. Steve Sheppard may drop in via Wenatchee at any time (!!!)   Item 1: permanent meeting time Friday 11AM?   Committee updates  

  1. Merch – Made money from calendars, ~16 left over, give calendars to non-wsu speakers throughout semester (6 of them). Placed one calendar in display case, selling them at a discounted rate ($8). Still considering having a patch, looking for distributors.
  1. Faculty meeting (Emily)
Seemed willing to pitch in for funding towards Pioneer Symposium once they are aware of what they will be funding and who it affects.  
  1. GPSA (Emily + Joseph)
Two budget resolutions. Both from transportation services 1) $5/year to maintain existing bus service. Project with this increase they can maintain existing service for another 7-10years. President is requiring balanced budgets due to deficit. Voted to put it on the ballot. 2) Add express service and increase frequency of buses. Would be an addition $5/semester. Vote: approved to put on the ballot. General Elections: Applications opened Wednesday (2/1/2017) to be a GPSA senator, executive member, etc. Events: Industry job Series Negotiating Feb 4th 10am-12pm -Excellence awards due Feb 15th -GPSA bowling night at Zeppos Feb 10th 7-9pm -Writing workshop series Feb 17th 1-3pm writers block -Student forum w/ president Schulz Feb 16th 4-5pm, Response to graduate student feedback he received from the drive to 25 townhalls. GPSA is in the process of hiring a new coordinator.  
  1. Outreach (Rachel)
  1. Advertising
--Mary will give talk title to Robert monday  
  1. Socialization (Olivia)
-Have happy hour at tapped, not many people showed up. (People not wanting to go to restaurants financed by cult, needs research) Doughnuts and coffee this morning, huge success. Next happy hour at Paradise Creek. Entom Prom: Have it towards the end of April (Friday/Saturday)? Will be sending out in email. Taxonomy is planning a bunch of collecting trips, all are welcome.  
  1. Linnaean Games (Alix)
Timing conflict with original time due to colloquium lunches. Rescheduled to Wednesdays at 9am. Practices are 8th/22nd of February, and 8th/22nd of March. Game masters know we will have a team.
  1. BUGSS (Abigail)
Dave emailed schwardzlander, still hasn’t responded. Emailed Ed Bechinski, Dave said he thinks BUGSS is dead…  
  1. PBESA (Alix)
Photo salon March 24th deadline, usually not many submissions, Send to Lisa Brain, $50 prize for 3 different categories. Travel awards due Feb 8th, so far no submission. Abstracts for student competition due Feb 8th. Student leadership award has no applications yet, due Feb 6th. Working on developing a fun run, earn raffle tickets for prizes, is there any interest? (Mixed approval). T-shirt are sold/given away at these branch meetings. Need anyone interested in spearheading the design of the shirt, contact is Sanford Eigenbrode.   Event updates   Mary Barbercheck SCS (Robert) --Presentation will be colloquium time, campus-wide invitation (single talk) --Will open sign-ups for meeting --Will have a coffee hour, lunch for everyone, and intimate dinners for three people with speaker and it will be provided by club funds.   Should have talk title by Monday, then we can start advertising it.   Please make sure you can make it, this is a big event and we should show the speaker our maximum respect.   Insect Expo (Robert) April 1st CUE Atrium There is money for --Live insects --Pinned insects --Edible insects --Insect displays --Mini observation hive   No one has approached with purchase orders yet. Have been in contact with Dr. Zack for updating displays, will be giving a list of needed items. Will need purchase order for snacks for kids at the Expo. Need special permission for edible insects and they are very expensive, so we are moving away from that. Discussion: Should move towards cultivating a live insect collection, and being more proactive with outreach. Make a list of potential insects/arthropods.   I.C.C.C (Robert) --April 20 in conjunction with E. Paul Catts. --Josh Milnes volunteered to be point person. Thankyou Josh   Upcoming events --Insect expo April 1 --PBESA (April 2-5, Portland): register now --E. Paul. Catts memorial lecture April 20, 2017 (Mark Brown) --ICCC: a mystery

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - December 1st, 2016

  4:00pm, Dec 1, 2016. EGSA meeting AMS dial-in: 5704921. Phone dial-in: passcode: (509) 335-9445. When prompted, enter the meeting ID 04921.

Moved to approve minutes

  • Unanimous approval
  • Next time briefly list bullet points, only relevant items.

Treasurer Updates:

  •  31 bottles left for honey
  •  Net profit of $600 on honey sales after cost of speaker
  •  Set aside honey as a gift for Dave C. (advisor) and Mary B. (SCS)

Honey Update:

  • Eli sold some honey to pesticide office, seems our marketing did not reach them.
  • Honey is starting to crystalize, may need to sell soon or warm it in a nice hot bath.

Committee Updates:

-Socialization (Olivia)

  • Went to Rico’s got free fries!
  • Donuts and coffee tomorrow (Dec. 2).
  • December happy hour?
  • Potentially organize social hours in upcoming Herma memorial area.

-BUGSS (Abigail)

  • No organization of UI students. Asked for a list of their names, and have been in communication with a few students from plant insect interactions.
    • Plan for now is we each pick a couple names and then we have a vote on the final person.
    • Final choice will be given to UI students for them to host.


Calendar almost done, finalizing captions, should be to the printers soon. Printing at CougPrints

-Herma memorial

  • Presented two options to faculty. They will support either! Gave preferences to faculty based on committee. Options:
    • 1) Memorial either be on a hall corner on the second floor
    • 2) have it on the ground floor in atrium with Ferdinand bull memorial. Told faculty we want it on the ground floor due to being open. Things are progressing!

-Faculty meeting (Emily)

Have not addressed pioneer symposium contributions due to lack of time. Very large pot of money in GPSA for professional development events, over budgeted by about $30k could potentially use for Pioneer Symposium funding.

-Linnaean Games (Alix)

  • Had our first meeting Monday, discussed general rules
  • Have 9 students interested in participating!!
  • Had our first practice Wednesday,
  • Last practice of semester next Wednesday. We will be meeting once/week next semester

-GPSA (Emily+Joseph)

  • Applications to be a senator due Jan 13th
    • Special election which opened today, there are still 20 seats GPSA needs to fill
    • Preference for seats go to departments which don’t have representatives yet
    • If you are really interested in completing the entomology overtaking of GPSA please apply.
  • Excellence award nominations are accepted until Feb 15th, teacher, research assistant, graduate student RSO, and academic advisor.
  • CougDay at the capitol application is open, due Dec 9th, event Feb 19-20th.
  • Ice Cream Dec. 7th @ Ferdinands, 1-3pm
  • Writing workshop: reference management software Dec. 8th 1-3:00pm
  • GPSA winter social Dec 16th 1:00pm at Banyans
  • Maybe reworking SCS to make it more professional development themed to get some of the GPSA over budgeted $30k. This would include more events besides the talk. Perhaps teaching short workshops?
    • Could be used for another event, need to know more details on when money can be used. May have to be used by May. Perhaps invite someone else as a PDI worker. Robert will email Pioneer about this opportunity.

-Outreach (Rachel)

Sold enough honey to not do another honey sale (~20 bottles left). Door to door business sales potentially.

Event updates:

Insect Expo will be March 18, 10AM-2PM, in Emsinger. Reserved ensminger pavilion for insect expo. Currently day after spring break, need to change the date! GPSA research expo March 31st and PBESA April 2-6th Pioneer symposium No Updates

Discussion items

  • Dave Crowder requests student feedback on PhD prelim exam expectations. Faculty idea is to have a rubric with different categories to make decisions more objective and have clearer expectations. (Robert explain)
    • Categories such as statistics, ecology, etc that they can give a rating to.
  • The way the prelims work right now is that questions are asked based on specialties of committee and nature of your research. This change would be dramatic.
  • Prelims are supposed to encompass all of entomology and not just your specialties.
  • Prelim is supposed to show other departments that the current student knows enough of broad entomology. It’s not supposed to be defense.
  • Right now the questions are very inconsistent, this would help categorize what students are expected to know.
  • Main change should follow graduate school policies- Only committee members can ask questions and vote. Should be brought up to faculty meeting.
  • Dave should send out an email looking for feedback to include students who aren’t here.
  • Anonymous feedback can go through Robert
  -ICCC plan for next semester (Robert) It is in our best interest to have Robert contact Dr. Sheppard to begin planning as soon as possible.  

Final meeting of 2016?

-Last day of classes is Dec 9, finals ends Dec 16, next EGSA would be Dec 15. -This will be the last meeting of the semester, discuss and decide yes/no Discussion: Probably fine if we don’t have a final meeting. Decision: No need for a meeting, people who need to communicate can do so outside of a meeting.  

Upcoming events/reminders

-Honey to buy (20 bottles left) -CAHNRS Holiday Party! Dec. 8th, 4-6pm. Foods, drinks, and prizes (random)! -Register for GPSA student showcase (win monies)! Google it. -Register for PB-ESA (let’s sell merch there? Have more merch by April? Merch needs to think about it). -Perhaps have a few extra calendars, patches, drink cozies, master seed mix, etc. -Robert will reserve a table for our club.[/textblock][/column][/row][/section]

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - November 24th, 2016

(Sixth meeting of Fall 2016, 4:00pm)  
  1. New updates (Robert introduction)
    • Approval of Nov 3 minutes
    • Minutes were approved
    • Treasurer’s Report
      1. Going through how much money we got from honey sales. Sold more than last year. Still have   73 bottles to sell.
      2. Expense so far was for Halloween. $53. SCS still coming.
      3. Right now we have over $3500 available funds
      4. Has already factored in: insect displays, calendar funds, farmers market expenses.
  2. Business item: discuss Pioneer Symposium
    • Josh Wemmer will start discussion
      1. Wants feedback and opinions from students.
      2. There is a poster presentation session for students. It can be on research or potential start up ideas.
      3.  Most people seem interested in at least attending the symposium.
        • They need to know by Thanksgiving on our decision.
    • --Vote 1. Should EGSA formally support the Pioneer Symposium by “somehow” producing a monetary donation?
      • - Vote: Yes
    • --Vote 2. Should EGSA donate $100 from our coffers
      •  - Vote: Yes
    •  --Vote 3. Should we ask the Department for a donation?
      • - Vote: Yes
    • Josh is the point person for future communication with Gina (organizer).
  3. Updates:
    • Socialization (Olivia) - Social TONIGHT! Rico’s! Half off drinks and specific foods! Come at 6:30pm. Email Olivia so she can save a seat! Next coffee hour is Friday December 2nd (last for semester) It gets Cray!
    • Merch: Chose final photos for calendar. Also received captions and attributions except for Megan. Strategy for getting it ordered to Pullman before break.
      1. 1st deadline is tomorrow for cheapest shipping. 2nd deadline is next Friday which is the   second cheapest. (Hoping to receive them by Dec. 9th if not by finals week)
      2. Decided to make desk calendars instead of wall calendars. (cuter, and works better with photos)
      3.  Looking to order 50. Should be under $10 after mark-up.
    • Herma memorial (Jake):
      1. No updates (Upon faculty approval will be working on getting in touch with facilities people)
      2. Reminder: two proposals
        • - upstairs = couch + picture
        • -  downstairs= picnic table
    • Faculty meeting (Emily):
      1. Next meeting is November 29th
    • GPSA (Emily+Joseph):
      1. Grad student night at Rico’s tonight at 7pm
      2. Poverty awareness week from now to Nov 27th.
        • Seeking clothes and supplies for babies and toddlers, drop of CUB 308 ( go towards womens resource center)
      3. Nov 29th Networking Workshop
      4. Dec 8th Writing workshop
      5. Dec 16th winter social @ Banyans 6-9pm
      6. Cancelations of journal subscriptions: libraries canceling $500K of journal subscriptions.
        • If you are upset: notify administration through writing on the Drive to 25 website.
      7. Application for CougDay at the capitol closes Dec. 9th includes a trip to Olympia and lobbying state representative.
      8. Linnaean Games
        • Introductory meeting Nov 28th in FSHN 164.
        • Talk about goals of team. Even if you just want to check it out please join us
        • Dr. Zack will be coach again this year.
      9. Outreach (Rachel):
        • Thanks everyone!
        • Creatures of the Night saw over 200 kids.
        • 500 people at trick or treat event.
        • Megan and Rachel spoke with science club at Lincoln Middle schools and they want us back!
        • No more events this semester.
        • Gearing up at beginning of next semester for Insect Expo and Insect Cinema Cult Classic??
  4. Honey sales
    • Comments/reflections for next year?
    • Honey sale was today. Mis-informed about all advertising outlets.
    • Newsletters did not pan out. Did not sell out, 73 bottles left.
    • Sold ~200 today
    • Looking to do it again on Dec. 9th. Gives time for submitting paperwork again.
    • Potentially get EGSA card reader for phones to facilitate sales. Everything is free, small amount charged for each transaction to pay for the service. (could charge nominal fee for card use).
      • Looking @ you Joseph.
    • Will need help for advertising and sales! Members can also buy honey.
      •  Will ask faculty and students if they want to buy any.
  5. Event updates:
    • Any feedback for what you want Mary Barbercheck’s SCS talk to be about?
      1. Very broad knowledge on sustainable agriculture.
      2. Please go to her site and if there are any topics or papers you are interested in let Robert know.
      3. Also, other departments are probably equally interested in the talk. We should send out invites to those departments as well (Soil, Plant, Pathology, etc)
      4. Potentially get a larger room, such as amphitheater in FSHN. (check to see if T-101 is available)
      5. Adam believes department is willing to pay for student lunch with her and one hotel night. (Budget is Strong!!)
        • Affiliate funding could potentially help pay as well.
  6. Upcoming events

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - November 3rd, 2016

(Fifth meeting of Fall 2016; 4:00pm)   Updates:
  1. Socialization (Olivia) - Doughnut Worry, Free Coffee! 10am this Friday! Tomorrow!
  • Abbie sent out an email for Friendsgiving, there is a sign-up sheet for food
  • Next happy hour will be TBD
  • Election night gathering at Paradise Creek.
2. BUGSS (Abigail)
  • Students from Idaho would be interested in getting on our list serves. Send students emails to Robert.
  • We could put together a list of speakers for Idaho students to decide on and then they will pay     for it.
3. Merch
  • Calendar: Looked at pictures of insects and sorted into Yes, Maybe, and No folders for the   camera.  Have a couple photos of bees, no beetles were deemed acceptable, butterflies done. Coccinellids taken care of. Dragonflies, robberflies, lacewings, true bugs,
  • Mantid photos still needed
4. Affiliate funding: Application is completed
  • Funding requested for: Insect expo, insect displays, outreach refunds, patch money.
5. Herma memorial (Jake)
  • Next step is to develop a full proposal to be presented at the next faculty meeting.
6. Faculty meeting (Emily)
  • Next one is 23rd of November. Sent out an email about extension bulletins. Gardening team is looking for graduate student authors/co-authors. Contact Catherine Daniels at
7. Linnaean Games Committee - Sign up in the email Alix sent! 8. GPSA (Emily+Joseph)
  • Due to lack of representatives for other departments Joseph is now senator of Food Science and Bio-med.
  • They are seeking people for presidents student advisory board, applications due 11/4/16.
  • Any student can apply from any campus, graduate or undergraduate. Application is on    CougSync.
  • Workshop Nov 8th - understanding diversity in the workplace and academia.
  • Writing workshop series on literature reviews Nov 10th 1-3:00pm.
  • Call Congress Day is on Nov 16th, there will be a phone bank set up in CUB (snacks!!) from   9:00am-2:00pm.
9. Outreach (Rachel) - “Our next upcoming event is the honey sale, I'll send out a doodle poll next week to get help running it!” Notes:
  • GPSA excellence applications for Spring 2017 close in March 2017, Robert will nominate EGSA
Event updates:
  1. Honey sales (Robert) : tentatively still Nov 17 at 10:00am in Lighty
  • Advertising! Will put out flush fliers around Lighty.
  • Approval from Lighty food court to set up there.
  • Bottling update: Target is Monday afternoon (11/7/2016). Robert will send an email for volunteers.
2. Insect Feed/Bug Appetit (Robert): Helping Dr. Zack. Nov 4th, 11AM-1PM. THIS FRIDAY! 3. SCS: Mary Barbercheck accepted!, visit will be March 19-22. Any suggestions for her talk? Discussion items
  • Pioneer symposium?
  • People in crop sciences are organizing this. Theme is start-ups in agriculture (March 17th).
  • Grad students are supposed to raise money for it. Director of CAHNRS said he would match donations from the department. All departments have to contribute though.
  • How many departments still need to donate? (Robert)
  • Can see talks and meet industry people, but we will most likely not be giving presentations.
  • Robert will be asking why we should donate money to have them come. What are the benefits?
  • Organized by students, particularly Virginia. The theme was proposed by the students. Pioneer is donating to have the symposiums. Pioneer will only have one presenter all of the other ones are from start-up companies in agriculture.
Upcoming events    

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 6th, 2016

(Second meeting of Fall 2016)
  1. Item #1: motion to close nominations for Student Choice Speaker and initiate a vote by online poll (Robert will create)
    • At least six options.
    • Moved to close the poll, passed!
  2. Item #2: motion to require membership on a committee in order to be an “active member of EGSA” If passes we will need to amend the constitution later
    • Discussed this meeting
    • Motion moved and seconded
    • 1 obstained, 11 votes in favor (excluding presidents).
Discussion items
  1. Overview current committees to confirm chairs and add new members as desired. Committees should meet sometime the week of the Oct 10 and be prepared to report on current/planned activities for the next club meeting.
  • Merchandise Committee- Eli is Chair. (Calendar, seed packets, etc. )
  • Advertising- Rachel is Chair (Posters, fliers, emailing, etc. ) Robert: “Its Great!”
  • Megan is on committee
  • Herman memorial ad hawk committee- Jake, Emily, Alix
  • Social Committee- Olivia (Social hour, having coffee, etc. )
  • Executive Committee- All officers
  • Outreach Committee- Rachel is Chair
  • Maybe Megan can be in charge of one of the committee’s
  • Linnaean Games Committee (Coming next semester)- Alix is Chair
2. CAHNRS Fest reflection--any comments to record for the benefit of next year’s operations?
  • Went well, new millepedes, bee box very useful. Strongly suggested to buy our own (Joseph)
3. How was ICE for those that went? Any advice or tips for those going to ESA next year?
  • Over 6,500 entomologist, enormous. WSU students won poster competitions and an oral presentation.
4. Any interest in reserving a table at next year’s ESA?
  • Could potentially sell merchandise, promote the club, meet people.
  • Tabling will be happening, need volunteers at the meeting.
5. Selling honey updates (bottling, labeling, adverts, pricing, and sell date).
  • -Occurs in November, potentially need help with bottling tasks (Need to ask Megan).
  • Robert needs to talk with Dr. Sheppard.
  • Need 3 weeks advanced notice for sale.
  • Potentially November 17th/18th (Thursday/Friday)?
Updates if any
  1. BUGSS (Abigail)
    • Dave emailed person at Idaho, they are trying to rebuild graduate program. Need to speak with Dave again. Will be happening in next semester. Speak with University of Idaho students to get involvement.
  2. GPSA (Joseph and Emily)
    • Graduate student health insurance is being affected by the Affordable Care Act. Our insurance is valid to Aug 15th, 2017. The university will be starting negotiations for other insurance offers early in spring Semester.
  3. Message congress day is October 12th, phone bank with snacks in Cub 308 that day.
  4. Professional development, writing shop for goal setting Oct. 14th, industry job series: creating a career strategy- Oct 22, writing workshop- Project Management on Oct. 28th. Bowling at Zeppos Oct 21st (6-8:00pm) FREE!! (Good beer, strong cocktails) Football tickets are $10 each with promo code EGSA (must reserve two weeks in advance)
  5. Town Hall, next week Oct 12th 5:00pm CUE 419.
  6. -Faculty meeting (Emily)
    • Has not met!
  7. -Outreach (Rachel)
    • No updates, go to google doc
  8. -Social Committee (Olivia)
Open floor
  1. Laura and Doug are the contacts for next semesters colloquial talk reservations.
  • Also let them know if you have any quest speaker ideas.
  • Robert will put out the voting for student choice speaker, it will be closed next Friday.
Upcoming events
  • Oct 20: Cub scout presentation (contact Rachel) (Josh, Jim, Jake, Joseph will be volunteering)
  • Oct 28: Animals of the night (contact Rachel)
  • Oct 31: Lincoln Middle School Science Club (contact Rachel)
Meeting closed!!!!

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 8th, 2016

  1. Item #1: motion to make every Thurs at 4PM the permanent EGSA time for the semester
    •  Thursday at 4pm works for everyone as a permanent meeting date.
  2.  Item #2: record that Joseph Taylor is the treasurer, and Jake Asplund is not the treasurer
Discussion topics:
  1. Honey Sales
    • Old bottles are still floating around
  2. BUGSS - at UI this year
    • Volunteer for BUGSS Council needed (involves organizing rides, etc)
    • Dave Crowder is WSU coordinator
    • Currently aiming for Spring
    • Abbigail volunteered as bug council representative
  3. Insect Feed with Dr. Zack
    • Involves feeding people food which contains insects.
  4. CAHNRS Fall Festival
    • Next week!
    • The festival is a showcase for the university community
  5. FALL
    • Overview of student events for new students
    • Everyone formerly introduced themselves to each other.
    • Introductions (as necessary)
    • Insect Expo
    • Flagship event, huge event with lots of outreach especially to children.
    • Insect Cinema Cult Classic
      • Needs to be organized with Dr. Sheppard
    • Staff Appreciation Lunch
    • Student Choice Speaker
  7. Start making nominations
    • Google document created for potential invitees
  8. CAHNRS Fall Fest plans and discussion. Date: Sept 15 (4-6PM)
    • Would like three volunteers at a minimum throughout the event.
    • Items provided: a table in the shade
    • Items needed:
      • Volunteer sign-ups
      • Displays from Dr. Zack (ask permission)
        • Karol will get permission
        • Live arthropods
        • Dr. Zack has tarantulas and roaches.
        • We could still use funding to purchase live arthropods.
      • Use funding to potentially print out fact sheets, purchase edible insects.
      • If anyone has any live insects feel free to volunteer it.
      • Potentially obtain a display cage
      • Flag and tablecloth
      • Display Hive (Megan?)
        •  Megan will need help to set-up observation hive (Emily?)
        • Currently the observation hive is very large, proposed we use single frame observation hive instead.
      • Departmental van
        • Karol will reserve van for transporting items.
  9. How was honey extractions?
    • Was a success!
    • What should be the pre-established way to plan the date next year?
      • This event is usually a mad dash, is hard to have pre-planned.
      • Should aim for it to not be the first day of school, rather have it later on in the first week of school.
      • Connect with Megan a week or two before school starts to set a date.
    • What are the next steps (labeling? selling?)
      • Buy bottles
        • Dr. Sheppard will have information on how much honey and when.
      • Bottling and labeling
        • Doesn’t need a special date, volunteers are appreciated.
      • Selling
        • will need an official event.
        • Lighty café could be a potential partner.
        • Decide on a date for selling (closer to holidays helped sales)
        • Impose a limit on amount of honey that can be bought (~20 bottles/person)
  10. Faculty retreat report from Emily
  11. Interest in the Herma’s memorial. A number of faculty are very interested in donating.
    • Need ideas from students of what they would like to see.
    • Committee (Jake, Emily, Alix)
    • Send Jake any ideas
    • Need a deadline (End of this semester?), Have idea consolidated within 1 month (~October 6th)
    • Ask Dr. Walsh if he would like to be an advisor
    • They also offered to donate images for our calendar.
  12. GPSA funding report by Eli/Karol--we were awarded money!
    • Money is awarded in two portions: non-competitive and competitive
    • Came up with great ideas and need to spend the money now.
    • Funded Ideas:
      • $250 Beneficial insects calendar (potentially still make insexsy calender?)
      • $200 Insect display
      • $125 Moscow-Pullman farmers market (sell beneficial insect seed mix)
    • Decide which projects we will move forward with by October 6th.
    • Merchandise committee could work on calendar and seed mix.
    • Adrian/Robert- Form document (google doc) and create committees.
  13. If interested in events listed below email Rachel Olsson:
    • Outreach opportunity for Lacrosse middle school kids
      • May involve a tour of Pullman labs and visit to Lacrosse before their February science night.
    • Outreach for Pullman Cub Scouts
      • Thurs Oct 20, 7:15PM: share knowledge and allow children to learn about bugs.
    • Lincoln Middle School Science Club- October 31, 2016
      • Rachel and Megan have agreed to give a one hour presentation about insects. Anyone else interested in joining contact either of them.
    • Creatures of the Night:  Most likely weekend before Halloween

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - April 22nd, 2016

  1. We nominated 3 people as faculty advisor (Crowder, Nabity, Owen) and they all declined.
    • Robert moves to renominate Dave, Rachel second.
    • We will ask Dave again.
  2. Elections are over. Here is the 2016/2017 leadership team:
    • Prez: Robert Orpet
    • Vice: Karol Krey
    • Secretary: Adrian Marshall
    • Treasurer: Joseph Taylor
    • Comm. director: Rachel Olsson
    • Fac. Liaison: Emily Wine
  3. Attendees:
    • Robert
    • Karol
    • Jake
    • Adrian
    • Joseph
  4. We need at least 13 people to approve the constitution revision (3/4 of active students), since we don’t usually have that many people ever come to meetings, Robert will send an online vote request.
    • We will revise so that faculty mentor votes happen without knowledge of the faculty, once voted, we will ask president to ask faculty member to join so they don’t feel they are  competing with each other.
  5. ICCC was a huge bust. No one came. We need to decide whether we want to continue this event. If we want to do it, we should try to do it in February rather than April  because it will be less busy. We will try to return it to its classic form, we need to communicate with Steve far in advance (August). We need to eat a little crow and then try to give  it back to Steve with our support.
  6. Insect Expo is tomorrow!
    • Joseph and Rachel are on setup.
    • we need more people to help set up.
    • We need to get tables from Beasley.
    • We need to remember to get our advertisement in the daily evergreen next year.
  7. Events planning:
    • We really need to consolidate and organize our resources for event planning.
    • CUB advertising 2 weeks free.
    • Helpful documents should be placed in Cougsync.
    • We need a timeline.
    • Martin O’Malley- student involvement, we need to get approved 2 weeks ahead of events to get sanction.
  8. Herma memorial
    • It seems like it will be really difficult to get something placed on university space, but that it might be easier to get something placed inside the building, or on space owned by  CAHNRS. So perhaps at the new organic farm? Possibly somewhere in the building like one of the corners with tables and couches where students could gather. Robert’s plan  to move forward: form a committee, chair would propose an idea, work with Adam. Jake volunteers to lead that. Adam will help, Eli will help.
    • Adam joins us!
  9. Call from Martin Omalley
    •  Insect Expo is not sanctioned by student involvement and x6152 509-335-6152.
    • We can’t serve food because we aren’t sanctioned
      • Rachel will call  student involvement and MO and try to sweet talk everything into working.
  10. GPSA updates
    • One more networking event May 14 from 10-12 in the CUB.
    • Cheeky Scientist.
      • Non-academic job seeking event.
      • Karol says super informative.
  11. April 28 11-1 free ice cream at Ferds.
  12. New health insurance carrier
    • same plan but premiums went up but covered by grad school. If you have dependents, they will have to pay the increase (~$1,000 per semester). Otherwise, same benefits. Blue Cross is new carrier? Not AIG anymore.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - March 25th, 2016

Dr. Sheppard visit to discuss Insect Cinema Cult Classic –Steve Sheppard:
  • First film perhaps should be one that is children friendly.
    • Though for the second film can more adult.
  • The insect aspect of the films allows for a Q/A opportunity with the audience.
  • Films need to be shown legally because reporters might pick up the “story” about the event.
    • New films are more expensive than old films.
    • So, we need to plan ahead and figure out the cost.
  • Don’t worry about limiting ourselves to 2 movies, Todd hall will let the event go long.
-Next Steps for the Cult Classic:
  • We need to figure out the date of the event and what movies we want to show.
  • We need to figure out our advertising plan.
    • Flyers, radio announcements, contact resident life, work with the chamber of commerce…
  • Perhaps we should pick a theme?
  • Robert will figure out which Fridays are available in April in May
  • Robert and Megan A will coordinate the planning for the event.
Thank you and feedback on recent events for next year? -Staff appreciation lunch
  • The event was well attended
  • Subway was affordable, way less expensive than Taco del Mar
  • Rachel: we still need to have more communication with the staff so they know that the event is coming up. Perhaps: flyers, additional reminder emails, or hand delivered invitations.
-Dr. Ali visit
  • The coffee get together went really great.
    • Maybe we can do a coffee get together monthly as a graduate student group.
      • It might be fun to keep in touch with one another as a student organization.
    • We need to tell speakers to bring their talk on the a USB
      • However, Adam says a new system will be in place shortly that will accommodate USBs and laptops.
Final report on affiliate funding (Karol and Eli)
  • The report was submitted Wednesday.
    • Files will be uploaded to the EGSA Coug Sync. Future EGSA members should participate in this, not senators.
  • Our major funding requests…
    • The CAHNRS Fall Festival, $500 requested:
      • We ask for money to spend on “give-aways”, like pencils
      • Seed packets
      • “Fun Fact” sheets
    • The Palouse Invertebrate Conservation Initiative, $900 requested:
      • This request was for competitive funding (may not get it)
      • This request includes:
        • Farmers market (In the Fall)
        • Insect calendar (beneficial not sexy)
        • Package/buying seeds
      • This could provide a good opportunity for students looking to get more physically involved in conservation of beneficial insects.
        • It would look very good on a CV.
Committee reports
  • We have a table cloth!
  • The constitution was emailed to the EGSA members for review.
    • In the meeting two weeks from now we need to go over any changes/edits.
    • Pay special attention to:
    • The “5 purposes of the club.”
    • We exclusion of faculty as active members.
    • We added new officer positions to better reflect our current organizational system.
    • Now the bi-law has a more accurate description of how are elections are actually performed.
Faculty meeting updates
  • There was no faculty meeting.
GPSA updates
  • Senator Murray REALLY wants debt stories from WSU graduate students. Currently, government officials don’t understand the need for graduate students or that they need financial support:
  • Three professional development events are coming up:
    • April 1: Noon-1pm CUE 518 - Financial Planning: Financial planning in the real world
    • Cheeky Scientist Part 2. Terrell Room 4. April 15: 10-Noon, Job Search 1-3pm, Networking
    • Cheeky Scientist Part 3. CUB 212. May 14: 10-Noon, Interviewing 1-3pm Negotiating
Other upcoming GPSA events:
  • April 22, end of the year party!
  • April 28, Free ice cream!! 11-1pm
  • April 4th-15th Travel Grant Applications open
  • Congrats to Eli! New Entomology dept. senate representative!
  • Special elections coming in September for ‘at-large’ senate seats
Insect Expo planning discussion (Saturday April 23, CUE Atrium)
  • Activities at the event:
    • -Collection displays (must get permission from Dr. Zack)
    • -Live arthropods
    • -Family-friendly activities
      • -grow a beetle take-home
      • Face painting
    • To-do:
      • Hang flyers in the elementary schools
        • We need to make adverts early.
        • Need to check a data base of old flyers.
      • Maybe do radio advertising
      • Plate hat making party (pizza and drinks)
      • We have $300 we can spend on this event
        • Courtney will check supplies, produce an inventory.
        • Things we often purchase: stickers, tattoos, plastic bugs
Open floor
  • Megan will send out reference info from the May Berenbaum talk.
  • Rachel: “You guys are awesome!”
  • Jenny Finitzer is no longer the treasurer. Jake Asplund is the treasurer.
  • We need to do officer nomination soon.
    • Robert will make a nomination form.
    • Maybe we should provide some office training for the new officers.
  • We need to get more of the newer people involved.
    • How do we do this?

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - March 4th, 2016

  1. Attendees:
  • Adrian Marshall
  • Jonathan O’Hearn
  • Emily Wine
  • Karol Krey
  • Jake Asplund
  • Eli Bloom
  • Lea Fechon
  • Rachel Olsson
  • Robert Orpet
  • Joseph Taylor
  • Josh Milnes
  • Courtney Grula
  1. Dr Ali’s Visit
    • We’ve got his schedule all taken care of, though we need to fill one slot because Laura cancelled. We have one open slot either at 2:30 or 3:30. Eli will go to dinner Weds with Jake, Joseph. Social at PCB on Wednesday from 5-6:30. Getting him cougar gold, flour, and a koozie as a gift. We’re getting taco lunch for Wednesday 1:10pm. See email for full schedule.
  2. Committee Updates
  • Merch
    • We bought a tablecloth!
    • We still want the insect sutra calendar
  • Constitution
    • They don’t know what’s going on. Let’s check with Alix
    • Present changes at next EGSA meeting
  • Social Media/ Outreach
    • No updates
  • Faculty Meeting Updates
    • We will be using our student ID cards to get into 164 and 364.
    • E Paul Katz- NSchedule
      • 4/28, 5-6pm Social, CUE 518
      • 4/28, 6-7 Public Lecture, Todd 276
      • 4/28, 7-9 RSVP Dinner, Banyans
      • 4/29, 3-4 Colloquium lecture, T101
      • 4/29 5- ? Informal social, location TBD
    • Steve wants to come to an EGSA meeting to talk about the insect cinema cult classic- Courtney will invite him to next EGSA meeting and talk about it at the top of the meeting.
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch
    • March 11, noon
    • Dory will send a reminder and add it to the ento news.
    • Jake will buy the food
    • Let’s send a formal invitation- Rachel will put this together
    • Rachel will reserve a bigger room than 164. Either FSHN conference room or kitchen.
    • Lets get the thank you cards signed- find them on the 3rd floor
      • Invite list
        • Entom Admin
        • Business Center
        • Johnson Grad Center
        • Facilities
        • Entom grad students (total about 30 people)
  • Insect Expo
    • Big outreach event for the year!
    • Ensminger pavilion is available April 11, 18, or 25. These are all Mondays, which doesn’t work well for us because we are trying to reach kids. Can we look into other venues? CUB junior ballroom? Senior ballroom?
  • Affiliate Funding
    • Applications due March 9, can get up to $1,000.
  • Fall Fest
  • Insects of the Night with PCEI
    • Coloring pages
    • Small bug toyS
  • Farmers Market Booth
  • GPSA
    • Elections are closed, Eli ran and our seat is filled. Thank you Eli!
    • Only 21 people in grad community to run for senate
    • 40 at large senate seats in total
    • Travel grant period: April 4-15
    • Academic Showcase March 25 9-12pm CUB senior ballroom
    • Excellence Awards applications open March 2- March 18. Get money!
    • GPSA awards luncheon April 22 if you get an award
    • Debate Night for Exec Board- Monday March 7. CUB Junior ballroom, 5:30-7
    • Elections are March 8-9 unless extended
    • Get involved!
  1. Open Floor
  • None, no one has anything to say, especially Courtney.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - Febrary 5th, 2016

  1. Treasurer’s Report (Jake)
  • We bought the plane ticket, but it hasn’t come out of the account yet.
  • If you have any ideas about the budget, send that to Jake or Joseph.
2. Student choice speaker update (Karol update on plane ticket) Jared’s schedule Tues. March 8: arrive in Pullman at 3pm, potential hike Kamiak? Wed. March 9: coffee hour, meet with students, colloquium talk, pizza (or taco) lunch with students. Thurs. March 10: Fly back home at 11am.
  • Thursday dinner reception, we need to decide how this should be handled:
    • For people who are super interested in meeting the speaker.
      • 2-3 people (including Karol).
      • Maybe submit a name and a reason why, and then a drawing.
    • Or it is open to everyone and they have to pay for their own way.
  • The hotel is booked, the department paid for it.
  • In a few weeks, Karol will be sending out an email to all the students letting them know the schedule.
  1. Committee updates
  1. —Eli presentation and voting
  • Eli brought in pricing options for the table cloth.
  • In two weeks we will vote on what to purchase.
  • Once we order, it should come in 8-9 business days.
  1. Constitution com
  • Still working on it.
  1. Social Media Com
  • We have had some activity.
  • People are liking the page and following us.
  1. Outreach Com—executive committee proposal to appoint Rachel as the New Robbie. Simple majority vote needed to confirm.
  • Rachel was appointed by Robert to be the “New Robbie”.
    • The vote was unanimous.
    • Congratulations to Rachel.
  1. Faculty meeting update by Courtney.
  • Jeb is going to schedule meetings with new students that are interested. He wants to make sure things are going smoothly.
  • Any problems with the website need to be brought up with Adam. You can either email Courtney or Adam.
    • If we want to improve the website, maybe we need to make a plan.
      • We should all review the site and make a list of our issues.
      • Then we can discuss/compile them as a group and prioritize them.
      • We will discuss at the next meeting.
    • Graduate student handbook: The hour requirement was one of the only changes. They will work on getting it updated.
    • Program of studies may become electronic.
    • The next meeting is the 19th, does anyone have anything they want to ask? Tell Courtney.
  1. GPSA updates
  • The ratio is now 1:59, so we have 1 representative.
  • Elections are March 8
  • Affiliate funding: Applications are open March 9th
    • We usually ask for the fall festival
    • The events we promote has to be broad and have community impact.
    • They are looking to fund outreach
    • Maybe “Insects of the Night”, Rachel will be contacting the Palouse people about that.
    • Speaker stuff probably won’t get funded here.
  • The “Professor is In” event is this weekend, you should check it out.
  • GPSA has been working hard to provide resources that will help graduate students get better placement.
  • Cougsync there is a calendar with all the GPSA event opportunities.
  1. Event planning
  1. Insect Cinema Cult Classic. Rob will politely e-mail Dr. Sheppard.—discussion?
  • Robert wrote a letter and shared it with the group.
  • Courtney will present the letter at the next faculty meeting.
  • The group voted, and it was decided that the letter sounded great.
  1. Staff Appreciation Lunch.
  • Rob will propose March 11 to the staff.
  1. Insect Expo.
  • It will be in April.
New business:
  • The GPSA might start offering groups discounts from BCU, could be 5% or 10%.
  • Let’s send Robbie a Valentines day card from the club.
    • Jake will buy it and circulate it.
Next meeting:
  • Discuss the speaker’s dinner, and vote
    • Open to everyone?
    • Or just a few.
  • Affiliate funding: Applications are open March 9th
  • Cougsync tutorial at the end of the meeting
    • Emily has volunteered to run it.
    • Robert is going to look up the Cougsync requirements.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - January 22nd, 2016

(First meeting in 2016)  
  1. Treasurer report by Jake
  • Jake handed out the “EGSA Treasury Report” for January 2015
    • RSO Account: $5,645.98
    • WSECU Checking: $96.00
    • WSECU Savings: $1,319.06
    • Cash Box: $56.13
  • Honey Sales: $1,682,00 (210 bottles)
  • BUGGS Speaker cost: $702.48
  • Outreach Cost: $21.00
  • Feather Flag Cost: $211.29
  1. Cougsync training with Karol (item from last meeting minutes)
  • The Cougsync training was canceled.
  • Karol would like to do the Cougsync training with all the new grad students.
  1. Student choice speaker update by Bert and Karol tentatively March 8
  • Ali said he doesn’t know what state he is going to be in when he needs to fly over here.
    • Karol wants to get the purchase the tickets as soon as possible
    • Eli suggested we purchase the plane tickets with insurance. That way we can buy the ticket now, while the cost is lower, then change the ticket if need be.
    • Karol is going to email him next week to see if he has any additional information regarding the trip.
  • We decided to cancel the student breakfast and do a “coffee hour” instead.
    • And a pizza lunch.
  1. Merchandise committee updates/future plans
  • Eli has done some research on the table cloth and there are quite a few price options.
    • Next meeting, Eli will provide a summary of our options and then we will vote on which one to purchase.
  1. Advertising committee updates/future plans
  • No updates.
  1. Constitution revision update by Robert
  • The committee’s revisions will be compiled by Feb 25 and then shared with all members when it is ready.
  • Goal is to pass the revisions by the end of the semester.
  1. Social media update by Rachel
  • No updates.
  1. Discuss future of the outreach committee
  • Rachel is interested in becoming the “New Robbie”.
  • Robert will check the constitution and see if she can be appointed or if there needs to be a vote.
  • Rachel is going to work with Robbie to get all the outreach information and then she will put on Cougsync.
  1. Who is going to the branch meeting and will we form a Linnaean Games team? (Crowder/Zack want to know)
  • Robert is going to email those people will individuals going to the meeting.
  1. Faculty meeting update?
  • At the next faculty meeting Courtney will ask:
    • Will Jeb still be meeting with the graduate students? Is there an alternate if Jeb is your advisor?
    • Is the graduate student handbook that is online up-to-date?
    • Who updates the main website?
  1. GPSA update?
  • The mental health resources are now at the Washington Building
  • “Mental Health First Aid” training will be available in March and April.
    • It is a national program, all day course.
  • Senate allocation may change so EGSA would have 1 representative instead of 2.
  1. Events this year and time frames
Event                                                    When it was last year
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic Fall semester
  • Staff appreciation lunch May
  • Insect expo April 4
  • BUGGSS Spring March 13, and April 22
  • E Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner (does EGSA need to take any action?)
Discussion on event times and plans:
  • The faculty will be in charge of coordinating this year’s BUGGSS speaker.
  • We have decided to keep the Insect Expo in April.
  • We are thinking of having the Staff Appreciation Lunch on March 11, the day before spring break.
  • We will send out an email regarding the date to make sure that it works for everyone.
  • Cult classic: Take no action. We will discuss in two weeks.
  1. Members can bring up other items for discussion
  • Robert is going to check the Doodle pole to see if there are any other times available to meet.
  Reminders Ento colloquium Wednesdays 12:10-1PM Deadline for submissions to ESA/ICE is Feb 1. See recent Alix e-mail for opportunity to present at an NCWBA beekeeper association conference in Wenatchee

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - December 9th, 2016 Faculty meeting updates.—Courtney

  • The faculty discussed fixing the wifi internet upstairs.
GPSA updates.—Eli and Karol
  • Survey in this spring, and we should all participate.
    • It’s important for our health insurance and graduate student benefits.
  • Affiliate funding
    • More competitive this year and awards were based mostly on outreach.
    • EGSA received $585
      • $200 for the Insect Expo
      • The rest of the money can be used for other outreach events
      • We didn’t get funding for Student Choice Speaker.
      • In the spring we need to fill out a justification spreadsheet.
    • This change in how GPSA funds us will mean adjusting how we fund speakers.
      • We can no longer fund the entire BUGGS event.
      • Fortunately, Dr. Ali hotel and per diem will be paid for by the Entomology Department.
        • We only have to pay for his flight (about $800).
        • We need to be more frugal. We need to stop paying for breakfasts/dinners that people don’t attend.
  Merchandise committee update
  • Honey Sale
    • We sold out.
    • We found out that we need to sign up via Cougsync, fortunately we got everything straightened out.
    • A “Honey Sale Protocol” needs to be set up for next year.
      • This can be posted on the EGSA Cougsync.
      • Since GPSA can no longer fund speakers, the Honey Sale should be used to generate funding for these kind of events.
    • Bug Sex Calendar
      • Send bug sex pictures to Jake.
      • The calendars will be sold at the 2016 ICE.
    • Koozies
      • Eli saw lots of schools selling koozies at the ESA conference.
      • Maybe we should buy more of those?
    • Table cloth
      • The table cloth is designed and just needs to be purchased.
      • The cost is appx. $185.
      • Karol says we have enough money for it and should buy it.
    • Send any merch ideas to Jake.
    • Working budget
      • Jake and Joseph are going to begin a new working budget.
Advertising committee
  • Honey flyers were put up in time.
Outreach committee updates
  • Future outreach events.
    • We need to make a list of all the events we want to do in the fall.
      • This list needs to be submitted by April.
        • Alix, could you help with this?
      • We should also consider some new outreach events since this is now what the GPSA is focused on funding.
    • Insect Expo
      • Change the format so everyone has their own table.
        • We can each talk about our own research.
          • 3 minute elevator speaches
Constitution revision- Joseph
  • ¾ of the participants have submitted their revisions.
    • Waiting on 1 more person.
    • Then they will present to the club.
Social media updates- Rachel
  • Recently, we made a new FB group but it should have been a page.
    • Rachel is fixing this.
      • She made a page.
      • She will delete the group.
      • Everyone needs to like the new page and share it.
Student choice speaker update by Karol
  • Think about what kind of things you want to get out of this experience.
  • We should consider alternative ideas for the social events.
  • Cougsync training with Karol.
  • Discuss the future of the Outreach Committee
  • Discuss Dr. Ali’s visit
    • Vote: getting rid of the dinner and breakfast, or finding an alternative.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 28th, 2015

Dec 9th: last meeting this semester Robert is our interim president. Courtney to Meg: Are there American Girl Dolls in Canada?  Insect Feed: Went great! We got crunk on mead.  Affiliate Funding
  • Eli & Karol: got Affiliate funding in. Will put together a worksheet on how to do it next year. Anyone in the RSO club can submit funding request. It is a conflict on interest for a GPSA budget committee member to submit the funding request. We asked for $1,500 and it will go directly to our account. They are making us track what we spent our money on and how many people show up to the events.
  • Constitution committee: will write GPSA funding rules into constitution.
Honey bottling
  • Eli is heating the honey.
  • Need two to three people for filtering. Will take 2 to 3 hours. Philip will assist.
  • Rachel and Courtney volunteered to help with bottling.
  • Do we have EGSA labels for the honey bottles? We need to find a weird box thing with labels in it.
  • Email Robbie if you want to help with event.
Bioquip Bugs
  • Talked to Brent about getting pupae at the appropriate time so they will emerge during our events.
  • For some insects you need a permit and for some you don’t. Helpful to have a permit if you need anything more exotic than Darkling beetles. Can’t transport certain arthropods across state borders w/o permit, including some native insects.
  • Eli: maybe we should do a trial run and get more common insects the first year.
Faculty Meeting Update
  • Change from 34 to 15 credits for PhD students is going into effect in a few weeks
  • Change your password or you will be locked out of your WSU accounts
  • AMS in 164 is being fixed
  • Talking about updating the entire AMS system for the department b/c it is 3 years old.
GPSA Updates
  • Nov 12th Strategic Planning Community Forum in the Junior Ballroom. FREE FOOD!
  • Presidential Debate Night Tonight at Rico’s.
  • Karol has a cool power point on where all the university finances go
  • Graduate tuition waivers- we might not get as robust a tuition waiver for fees in the future because they have been scalping us in the past and now it is going back to how it used to be
  • GPSA is collecting personal stories from graduate students to send to senators. Topics: student loans, research funding, international visas, access to documents..
Merchandise Community
  • Caleb is designing the tablecloth and it is looking better every day.
  • Nobody has asked Jake for honey bottling money yet.
  • Select a target date for honey sales for before the holidays
BUGSS Reception
  • Everything went well and Wyatt Hoback had a good time. He really liked that he got a chance to talk to everyone.
  • Jenny thinks the location and the room was good but the catering wasn’t worth the money
  • Consensus that the food was not that good, but it was way cheaper than Black Cypress (about half as expensive)
  • Not able to mingle with different people as easily at Black Cyprus
  • If we plan further in advance we could book a private room at Swilly’s
  • Jake: we have lots of things we want to do and we may not have as much money as we think
  • Alix: could ask faculty to chip in on funding
CAHNRS Program
  • We can get another $500 if someone is willing to attend a meeting twice a week.
Student Choice Speaker
  • Jared wants to arrive March 8th, do colloquium on the 9th, and do a public event on the 10th and leave on the 11th
  • We need to think about different options that showcase the best of Pullman
  • Need a travel authority thingy for speaker. Ask Jane.
  • Use CTA card to purchase flight through the school after the TA is approved
Advertising Committee
  • Need honey sales advertisements
Outreach Committee
  • Robbie is contacting the Pullman public library to talk about reading days
Constitution Revision
  • Ongoing
Social Media
  • Send Rachel insect feed pictures
Wenatchee Beekeepers
  • Doing a half-day symposium next semester
  • They will provide a van, housing, and meals

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 14, 2015

Dial in:  5709990 for all sites Phone: (509) 335-9445, Meeting ID 09990  
  • Upcoming Events
    • Honey bottling updates
    • Stay alert. This could happen at any time.
    • BUGSS Fall 2015 – TOMORROW!
      • Talk in FSHN T101 at 4pm – reception at the Hilltop to follow
      • One open meeting spot left.
      • If you can RSVP for the reception on the itinerary, that would be great.
    • PCEI Insects of the night – October 30th at 5pm
      • Robbie is sending PCEI a list of what we are doing.
        • If you have any ideas for crafts or fun projects let Robbie know and he will incorporate your idea into the plan.
      • If you have more suggestions, send them to Robbie by Friday. That is when Robbie will be ordering them.
        • Megan A sent suggestions of bugs to buy.
        • Alix emailed Bioquip to ask if they have any live insects for sale that aren’t listed online.
      • Email Robbie if you want to participate in this event.
    • The Insect Feed is also October 28 at 11am, Ensminger Pavilion.
      • We need volunteers. Setup starts between 10am-10:30am. Afterward volunteers will be working in shifts.
  • Faculty Meeting Updates – Courtney Grula
    • The next meeting is Oct 23
  • GPSA Updates – Eli Bloom and Karol Krey
    • There is a presidential Debate Oct 28 at Rico’s
      • Costume contest, dress as a president and get entered for a chance to win $20 on your Coug Card
    • Affiliate funding opens October 19-30
    • 5K to remember president Floyd Oct 17
    • National “Message Your Congress Person” day Oct 14
    • GPSA passed a vision statement and mission statement
    • GPSA voted in favor in giving President Floyd an honorary PhD degree
Dean. Dr. Andrefsky talked about a bunch of issues that grad students are dealing with.
  • He is super cool and is a great resource if you need help.
  • A bill is going to Congress that will allow free access to federal research.
  • EGSA Committees – Reports?
    • Merch committee
      • Table cloth(s) costs
        • It will cost $150-200
        • Templates are being drawn up
      • Send pics for the insect sex calendar!
    • BUGSS committee
      • Reception is at the Hilltop – catered and all!
    • Advertising committee
      • Thank you for advertising for Wyatt’s talk!
    • Outreach committee
      • Do we know what critters we want?
      • Purchase!
    • Constitution revision
      • Ongoing updates soon
    • Social media
      • Send photos of events
  • Student Choice Speaker – Jared Ali
    • Confirmed yes – working on dates
    • Are there any dates we need off limits?
      • Besides spring break
      • Ecology Society of America Meeting
      • Email any other scheduling conflicts to Alix
  • Alix will be in Sweden January-May
    • We need to discuss how we want to handle her absence.
    • Perhaps Robert will serve as interim president.
  • Reminders:
    • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!
  If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at   If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (October 14th) please email Alix at

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 30th, 2015

Minutes for Sept 30 meeting, typed up October 1 by Megan Asche Dial in:  5709990 for all sites Phone: (509) 335-9445, Meeting ID 09990  
  • Upcoming Events
    • Potluck – October
      • No updates
    • Honey bottling
      • Jake is working on it.
    • PCEI Insects of the night – October 30th at 5pm
      • Robbie let them know we would be involved.
  • Upcoming Minneapolis ESA Meeting
    • Our Linnaean Games team is in need of another competitor!
    • $300 of travel funding available
      • Jake and Jenny both said they might join the team.
  • Faculty Meeting Updates – Courtney Grula
    • No updates… but Steve said, “Thanks for the honey.”
  • GPSA Updates – Eli Bloom and Karol Krey
  • Oct 9 is free bowling
  • Affiliate funding is opening Oct. 19th
  • Applications for student regent representative are due March
  • GPSA wants you to “like” their Vox populi FB page. This FB page is going to become a primary resource for upcoming events.
  • The GPSA will be sending out a survey in the next month.
    • Make sure you fill out the surveys honestly and include everything you want from GPSA.
    • They will be surveying sub-populations, so the surveys should be shorter.
    • The GPSA is trying to improve the surveys so more people will take them.
  • EGSA Committees
    • Merch committee
      • Table cloth
        • Looking to do something simple… a similar look/feel as the feather flag.
        • Black table cloth material is preferred (it should end up looking like the departmental table cloth.
      • We have broke even on the koozies, and we still have more.
        • If you have any thoughts for new koozies, send them to Jake.
      • New merch items:
        • “Insect-sutra calendar”
          • If you have pictures of bugs in compromising positions, send them Jake.
        • Seed packet sales for pollinator awareness.
          • Karol brought in a sample to the meeting.
        • BUGSS committee
          • $500 flight, still have $200 for catering or other meals
          • What places could we rent?
            • Banyons, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, CUB…
            • Karol will call a few places and get pricing information for us.
          • Advertising committee
            • BUGSS Event Advertising
              • The advertising committee will take care of the flyers for BUGSS event
              • Jenny will help the committee navigate the flyer approval process.
              • We need to make sure that the WSU biology department and the UI receive flyers for this event as well.
              • Signups for fridge or in Entomology Department Office
            • Outreach committee
              • We have $292 to spend on outreach stuff like live insects (and their feed) and posters (upcoming PCEI event)
              • We have two terrariums in the big grad office and Adrian is willing to let us use them
              • We will brainstorm this week and figure out what types of critters we would like to buy.
                • Maybe we should consider buy bugs that live a year or more.
              • Send all ideas to Robbie.
            • Constitution revision
              • Still on its way… Updates coming soon.
            • Social media
              • Rachel made a FB page.
              • If anyone else wants to be an admin, tell Rachel and she will add you.
  • Upcoming EGSA goals/new event interest
    • Campouts and insect collecting trips
      • It is going to be held late spring.
    • Mom’s weekend is April 8-10th
    • Dad’s weekend? November 6-8th
      • Robbie- thinks Richard Zack is going to coordinate an “insect feed”.
        • Jenny will double-check this.
      • If Dr. Zack isn’t doing the feed we may do something on our own.
    • Reading days
      • Robbie wants to work on that next semester.
    • Community service day at the organic farm or community garden
      • In the spring
      • The GPSA will announce the dates it ahead of time.
    • Bee club
      • No updates.
  • Student Choice Speaker Nominations
  • Jared Ali was the only nominee.
  • Alix will email everyone a list of previous nominees.
  • If you have a suggestion for a second choice nominee, send them to Robert.
  • Reminders:
    • Our next planned meeting is two Wednesday from now. The talk does not interfere.
    • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!
  If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at   If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (October 28th) please email Alix at

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 16th, 2015

Minutes for Sept 16 meeting, typed up Sept 17 by Megan Asche Dial in:  5709990 for all sites Phone: (509) 335-9445, Meeting ID 09990   In attendance Pullman: Robbie, Rachel, Jake, Megan, Karol, Joseph, Courtney, Jenny, Adrian, Emily, Jonathan and Adekunle Wenatchee: Alix, Robert   Vote on starting at 4 start time
  • The vote was proposed by Courtney and seconded by Karol
  • Unanimously “Yes” vote for starting at 4 in Pullman
  • Next EGSA meeting will begin at 4pm.
  Congrats to Megan, our new club secretary!   Thank you for participating in CAHNRS Festival – any feedback?
  • We can request shade at the CAHNRS Festival
  • We requested it ahead of time, but our table was in the wrong place
  • However we did request it at the event and they accommodated the request
  • Almost all the grad students participated
  • Megan took photos, if you have pics please send them to Rachel and we will use them for our social media pages.
  ESA survey for feedback
  • Photography services at meetings
    • Would you be willing to pay $10 for that service or only use it if it is free?
    • It would be a professional photographer and they might do general make-up
      • The group agreed that they would be interested in that service.
    • Insect order stickers
      • Would an ID sticker with our name and your Order be helpful at the ESA meetings?
      • What about non-insects? Arthropoda or mites would be used?
      • Would this increase confidence?
        • Jake thinks that it would need a social event as well.
        • Robbie suggested an “Order Social”
        • Rachel thinks this would prevent people from talking to each other.
    Upcoming Events
  • Potluck
    • Karol and Jake think we should do a graduate student “picnic in the park.”
    • Jake suggested a monthly get together
    • Courtney suggested some time in October
      • It was agreed that we all wanted to do something, but we aren’t sure when.
    • Honey bottling updates
      • We are being given 200 lbs. of honey!
        • Jake found out we will be getting 70 liters of honey and we are currently ordering bottles.
        • Steve is in Korea, maybe when we will find out more about bottling when he gets back?
        • The bottles haven’t yet arrived
        • Megan talked to Brandon and he said he would like to order the bottles. When he gets back from Louisiana she will ask him if he is still interested in doing that.
      • BUGSS Fall 2015 – look for signups in early October
        • The talk for BUGSS is currently scheduled during our EGSA meeting time – feedback?
        • The itinerary for Wyatt Hobeck is right when EGSA starts, can we skip it?
          • The group agreed that we could skip it.
  EGSA Committees – Reports?
  • Merch committee
    • The flag banner has arrived!!
      • We are going to give Caleb a “Thank you” card for helping.
    • Would we like to order a table cloth?
      • They will put together a meeting later so Eli can participate in the table cloth discussion.
    • Courtney suggested that maybe we might like to sell seeds
      • Perhaps to accompany the honey sales
  • BUGSS committee
    • Rachel and Austin (at UI) are the new members of the BUGSS committee.
    • Feedback: we should send invites sooner
    • When Wyatt comes back they will be requesting nominations (in about a month)
    • The Sonia Altizer said she would be interested in doing it next year, she will be going on the ballot.
    • If there is a researcher you are interested in nominating, start making a case now so they can get on the ballot.
  • Advertising committee
    • No new business
  • Outreach committee
    • PCEI Animals of the Night event Friday October 30th at 5pm
      • They want us to talk about nocturnal insects, “scary bugs”
      • We already have a looping slide show, insects and sounds
      • Robbie is going to say we are interested and he is going to start a sheet for ideas.
      • The event is in a month and a half
      • Funding for live insects? Karol is going to check and Jake.
    • Constitution revision
      • Those on the community are reviewing it and making revisions.
      • The revised constitution will be reviewed as a group when they committee has completed their review.
      • Eventually we will vote on a new constitution
    • Social media
      • If you took pictures at the CAHNRS event, send them to Rachel
  Upcoming EGSA goals/new event interest (Form committees, initial stages)
  • Welcome Back BBQ Sun, September 13, 12pm – 2pm
  • Fall Bowling Night Fri, October 9, 6pm – 8pm
  • Do we have any suggestions for volunteer events? Maybe something that the whole family can participate in?
    • Talk with Karol if you have suggestions
  • This would be a good opportunity for a club that could use GPSA backing
  • The “Outreach” committee will do some brain storming on this.
  Student Choice Speaker Nominations   Faculty Meeting Updates
  • The next meeting is 9/23
  • If you have any comments on Jeb’s form send them to Courtney
    Award Committee Liaison Position
  • The awards committee would like a student perspective to help evaluate faculty awards applications for departmental awards
  • This person would also communicate between the awards committee and EGSA regarding when faculty are being nominated for ESAawards, in case any of us in EGSA are interested in writing a letter of recommendation.
  • It’s a very low time commitment position and it’d be fun because they’d get to work with the two Vince’s and Paul.  Also, writing letters of recommendation can be hard, and this is good practice.
  • If you are interested in this position, contact Alix.
  New Beekeeping Club!!
  • Emily is starting a bee keeping club, first meeting is 4pm Thursday in this room
  • Trying to set up this semester for bees in the spring
  • She is interested in recruiting undergrads
  • If you would like to promote the club in your classes, there is a slide.
    • Courtney will send it around.
  • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!
  • Anthony Zera is coming next week
    • If you want to meet with him tell Robbie or Amy.
  • Make sure you sign the condolence card on the fridge.
  If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at   If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (September 30th) please email Alix at

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 2nd, 2015

Minutes for Sept 2 meeting, typed up Sept 3 by Robert Orpet  
  • Introductions
  Welcome, new students Megan, Adrian, Joseph, and Emily. (There are two new mystery students that did not attend).  
  • Meeting time?
  The meeting time will be “re-evaluated”  
  • Overview of Events for New Students
    • CAHNRS Fall Festival – Thursday, 10 September 4-6pm in Spillman Plaza
      • Table setup/takedown, museum displays, live insects, etc
      • Scholarship opportunities, free ice cream, and BBQ!
      • Signups necessary or no?
  Sign-up for set-up and take-down is desired. Robbie will create the sign-up and get the key for set-up. Remember to let Dr. Zack know about taking things from him.  
  • Beginning of the Year Potluck – Fall 2015 TBD
  Since the department picnic is soon (next Friday at 6), the Beginning of the Year Potluck is tabled for now. Possibly we will have one a Jake-Robbie’s eventually.  
  • Honey Sales – Fall 2015
  We need to know when to do the bottling and how much there is (i.e., how many bottles are needed). Robert O. will ask Dr. Sheppard. Jake will purchase bottles.  
  • BUGSS – Dr. Wyatt Hoback, 15 October 2015
  • Insect Feed – ? TBD
  Talk to Dr. Zack if you want to bring something to Bug Appetite (around Father’s Weekend)  
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic – Fall or Spring 2015 TBD
  • Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner – Spring 2016 TBA
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch – Spring 2016 TBD
  • Student Choice Speaker – Spring 2016 TBA
  • Insect Expo – Spring 2016 TBA
  • BUGSS – Spring 2016 TBA
  • EGSA Committees – Reports? (if any) New members? Need list of members.
    • Merch committee
-Jenny, Jake, Courtney, Eli, and Robert O. are members. -Eli and Jenny ordered feather flags  
  • BUGSS committee
    • Looking for a committee to serve on? If so, contact Dave Crowder!
    • Sonia declined our invitation but would love to come Fall 2016
    • Wyatt Hoback has accepted our invitation and will speak 15 October
    • Details and meeting sign-ups to come
  We have Alix and Rachel + UI people organizing this. Alix would like to not be on the committee due to not being in Pullman. A volunteer is needed to join this committee.  
  • New committees?
    • Advertising committee
  Rachel, Courtney, Jenny, and Megan volunteered to be this committee.  
  • See below
  Robbie Z. created an outreach committee. The other members will serve as “henchmen”: Joseph, Emily  
  • Upcoming EGSA goals/new event interest (Form committees, initial stages)
    • Update EGSA bylaws
  A committee was formed to update the by-laws and constitution (currently can be found on Cougsync). Members: Robbie, Alix, Robert, Adrian, Joseph, Courtney  
  • Update Social Media (Facebook) and CougSync
  Rachel update: currently the facebook page is a private page just for club memebrs. The goal for the future is to make a public page that could be used for public engagement. Rachel needs help with Cougsync. Robbie is a Cougsync Master.  
  • Campouts and insect collecting trips
  Oureach activities are a Robbie job. Non-outreach trips were not discussed here.  
  • Nominations for Secretary
    • Responsibilities are straightforward – take notes at meetings and distribute minutes to students within a day or so
    • Nominate by this Friday, 4 September – send your nominations to Robert Orpet!
    • Poll sometime next week, vote by 15 September
    • New Secretary announced at next meeting
  Send nominations to Robert O ( by Friday. Poll will be next week. Poll closes Sept 15.   Adrian was nominated and he accepted.  
  • Student Choice Speaker:
    • Send your nominations (a photo, education history, brief bio, a handful of publications) to Robert Orpet. A poll and nominee bank will be sent out soon.
  Send nominations to  
  • GPSA Updates – Eli Bloom and Karol Krey
  Numerous updates: Apply for a travel grant by this Friday if you traveled during the Summer We get affiliate funding because we are RSO There are excellence awards: nominate professors, TAs, and Advisors Social event at Rico’s Sept 10. 50% off from 6-9 PM Grad Student welcome back BBQ: you can’t sign up anymore (i.e. you cannot get free food) but you can still go Oct 9: free bowling 6-9 at Zippos Dec 2: Free ice cream 11AM-1PM 10$ football tickets for graduate students In Terrell 4 there is a graduate student study area CUE 414 is a free writing center, but only a 50% off printing center  
  • Faculty Meeting Updates – Courtney Grula and Alix Whitener
  Alix attended. Many things were discussed. A detailed report will be sent by Alix.   Some important notes: -exams for students are open for students to attend -new grad center is in Johnson Hall. Most of the normal Dory stuff goes here now. -send Courtney feedback on the evaluations of students form Alix sent -looking for a volunteer “student liason” that will give feedback to the Faculty Awards Committee (which does applications for ESA awards and departmental awards)  
  • Reminders:
    • CAHNRS Fall Festival – Thursday, 10 September 4-6pm in Spillman Plaza
    • Beginning of the Year Potluck
    • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!
  If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at   If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (September 16th) please email Alix at

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - May 5th, 2015

Congratulations to all graduates! Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Next year we can rent chairs/tables to have for our events
  • RSO officers have completed training
  • GPSA, ASWU- opportunities to get more money for our club!
Elections Results:                   President:  Alix Whitener Vice President:  Robert Orpet Secretary:  Courtney Grula – TBR with new student? Treasurer:  Jake Asplund Faculty Liason:  Courtney Grula GPSA Senators:  Eli Bloom and Karol Krey Outreach Coordinator- Robbie Zinna
  • New officers contact old officers to get information on your new position
  • Rachael is updating cougsync. Anybody who is interested in helping please contact her!
EGSA Bylaws
  • These should probably be updated – ongoing project to be tackled by officers and anyone interested in helping out
  • EGSA bylaws are out of date, we should update them! Work on them starting next semester!
Social Media and CougSync
  • These will be updated by Rachel
  • We will have an internal Facebook page, a public one for events, and CougSync will be cleaned up and made more accessible to the public
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • Kim Kidwell- Ignite program – for undergrad- encourage advisors to help out to get people interested in research
  • Annual Reviews due by This Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Contact your advisor if you haven’t heard about this yet.
  • New hires need to complete a safety checklist. All grad students should have to complete this. Make sure you have done a safety checklist. Incident reports- must have completed safety training with documentation. This form is available online, or through Dory/Adam. Contact your advisor if you are unaware of your qualifications.
  • CHANRS kudos website coming soon – will feature good work from students
  • Office Hours will be changing for the summer, will close by 4pm – look for an email
  • We will continue to discuss what will be happening with Taxonomy
Upcoming Outreach Events
  • Tuesday June 16 – Thursday June 18, 4-H Camp –in Tucannon – this will be an event where students will be teaching kids about insects and collecting. It will be a 50 minute presentation from us. FOOD IS INCLUDED!!!  is most likely the preferred date–Contact Robbie if you are interested in this event!
  •  Monday May 11thNEXT MONDAY, 12-4:30, Jefferson Elementary School. Camp Wooten in Pomeroy, This will be 3 1hr sessions to teach about insects and collecting- Contact Robbie ASAP if you are interested.
  • June 18th – Outdoor Biology Activities and the Insect Walkaround –  PCEI – Contact Robbie ASAP, There will be walking around and collecting and a short talk about insects
  • May 16th Community Garden Event – Contact Lizz if you are interested – beneficial insect talk
Look for an email in late summer:
  • Honey Extraction!
  • Honey Bottling! (Bottles are being purchased AND prepurchased)

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - April 21st, 2015

21 April 2015

Student Choice Speaker Wrap Up
  • Suggested for next year to make it clear in the invitation that all expenses are paid
Mary Gardiner
  • Lunch Thursday at 12:30 in conference room – please email Alix by Wednesday at noon to RSVP
  • Talk Thursday at 3:30pm in T101 – flyer sent out
  • Reception Thursday evening 5pm at Mark Schwarzländer’s house – flyer sent out
Staff Appreciation Lunch – May 4th at noon (Outside weather permitting, FSHN 164 if not)
  • Natalie and Robbie will order from Subway
  • Bring a side, dessert, or soda/juice
  • Natalie and Robbie will order gift cards/flowers for staff
LEAD Awards Thursday April 23 5pm (Location unknown, probably the CUB Ballroom)
  • 5 seats towards the front, rest in the back
  • One person to ‘receive’ the award, and everyone is welcome to be in the photo at the front
  • VOTE! You have until Friday, April 24
Merchandising Committee Update
  • None
  • Deadline set to have tablerunner and flags on hand by the Fall Festival next year
GPSA Updates
  • Civic Engagement Week
Lizz and Jake volunteered at the organic farm
  • Ice Cream Social at Ferdinand’s
April 30th, 1-3 pm Bring your student ID
  • End of the Year Party at Belltower
May 2nd, 8-10 pm Food will be provided, alcohol must be purchased
  • We received our full requested amount of affiliate funding
We should ask for more next year, as we are likely to get it
  • Travel grants are still in review
  • Katie Harris (Anthropology) is the new director of legislative affairs for GPSA
Her responsibilities involve lobbying the state senate to improve graduate student wages, insurance, etc. Faculty Meeting Updates None Upcoming Outreach Events
  • Email Robbie IMMEDIATELY if you are interested in helping with either event
  • April 25th and June 18th – Outdoor Biology Activities and the Insect Walkaround
Pullman Community Gardens Event
  • May 16th at the Community Gardens
  • Plant sales, community organizations, and a bee talk
  • Sonia Altizer will be the guest speaker in the fall
  • We need new committee members – Alix, Cami, and Lizz will not be doing this next year
  • Email Lizz to volunteer
Memorial for Herma
  • The Student of the Year award came with $1,500 financial award
  • Due to university rules, we cannot give the money to Herma’s family
  • This also cannot be a scholarship in Herma’s name, as a minimum $25,000 donation is required to create an endowed scholarship
  • Therefore, we would like to use these funds to create an on campus memorial for Herma
  • Please send ideas for the memorial to Robbie as soon as possible; he is working on a proposal to submit to Adam for how we will spend these funds
  • A poll of the students will be conducted to determine which memorial idea will be funded
  • Examples of memorials: a bench, a tree with a plaque, etc.
Upcoming Events
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • April 25th – Outdoor Biology Activities
  • May 1st – Department (with food science) BBQ
  • May 4th – Staff appreciation lunch
  • June 18th PCEI “Insect Walkaround”

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - April 7, 2015

Insect Expo Wrap-up
  • New position will be created to organize the Expo and other similar events – Outreach Coordinator
  • Lizz has created an “Expo checklist” – the Coordinator could use this to assign tasks to people as part of planning the Expo
  • Grow your own beetle kits – Alix is making a display of the beetles in various stages of development to show at the table that gives away the kits
  • We need to get some of our posters laminated
  • Suggestion to make each table a station, where the kids would earn stickers for visiting it, then if they collect all the stickers, they get a prize (like edible insects or the grow your own beetle kits)
  • Please collect additional insects during your field work this summer. This will allow us to update the display boxes. Taxonomy students are also encouraged to donate their extras.
  • Tracks of “insect music” to play during the event
Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt      
  • Breakfast has been moved to Friday, still at 7 AM – we can now stay in the kitchen classroom, since there is no class in there that day
  • Dinner options and vote – see the email Jenny sent regarding the pros and cons of each (the survey has closed as of Thursday at 1 PM)
  • Itinerary – Please sign up to meet!
  • Share Facebook event invite to spread the word
  • Check Google Drive document to confirm your appointment to meet with him (some appointments were cancelled due to his change in schedule)
  • Driving: Alix will reserve truck with Adam so that anyone scheduled to drive him has a vehicle available
  • Computer science and potentially engineering are also being asked to sign up to meet with him (but entomology gets priority)
  • Alix will also contact Whitman County Search and Rescue, as they may be interested in this talk as well
  • Daily Evergreen funding – we have ¼ page running three times to advertise this event
  • New voting process (open to changes or suggestions):
    • Rebecca is collecting nominations – please send your nominations or nominate yourself to Rebecca by Friday, April 10. This is also the deadline for statements!  Nominees that did not directly volunteer will be notified and asked if they would like to run for office.
    • Write a short paragraph about why you would be a strong candidate for the position.  Paragraphs will be distributed shortly after the 10th
    • To allow for anonymity in the voting process, the votes will be collected via Survey Monkey and Dave will announce our new officers at the meeting on Friday April 17th.
    • Offices open are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Faculty Liaison, Social Media Director, and Outreach Coodinator
    • New Social Media position will be responsible for taking photos at events, maintaining the EGSA Facebook Page, making event invitations, etc. 
    • Outreach Coordinator will be responsible for planning outreach events (the Expo, PCEI, etc.) and assigning individuals to specific tasks
Merchandising Committee Update PB-ESA Updates
  • We are still the only group tabling
  • Alix will get a general sense of interest to determine to what extent we are tabling
GPSA Updates
  • Have not had any meetings for awhile
  • There is a community service event, Sunday April 19th at the organic farm – Let Robbie know ASAP if you are interested in this event
  • Old Bookie into small Rec facility initiative: undergrads voted yes, graduate students voted no
    • This means graduate students will not be paying for these renovations
    • Future graduate students will have to opt in and pay to use this facility
    • More surveys will be done regarding the tobacco-free initiative
Faculty Meeting Updates – none Upcoming Events
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • April 25th – Outdoor Biology Activities
  • May 1st – Department (with food science) BBQ
  • May 4th – Staff appreciation lunch
  • June 18th PCEI “Insect Walkaround”, provide general insect information and displays, then go and collect
  • Megan was awarded Science Saturday money – so she will be doing bee education outreach (congratulations!)

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - March 10th, 2015

Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt
  • Flight booked – Alix will pick him up Wednesday evening
  • Hotel booked –WSU Residence Inn
  • CUE 419 booked, campus-wide talk April 16th 6:30pm (CUE 419 from 6-9pm)
  • FSHN Kitchen booked April 17th 7am-8am, move downstairs to eat
  • FSHN 354 booked April 17th 8am
  • CUE 419 booked, entomology-only talk April 17th 5pm (CUE 419 from 4:30-6:30pm)
Still discussing restaurant options: South Fork, Fireside, Black Cypress, Thai Ginger, hotel banquet hall + catering
  • Still waiting on talk details for advertising
  • Advertising committee:  Also need to advertise for Insect Expo
Daily Evergreen – Lizz and Jenny CUB TV and flash flushes – Lizz Contact departments – Alix Flyers – Alix Facebook Page – Rachel Pullman transit flyers – Alix
Insect Expo
  • Need to make new displays
  • We have money budgeted for this, Jenny will check how much
  • Will need to buy: live insects, paints for Jenn Seigrist, snacks, refill any supplies
  • Supplies need to be accessed to see if we need to buy more, Lizz will do this
  • Make hats!
  • Suggested to the termite activity again
  • Will buy the “super worm” mealworms, give “grow a beetle in a cup” to the first ~100 children to show up
BUGSS Update
  • Van will be available for use (only the truck is going to be used for Taxonomy that day)
  • The truck will return after lunch
  • May use the van to go to Bill Snyder’s for the reception (will check with Adam)
  • Alix needs a head count for the pizza lunch NOW, contact her if you plan on going
  • There will be a hike/collecting trip with Evan on Friday, contact Lizz if you would like to go
Merchandising Committee Update
  • Eli showed samples of feather flags that we can order
    • Cost is ~$80
    • Very customizable
    • Will contact company for estimates
    • Plan on using the beetle logo
    • Table cloths
      • Estimate is $60-100
      • Will use similar design to feather flags
      • Eli will also get quote
      • Light colored (white or light grey) text on a crimson or black background
ESA Updates
  • Student Debates: Contact if you are interested
    • No spots for debate teams remaining, but three introductions still available
    • All that is required is one 5 minute talk (counts as invited) at the meeting and a short summary of the issue you are introducing, which will be published in American Entomologist
PB-ESA Updates
  • Program chairs are deciding between two options:
    • Tables in lobby near registration desk, 10am-3pm
    • Social hour with poster presenters
    • Will share space with a handful of other student groups
    • Will be very casual, table does not needed to be person-ed for the whole time
Affiliate Funding for Fall 2015
  • Applied for: supplies for new display boxes for the museum/outreach events, Fall Festival, live insects for EGSA events, BUGSS Funding
GPSA Updates
  • Vote: President/VP, CAHNRS Rep, our senators (Karol and Eli are running)
  • Excellence Awards Nominations
  • End of Year Party (May 2th)
  • GPSA/UREC Soccer Tournament
    • Our department can submit a team
    • 5 people per team
    • $20 to register
    • DOLA now a full time assistantship
    • Director of Communications will be an available position next year
    • Health Care Task Force is preparing a report to improve care in some areas
    • Ice Cream Social (April 30th)
    • 50% off at Rico’s (Mar 19th)
    • Residual tuition will be paid by graduate school ($173)
Shared Outdoor Event with Biology
  • They asked our preference, April 18th or 25th
  • We decided at the meeting to choose the 25th, will update with more details at next meeting
Meet and Greet with new students
  • Tomorrow (March 11th) at noon
  • 3 incoming students
  • In conference room, lunch provided
Faculty Meeting Updates: none Upcoming Events
  • BUGSS – March 13th Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • May X – Staff appreciation lunch

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - February 10th, 2015

  La Cross School Outreach event At the community center Leave at 12:45 pm, back by 3-4pm Wednesday, Feb 18th Meet at FSHN, ride is provided Alix has an activity planned (termites and trail following) Also discuss college/graduate school Talk to Alix if interested – need to know how many people to choose vehicle size Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt
  • Flight booked, arriving April 15th
  • CUB Jr Ballroom or CUE Lecture hall for campus wide talk, April 16th 6:30pm
  • Breakfast April 17th, 8am in FSHN 354 – cooking at 7am (book kitchen)
  • Smaller room in CUE for his talk with us, followed by a reception at a restaurant.  We are looking into the comparability between Banyans and other restaurants with banquet rooms in Pullman. Also potential to have hotel or WSU hall + catering. Time: Talk at 5pm and dinner at 6:30?
  • Advertising committee:
Daily Evergreen – reapply for funding CUB TV and flash flushes Contact computer science & engineering Flyers Facebook Page Pullman transit flyers Merchandising Committee update FOUND: Old shirt designs! Let’s make some Insect Expo Shirts! Wiley Table Officially accepted 9am-2:30p, Friday Feb 20th Should have sign with list of events to advertise Expect an email regarding shifts soon Each shift will be an hour ESA Updates Student Debates: Molecular Biology & Entomology: Partnering for Solutions 1)      What is the single best genetically engineered arthropod technology for pest control? 2)      With the development of technologies like RNAi, in the future we may be capable of eradicating species. If we can eradicate a species, should we? 3)      What is the single best tool for managing pesticide resistance? Contact if you are interested. PB-ESA Updates
  • Abstract deadline extended – Feb 17th
  • Linnaean Games – deadline to make a team materialize out of thin air: March 9th
Please let Alix know ASAP if you are interested So far: Alix, Robert, Robbie, Rebecca (if she has to)
  • Career Fair: We will be awarding restaurant vouchers and two scholarships of $100 to student participants this year. CV Workshop, networking, hors d’oeurvres and cash bar.
  • Awards and Travel Grants due February 15th – check out the PB-ESA website to learn more
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Aiming for mid-March. When are potential grad students visiting?
GPSA Updates
  • Elections coming up: check your email
This is for the executive positions within GPSA
  • Changes may be coming up with the way senators are elected
May be bundled within district rep/executive elections Would require an application to GPSA Goal is to increase voting for executive/district rep positions
  • Anyone can apply to be on the executive council
  • Robbie won’t be running as CAHNRS rep again – you can run
  • Feb 27th, 6-8p Free bowling night
  • Mar 28th Soccer Game
  • Take the health survey that was emailed out
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • Laura: Minorities and women program on the second floor
  • Adam will be here in the mornings only, we’ll have a new fiscal specialist/academic coordinator – basically a grad center
  • Dory’s role will also change
  • Will be modelled off of Crop and Soils
  • Student Handbook
Grant proposal: before or after proposal talk? Still discussing. Whatever is currently in student handbook is what you should follow, unless you were grandfathered in There is no “departmental template” for the grant – ask your advisor what s/he wants
  • Change to 15 credits for Ph.D. students is in process with Faculty Senate
  • Department appreciated thank you note for travel monies for ESA
  • Credit transfer from U of I: the no GPA credit transfer is not official policy and has never been justified
Still in progress BUGSS Updates
  • Survey results: top choice was Sonia Altizer
  • There will be a sign up sheet to meet individually with Evan Preisser soon
Upcoming Events
  • BUGSS – March 13th Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - February 23rd, 2015

La Cross School Outreach event
  • Successful event, with more similar events likely in the future
Wiley Table
  • Tabling accomplished, some interest from students/judges in attending Insect Expo
Student Choice Speaker:  Alper Bozkurt
  • Flight booked
  • CUE 419 booked, campus-wide talk April 16th 6:30pm (CUE 419 from 6-9pm)
  • FSHN Kitchen booked April 17th 7am-8am, move downstairs to eat
  • FSHN 354 booked April 17th 8am
  • CUE 419 booked, entomology-only talk April 17th 5pm (CUE 419 from 4:30-6:30pm)
Still discussing restaurant options: South Fork, Fireside, Black Cypress, Thai Ginger, hotel banquet hall + catering
  • Advertising committee:  Also need to advertise for Insect Expo
Daily Evergreen – Lizz and Jenny CUB TV and flash flushes – Lizz Contact departments – Alix Flyers – Alix Facebook Page – Rachel Pullman transit flyers – Alix
Merchandising Committee update
  • Discussed possibility of making a table cloth/flag with “EGSA” and unique logo on it, separate from department
  • The committee has been developing vision documents describing the purpose of the committee and potential projects they would like to take on
  • One likely project is building a website solely for EGSA updates and merchandise purchasing
  • Discussed getting a table for the group at PBESA, Alix will talk to Lisa Neven about the most appropriate venue for this (likely the Career Fair)
ESA Updates PB-ESA Updates
  • Registration extended! See email from Lisa Neven and register ASAP
  • Linnaean Games – Alix, Robert, Robbie, Rebecca (if she has to)
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Discussed having this event the first week of May
Affiliate Funding for Fall 2015
  • Will apply for: supplies for new display boxes for the museum/outreach events, Fall Festival, live insects for EGSA events
  • Please contact senators if you have other ideas for things we should apply for by this Thursday (Feb 26th)
GPSA Updates
  • Vote! March 10th
Voting for GPSA President, Vice President, and District Reps As well as our senate representatives for EGSA
  • We currently only have one person (Karol) running for senate and we have two empty seats to fill. Please consider running for senate so that our department has full representation. If you have questions about how to get on the ballot, contact Karol, Lizz, or Robbie.
  • No one is currently running for CAHNRS district rep. Consider taking a higher leadership position at WSU to become more involved (and it will be good experience to list on your CV).
  • Old Bookie Referendum:
Vote as to whether or not you support the Old Bookie being turned into a recreation/socialization space. If a majority of graduate students do not approve, then graduate students will not be required to pay the yearly fee for the use of this space (but will not be able to use it).
  • Bowling Friday (Feb 27th) at Zeppos
  • Soccer game, March 28th
  • Coug Day at the Capitol – state politicians currently not interested in graduate education
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • Template for grant writing that is in-line with the student handbook standards is now available on SharePoint
  • Grad Center in Johnson Hall will be available sometime around summer
The purpose of this facility is to help build your program of study
  • The all-faculty retreat is August 13th-14th
  • April 9th-10th is E.P. Catts speaker event. Major professors should pay for students to attend the dinner (can provide a budget number)
  • TA allocations: talk to teaching faculty if you are interested in TAing
  • Annual Reviews involving a meeting with your major advisor, followed by a meeting with the department chair will be held this year. This is your opportunity to review your progress, make plans for the future, and discuss any problems you are having.
  • There will be more opportunities for extension publications in the future, which will be hosted primarily online.
BUGSS Updates
  • Sign up sheet to meet with Evan Preisser will be available soon
  • Plans are to carpool over to U of I for the talk, etc.
Upcoming Events
  • BUGSS – March 13th Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th Alper Bozkurt
  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - January 21st, 2015

Upcoming Events
  • BUGSS – March 13th, Evan Preisser
  • Insect Expo – April 4th
  • Student Choice Speaker –April 16th & 17th, Alper Bozkurt
This is still tentative, see below
  • E. Paul Catts – April 8th, Clare Kremen
  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd, Mary Gardiner
Student Choice Speaker
  • Alper Bozkurt
  • He has indicated he is available April 16-17, with possibility to stay the weekend
  • Tentative schedule: Breakfast on the 17th, Public talk evening of the 17th, potential for Banyans dinner during the weekend
  • The CUB is booked, Alix will look into booking one of the CUE auditoriums
  • If we haven’t received confirmation from him by mid-March, we will move on to planning a different speaker for the fall
  • Next year: will need list of names soon for potential speakers, start thinking of some to submit to the group
Merchandising Committee update
  • Some sales from display case, nearly at breakeven point
  • Some discussion of website-based sales
  • Might make an Insect Expo shirt
  • Wiley table: need to limit focus on sales and focus more on the activities of the EGSA
Wiley Table
  • Sign-up sheet on refrigerator to run table
  • If a sufficient number of people sign up, Alix will book the table
  • Application deadline for tabling is due this Friday at noon
BUGSS Updates
  • List of potential speakers coming soon
  • Please respond to the survey asking you to rank your preference for these candidates
Honey sales
  • Buy honey bottles to replace those we used this year (Alix, Brandon, Jenny, et al.)
Insect Expo
  • Coordinate with Rich Zach on Insect Expo/Insect Feed
Add some additional food items to menu (Robbie, potentially) Need to discuss details with Rich, since he has the food handler’s permit
  • Ideas for adding 1-2 new tables, carnival game related
Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunch
  • Will aim for a mid-March date
  • Will try to line up with student visits to department
GPSA Updates
  • Wiley abstracts are due January 23rd – remember, your advisor has to approve your submission
  • Application for student regent
  • Upcoming formal vote by senators to determine if the senator elections should become formalized
This has the potential to increase participation in GPSA in departments that do not have their own student groups Let your senators know if you have an opinion on this so they can better represent you
  • Presidential and District Representative election March 11-12th
  • Expect a health insurance survey via email
  • Expect an email regarding the “Old Bookie Referendum”
This would add $95 to your fees – be sure to vote when you receive the email Would go toward renovating the Old Bookie A previous vote indicated that student preference was to turn this space into additional workout area Faculty Meeting Updates None New Doodle Poll for scheduling EGSA meetings
  • Can resolve conflicts with taxonomy/Rich’s independent study class
  • Increase number of officers able to attend meetings
Linnean Games Talk to Alix if you are interested in participating. We currently do not have enough students to field a team.

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - December 2nd, 2014

Thank you notes are on the fridge in the graduate offices for people to sign. These are to thank various people/groups that have helped EGSA this semester. Merchandise Committee
  • ESA sales summary
Sold $180 of department merchandise $300 of cozies, need $23 more to break even, 40 coozies left to sell $38 of wood crafts, need $18 more to break even
  • Will continue to advertise the sale of these items
Sign in the elevator of FSHN Glass case by the office
  • Will also sell them at Wiley Expo, Insect Expo
  • Please send all ideas for new items to Eli
  • Request from the committee for photographs of insect sex for the “Insect Kama Sutra” Calendar
Please send photos to the committee by September 2015 Consider this during your field season Photos will be compiled into a calendar to be sold at future events
  • Consider joining this committee next year, they would like to be a small group of 5 or less
BUGSS Please send ideas for new speakers to Cami, Lizz or Alix if you have anyone in mind. Upcoming items Buy honey bottles to replace those we used this year (Alix, Brandon, Jenny) Book Ensminger for Insect Expo – Alix will discuss potential times with Rich Zack Start finalizing SCS with Dr. Bozkurt – need to book a hotel once his visit time is scheduled GPSA Updates
  • WSU has a Tumblr account “WSU Discoveries”
  • Call is out for Wiley Expo abstracts, check your email or GPSA website for details
It will be more competitive this year to enter (25% fewer spots) Undergraduates will be allowed to compete for scholarships (funded by a different group, not GPSA) There will be an exhibit hall at Wiley, EGSA will have a table
  • Affiliate funding for EGSA approved: $1,200
Faculty Meeting Updates None. Eli will send out an update before our first spring semester EGSA meeting Spring EGSA Meetings Alix will send out a survey in January to determine the best time to hold EGSA meetings Reminders Eli is giving the colloquium talk this week, Matt will be presenting next week

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - November 4th, 2014

  Honey Sales – November 12th, 2014 in Lighty from 9am-we run out
  • Digital Fliers have been sent to Dory to disperse via email
  • Permission granted by Lighty Café Manager
  • Flash Flushes will be taken to Union Marketing after this meeting and will be displayed for one week before our event
  • Honey labelled early next week – Monday or Tuesday
Will be near Alix’s desk area, come in as you can to label Entomological Society of America – November 2014
  • Copyright infringement concerns with the “Bug Lite” and “Gnatty Ice”
  • But should be ok because it is parody
  • The scale at which we are selling them should be ok
  • Student legal services has been contacted to check, waiting on a response
  • The company making the prints should also be able to determine if it is ok
  • Voted at the meeting to submit all three designs, if the printing company rejects the two “controversial” ones, we will then only sell “Mad Hops”
  • Bringing t-shirts – need to contact Steve/Dory about selling old shirts
  • Wood impression craft party – Saturday 6:00 pm, Courtney will send out an email
  • Bring snacks!
  • Sign up for tabling slots! Sheet on fridge after this meeting
  • One hour slots, please sign up for at least two slots
  • Priority is to fill in the middle of the day slots
  • Will take table cloth, brochures to advertise department
  • Will ask Rich if we can sell the stickers or bring some to give away
  • March 12th – Evan Priesser BUGSS event
  • April 22nd-23rd – Mary Gardener BUGSS event
  • Please note your favorite speakers from ESA 2014 – these will be used to nominate new BUGSS speakers
    • We will get your feedback at our December 2nd meeting and vote shortly after
Insect Expo
  • Alix will book Ensminger as soon as possible
  • Will avoid spring break, Easter, etc
  • Also be careful to avoid Pullman school district breaks
Student Choice Speaker is still in the works E. Paul Catts Clare Clemen event: April 8th Purchase thank you notes?
  • Alix will purchase and bring them to next meeting to sign
  • Entomology Department for paying for our ESA carpool
  • Elinor for hosting the CV Workshop
  • Laura for kegs
  • Any others
GPSA Updates:
  • More money  ($173) in assistantships to pay for residual tuition fees
  • GA available working in the Center for Civic Engagement
  • Free bowling night Nov 14th, Zeppo’s
  • Excellence award nominations are due this Friday (Nov 7th)
  • Complete your “what to do with the old Bookie” survey – because some of your tuition/fees will go to the construction (consider that an auxiliary rec will be more expensive than a yoga studio, study center…)
  • If you win GPSA football tickets, DO NOT SCALP THEM. These tickets are assigned numbers, so the university has noticed them appearing on Craigslist, etc. When you pick up free tickets now, you will have to sign a document indicating you won’t scalp them and you will be punished in some way if you do (this prevents GPSA from getting in trouble).
Faculty Meeting Updates: none Reminders
  • Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 354. This week’s presenter is Tom Unruh from USDA-ARS. He is presenting on “Gut content analysis of common predators of codling moth: what are we missing?”  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!
  • The last EGSA Meeting of this semester is December 2nd. Look for a BUGSS survey shortly after, and an EGSA survey for next semester’s meeting schedule before the semester starts.
  • We will not meet November 11th (Veteran’s Day) 18th, or 25th

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 28th, 2014

  Thank you for everyone involved in the following events!
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic – Great turnout!
  • ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ mom Marcia Strassman passed away from cancer on Friday Oct. 24th.
  • Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute – Went well!
  • Bug Appétit – Dr. Lavine thanks all the volunteers!
Honey Sales – November 12th, 2014 in Lighty. 9am-Noon or until we run out.
  • Send feedback on digital fliers to Alix
Entomological Society of America – Merch Committee
  • They will be ordering koozies by November 4th. Winners: Bug Light, Mad Hops, and Gnatty Ice.
  • Courtney will be hosting a wood impression party soon. Keep an eye out for her email about it.
BUGGS will be meeting soon to talk about choice speakers for the Fall 2015. Start thinking about some potential speakers. We have 124 pints of beer donated by Dr. Laura Lavine! Eli is contacting Paradise Creek to potentially have a get together there. Will send updates soon. Projected date is this Thursday, Oct. 30th. GPSA Updates:
  • Graduate students are getting a 4% raise starting in January.
  • Are you interested in our Health Insurance? You can join the Health Insurance Task Force and have your voice be heard.
  • Please fill out graduate student surveys sent to you, these are issues that affect your grad life.
Faculty Meeting Updates:
  • The department is paying for our carpool to ESA.
  • ENTOM 102 is now a 4 credit lab and will have 4 TA’s.
  • Travel Awards will be announced tomorrow!
  • EGSA Meetings for the rest of the semester are as follows:
    • November 4th
    • December 2nd
  • We will not meet November 11th (Veteran’s Day) 18th, or 25th
If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (November 4th) please email Alix at

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - October 14th, 2014

Insect Cinema Cult Classic – October 24th, 5pm setup, 5:30pm event starts, Todd 276
  • Movies:Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and Men in Black
  • Preorder shirts with Jenny ($15)
  • Prizes – bottle of honey, candy, donation of gift cards from Moro, Ferdinand’s vouchers
Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute – October 24th, 5-8pm in Moscow
  • Rebecca and Robbie will run this event
Insect Feed – October 25th, 9am – 3ish pm at Ensminger’s Pavilion
  • Please sign up to help (sign up sheet on grad student fridge)
  • Wear a polo or nice shirt, preferably WSU or Entomology related (then it be a t-shirt)
  • Polos are for sale in the office for $20!
  • Volunteers will take museum displays to Ensminger
Honey Sales
  • Honey sales will be November 12th, from 9 – noon or until out of product
  • Alix will be responsible for advertising and confirming that our presence is ok with the sandwich shop manager
  • Prices this year will be $6 and $12 (a $1 increase per pound over last year)
  ESA 2014 Merchandising Updates
  • Courtney has wood impression art that she can make
  • Considering mugs
  • A calendar of mating insects (likely will be an idea for next year)
  • Cosies: see email from Eli
    • Please vote on your favorite ideas to be drafted in full and put onto the product
    • Respond to the survey by October 21st
GPSA Updates:
  • GPSA will advertise our events at the upcoming meeting
  • Get your flu shots and H&W, these are fully paid for by our insurance
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • None
Upcoming Meeting Schedule
  • Because several of our upcoming meetings will fall during holidays or finals, the remaining meetings will follow the following schedule:
      • October 28th
      • November 4th
      • December 2n
We will NOT be meeting: November 11th, 18th, or 25th

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 30th, 2014

  Merchandise Subcommittee
  • Volunteers: Jake, Courtney, Jenny, Liz, Robert
  • Will make drink cozies with entomological puns/jokes for ESA
  • Also will design t-shirts for ESA with general appeal
Honey Sales – Fall 2014
  • Meg and bee lab folks have already bottled the honey
  • Alix will announce when bottles have been moved to FSHN building, come in as you are able and help with labelling
  • Consider increasing honey price, to be decided next meeting
Insect Cinema Cult Classic – October 24th, 5pm setup, 5:30pm event starts, Todd 276
  • Chosen movies: Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Men in Black (sci-fi theme)
  • Runner up: Mimic (in case we need a third movie)
ICCC Subcommittee (responsible for advertising, t-shirts, and coordinating with Steve): Jenny and Liz Insect FeedPlease sign up! October 25th, 9am – 3ish pm at Ensminger’s Pavilion
  • Food science club will also be helping, as well as selling “Dad-themed” aprons and beer mugs
  •  Proceeds go to the Humane Society
Food Science Competition
  • Guest: Katie Smoot
  • This is an annual product development competition – this year’s theme is “Bugs”
  • Bugs must be the main ingredient in the product
  • Alix and Robbie are involved, contact Alix if you would also like to be on this team
If the team advances far enough, they will receive a small stipend to go to the meeting in Chicago Ideas: rearing crickets or mealworms, or purchasing premade insect ingredients Student Choice Speaker
  • Dr. Bozkurt returned Alix’s email, he will be our guest speaker
  • Working on scheduling details
Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute – October 24th, 5:00-8:00 pm, in Moscow
  • Rebecca and Robbie will be representing WSU at this event
  • Please contact Rebecca if you are interested in participating
Potential exhibits: Live crickets, Live whip scorpion, dried emperor scorpion (black light demo), light trap demo, live codling moths, “song of the insects” CD GPSA Updates
  • Affiliate funding application is coming up
  • Will keep general details the same as last year
  • February 14-16 is Coug Day at the Capitol Can lobby for important grad student issues: tuition, health benefits, etc Funding available for travel/lodging
  • Travel grants to meetings are becoming increasingly competitive Still only offered once per person per degree It is now only likely you will get one if you are speaking at the meeting
  • Wiley is down to 100 speakers More stringent pre-selection process Prize money for winners will increase
  • Reminder: extension students do not have to pay Rec fees (and others, like bus) Check your student account to make sure you are not paying these fees Talk to Dory or Adam if they appear on your statement More difficult petition process if you are in Pullman and do not use Rec
  • DOLA Paid lobbying position You do not have to be a GPSA senator
  • Problems with BBQ Running out of food, poor vegetarian option Senators will mention it to events committee chair
Faculty Meeting Updates
  • None

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 16th, 2014

  • Beginning of the Year Potluck
Please sign thank-you note for Dr. Kimsey – he provided the curry spices
  •  Honey Sales – Fall 2014
Alix will discuss scheduling and protocols for how to do this with Jason We have 200lbs of honey for sale this year Bottling and labeling should happen before the end of October To do: 1) Filter x2, 2) Heat, 3) Bottle, 4) Label. Signups will be on the fridge – look for an email from Alix
  •  Insect Cinema Cult Classic – October 24th, 5pm setup, 5:30pm event starts, Todd 276
Vote on movies will begin soon Send Alix movie suggestions ASAP Kids movies discussed: Beetlejuice (too adult), Honey I Shrunk the Kids, James and the Giant Peach A t-shirt has been designed, Alix has emailed the design out Need to begin advertising: Flash Flushes, Evergreen, digital signage
  •  Insect Feed – “Bug Appetite!”: October 25th 9am-2pm, Ensminger Pavilion
6+ people need to sign up at all times, signups on fridge Each sign up period is for 2 hours Duties include checking and handing out wristbands, collecting $$, and running stations/displays. Dress nicely to serve: at the very least nice jeans and button down or polo shirt
  •  Other Insect Feed – Rich is happy to have the original Insect Feed event combined with our Insect Expo in the spring. This will be one of the tables we have.
  •  Student Choice Speaker: Moving on to Deane Bowers
  • Letter of support for Taxonomy Hire – will be available for signatures shortly
  •  EGSA was invited to host a nocturnal insects exhibit during a “nocturnal animals” event for the Palouse Clearwater Environmental Institute. However, most felt that doing two events in one day (ICCC) would be too much prep work.
GPSA Updates Faculty Meeting Updates
  • Kim Kidwell is currently working on the issue of cooperative credits from U of I being assigned GPA values
  • Enrollment in the new courses this semester was high enough
  • Ice Cream Social: September 25th, 1-3pm at Ferdinand’s !!!
  • GPSA Bowling Night:  September 26th, 6-8pm at Zeppoz
  • Entomology Colloquium: Erin McCullough and her topic ‘Elaboration and diversification of rhinoceros beetle horns’. Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 103/155.  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - September 2nd, 2014


Welcome, Courtney and Robert!

Overview of Events for New Students

CAHNRS Fall Festival – September 11th, 4-6pm, Spillman Plaza
  • This is an excellent opportunity for us to advertise our department; we will have a table with live insects, brochures, and other information
  • There is a sign up sheet on the refrigerator on the 3rd floor offices for those who were unable to attend this meeting, please come help for at least one of the slots listed if you are available
  • Free food and a scholarship drawing for those present
Beginning of the Year Potluck – September 12th, 5pm at Natalie and Dan’s
  • 155 NW North St., Upper
  • Curry feed – bring your own meat/tofu, bowls/silverware, and beverage. Curry sauce (vegetarian) and rice will be provided.
  • The curry sauce will be mild, so bring your own spices if you would like to make yours hotter.
Honey Sales – Fall 2014
  • Alix will contact Steve to determine how much honey his lab is donating for EGSA to sell
  • Sales will take place before the holidays (November)
Insect Feed – Changes
  • Laura Lavine is planning on instituting changes to this event
  • Previously, it was coordinated by Rich Zack for his Entom 101 class and EGSA served as volunteer food servers and answered questions. The menu items were cricket chili and mealworm tacos. It was hosted in a casual manner as a way for the class (and their guests) to experience entomophagy in a potluck/buffet style. Information about insects and food (honey, mead, and as main dishes) was provided at a series of tables.
  • Laura would like to host the event as a formal affair (similar to the way UC Davis does it). It would serve as a fundraiser, with a set cost per plate, and be a sit-down meal.
  • While this is a great way to raise money and generate interest, it may also exclude the previous audience (students who are unwilling to spend money, but whom we would like to expose to entomophagy).
  • Alix will contact Rich and Laura about potentially hosting two separate events – one formal and one informal.
Insect Cinema Cult Classic – Spring 2015, but possible October date
  • This event has involved hosting 2-3 movies around a central theme (bees, giant insects, flies, to name a few) for the general public, free of charge
  • This is co-hosted by EGSA and the Sheppard lab
  • Alix will approach Steve and ask about a potential switch to October
  • We may get a better turnout if we place the ICCC close to Halloween
  E. Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This event is hosted by the department
  • EGSA members are expected to attend and act as volunteers (serving alcohol) when necessary
  • A guess speaker is invited and gives a lecture that is available to the public
Faculty Appreciation Lunch – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This event is hosted by EGSA
  • We provide a main dish ordered with EGSA funds (Subway sandwiches in the past)
  • Students bring side dishes/desserts
Student Choice Speaker – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This event is hosted by EGSA
  • Candidates are nominated in the spring of the previous year; the most popular candidate is contacted first, and then so on
  • The first candidate that agrees to speak is flown in for a ~3 day long stay
  • Three major events occur during the speaker’s stay: 1) evening meal with the graduate students (usually at Banyans) where an informal lecture is given, 2) a formal lecture for the public, 3) breakfast prepared by the graduate students in one of FSHN’s kitchen-classrooms
  • Sign ups are available to meet with the speaker throughout their her/his stay, as either 30 minute talking sessions or meal times
  • All of the speaker’s meals, lodging, etc are paid for by EGSA
Insect Expo – Spring 2015 TBA
  • This is an event geared toward Pullman and Moscow area families
  • Tables are set up with a variety of activities: paper plate hats, coloring, roach races, live insect exhibits, and more
  • Students are encouraged to design their own activity
BUGGS – March 13th 2015
  • Guest speaker hosted by both U of I and WSU
  • Lizz, Alix, and Cami are WSU’s student reps for this committee
Student Choice Speaker: Tentatively Dr. Alper Bozkurt, Date TBA
  • Some difficulty in getting him to commit to a date
  • May need to move to the next nominee, Deane Bowers
GPSA Updates: Robbie CAHNRS District Rep, Liz M.S. Representative, and Karol Ph.D. Representative à none yet, first meeting of GPSA is next week Faculty Meeting Updates: Eli Graduate Course Restructuring – Current, Pending and Future
  • Taxonomy is the first priority, as Ding Johnson will teach this next semester, but no potential instructors after (both prior instructors, including Ding, are retired)
  • Because taxonomy is not considered modern or interesting enough to WSU, the candidate hired for this position will be a molecular biology/genomics/systematist
  • Eli has generated a letter and sent it to all department students for input – this letter will be included in the hiring request submitted by the department
  • We should emphasize the need for both research in systematics/genomics as well as someone skilled in traditional taxonomy
    • Importance of entomologists in training to learn how to site ID and also use keys
    • Having expert confirmations and advice regarding IDs relevant to our research
    • Other courses in the works (pending new hires): Tree Fruit Entomology, Urban Entomology, Applied Ecology
    • Medical and Veterinary Entomology is no longer offered. If you are interested in this course, talk to Jeb about independent study. He will arrange a seminar type article discussion, with a research component.
Undergraduate Course Restructuring – Graduate Teaching Assistantships and UCORE:
  • New undergraduate courses and restructuring of old courses are currently ongoing
  • Old courses were all 3 credit hours, which do not satisfy the new UCORE requirements of 4 hours
  • An undergraduate-level Medical and Veterinary Entomology course is in the works
  • Hopefully, some of the restructuring will increase money available for teaching assistantships
Graduate Student Handbook – Changes that EVERYONE should know about:
  • Read your handbook, know your handbook
  • Some of the requirements may be confusing, clarify what is expected of you with your advisor and other committee members
    • What you need to do to satisfy your teaching requirement
    • The form and deadline of your research proposal
    • When you should give your proposal presentation
    • The reduction in required credit hours should go into effect this spring
Hiring – Current, Pending and Future
  • Taxonomy (Systematics/Genomics)
  • Applied Ecology
  • Urban Entomology
  • Tree Fruit Entomology
EGSA – Questions Posed by Students and Answers from Faculty
  • Currently, credits taken as cooperative courses from U of I show up basically as “pass/fail”, despite being assigned a letter grade
  • This means that grades in these courses do not affect GPA, which is unfortunate since we would like future employers to know we did well in courses like Taxonomy, Insect-Plant Interactions, Insect Ecology, and Host Plant Resistance
  • Steve is currently discussing this problem with one of the deans
Reminders CAHNRS Festival: September 11th 4-6pm Spillman Plaza  Entomology Dept. Orientation: Was 29 August, 11:00-2:00 (FSHN 164). See Dory if you missed anything – also, Adam sent out a revised Graduate Student Handbook. Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 103/155.  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!   If you have any ‘Entomology News,’ email Dory at If you would like a topic or event included in the agenda for the next EGSA meeting (September 16th) please email Alix at

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EGSA Meeting Minutes - April 3rd, 2014

  • Thanks Natalie for putting in our nomination for President’s Leadership Award that our club won!
  • April 27th is a banquet 5pm-7pm in CUB senior Ballroom.
  • Thank you everyone that helped with the Insect Expo!! Great turnout and success!
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic: TOMORROW, April 4th, 6:00 pm
  • Please meet in front of the office tomorrow around 5:00pm to help with setup. There will be pizza for the volunteers!

EGSA Elections

                Our New 2014-2015 EGSA Officers are: President – Alix Whitener Vice Prez – Robbie Zinna Treasurer – Jenny Finitzer Secretary – Rebecca Schmidt GPSA Senators – Karol Krey and Lizz D’Auria Faculty Liaison – Elias Bloom SCS Nominations
  • Vote for your favorites by the next meeting (April 17th)
  • Use Survey Monkey to vote:
  • Alix will begin contacting them by order of choice after a decision has been reached
Pullman Community Garden Spring Fair: May 17th, 10:00am-2:00pm               Is anyone interested in setting up a table for this event?? Contact David Wheeler (WSU Plant Pathology), GPSA Updates: GPSA Town Hall Meeting: TONIGHT 5:00-6:30 pm, Ensminger Pavilion. Light snacks served; chance to win a Kindle Fire! BUGSS Updates – The winning vote was for May Berenbaum. She will be contacted to see if she will attend.   Reminders Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 354.  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5702026.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Grant Writing Workshop: April 5th, 9am-5pm. $20 for student registry. Go to:  

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