Removing Pollutants From Urban Runoff

Researchers seek ways to trap toxins and improve water quality. John Stark, director of WSU Puyallup and the Washington Stormwater Center, leads the research and outreach programs that address stormwater issues.   To view this article, go to:

Old World Meets New

Brandon Hopkins explains in an article in the Fall 2016 Northwest Farm and Ranch Magazine, how the WSU bee program is now using cryopreservation to conserve bee’s genetic material, providing the program with an advantage for ...

Bernardo Bearded by Bees

Provost, Dan Bernardo participates in wearing a beard full of live bees along with Steve Sheppard and Paul Stamets in order to raise awareness and funds for the CAHNRS' efforts to build and operate a ...

Researchers Travel World to Breed a Better Honeybee

Brandon Hopkins, Steve Sheppard, and Susan Cobey explain in a Capital Press article, how they want to improve the genetic diversity in the U.S. honeybee population, hoping to breed bees more capable of warding off pests ...

Impressive Butterfly Collection Wings its Way Home to WSU

A collection of 1,000 butterflies donated to the Department of Entomology M.T. James Museum. For more information on this article go to:

Felsot to Serve as Entomological Society of America’s Subject Matter Expert Liaison

Allan Felsot to serve as Entomological Society of America's Subject Matter Expert Liaison to EPA Office of Pesticide Programs. See more information from the current issue of the ESA digital newsletter.  The direct URL is ...

Norm Ehmann Urban Pest Management Award RFP

Norm Ehmann Urban Pest Management FRP - 2017 Award   Request for proposals: Researchers or educators involved with urban pest management problems which occur in the Pacific Northwest are invited to apply. Research may be ...

Carol Black Receives The Sahlin Faculty Award for Outreach and Engagement

CAHNRS News, March 2016 Awards   Congratulations to Carol Black, this year’s Sahlin Faculty Awardee for Outreach and Engagement.   As director of the WSU Urban Integrated Pest Management and Pesticide Safety Education Program, she provides ...

Laura Lavine recognized for leadership in ADVANCE, ARS

WSU News - March 7, 2016 PULLMAN, Wash. – Laura Lavine, assistant director of the Agricultural Research Center (ARS) and associate professor in entomology, is the winner of the 2015-16 Samuel H. Smith Leadership Award from ...

Sequenced genome to help fight bed bug resistance

CAHNRS News - 2/15/2016 Nobody really wants to think about bed bugs, the nearly invisible bloodsucking parasite that causes humans so much aggravation.  But WSU entomologist Fang (Rose) Zhu thinks about them all the time. ...

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