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April 27, 2015

Posted by | May 1, 2015

Congratulations to our 2015 Entomology Graduates

Doctoral graduates will be hooded, and Master’s graduates will be acknowledged, at the WSU commencement at 3:00 PM on May 9th at the Beasley Coliseum.  They have all worked very hard to reach this accomplishment and we wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors.



Allan Felsot was the subject of a April 24, 2015 WSU News Highlights article titled: Tri-Cities professor presents contrasting science about pesticide.  To read the article go to:

The newly elected EGSA officers for 2015-2016 are:  President, Alix Whitener: Vice President, Robert Orpet; Secretary, Courtney Grula;  Treasurer, Jake Asplund; Faculty Liaison, Courtney Grula; Social Media Director, Rachel Olsson; Outreach Coordinator Robbie Zinna.   If you are an elected officer, please keep an eye out for an email from Alix regarding officer training through the university. Additionally, you are expected to contact the officer that held your position from 2014-2015 to receive information regarding your responsibilities.

Faculty can begin submitting their grades (including research credits) at any time now.

Zzusis Instructions for Final Grade Submission:  (NOTE: Only use Firefox to access instructions in zzusis) can be found on the RONet website under the heading of zzusis FAQs for Faculty.  Step by step, visual instructions for submitting Final grades and uploading spreadsheets can be found in zzusis at Main Menu >zzusis Training > Faculty Center in the folder “Grading in zzusis”.

  • To see the instructions, login to zzusis, and at the Main Menu choose zzusis Training and then Faculty Center.
  • Click on the plus sign next to the Grading in zzusis icon, and then choose the document that you want to view.
  • Choose the first icon named See It! (looks like a play button) at the top of the page. The information will load. You can advance to the next page as quickly as you like by hitting the enter key.

Office of the Registrar,   Phone: (509)335-5346

Use it or lose it (comp time): We have been warned that it will become more difficult to receive an “exemption” from carrying over comp time from one biennium to another. Please plan to have your comp time balances near zero on July 1, or plan to “cash in” your comp time.


In the past two weeks, we have had two Motor Pool vehicles stolen. After the police investigations, we found that the renters had left the vehicle unlocked and parked unattended overnight. To make matters worse, the key was left inside the unlocked vehicle in BOTH incidents. According to SPPM Motor Vehicle Safety 7.10.9: “Drivers must select well-lit, safe areas, for parking University vehicles, if possible. Place valuable equipment out of view and lock the vehicle when unattended.” All drivers of WSU Motor Pool vehicles MUST be familiar with SPPM 7.10 and BPPM 95.35 before using any of our vehicles and it is the DEPARTMENT’S responsibility to make sure their drivers are familiar with these policies.  According to BPPM Travel 95.35.12 under the Costs Not Included section: “Damage charges. Damage to Motor Pool vehicles from negligence or abuse is charged to the requisitioning department.”  If anything like this happens again in the future and it is found that the driver left the vehicle unlocked (especially if they left the key in the car), the department will be charged for any damage and/or associated costs with retrieving the vehicle.  Dennis Rovetto, Motor Pool



Course evaluations are due no later than May 8 in zzusis.

Deadline to Submit Final Grades via zzusis Tuesday May 12, 2015 by 5 PM.  See above for instructions.

New Graduate Students: Registration for Graduate School Orientation (for August 18) is now open. Please go to this website to register:

Skylight survey users should download their data by Feb 28 (Deadline extended) March – May 31, 2015

  • Access to your Skylight surveys will be by request only. Email atl@wsu.eduto initiate request.
  • Allow five to seven business days to process your request.
  • June 2015: Skylight decommissioned.  No archive will be available.
  • Surveys in 2015:  WSU has a license in place for faculty and staff to use Qualtricsfor surveys.  See for more information.

Students intending to do their final exams during the summer should be aware of these important deadlines:

Application for degree must be submitted by May 29, 2015.

Final Exam Scheduling form must be submitted by July 17, 2015

The last day to conduct final exams is July 31, 2015

There will be a shutdown of the steam supply in our building on the afternoon of May 18 & 19 (all day).  This event will affect the building heat, domestic hot water, humidifiers, autoclaves and cage washers. They will be removing & re-insulating the steam distribution pipe in the tunnel.  If this is a problem for you contact Mike Lavielle 509-335-9071 or Rodger Small 5-1118

Boyle headshot
Natalie Boyle, PhD
Cami Jones, PhD


p Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris, PhD
Adam Strong, PhD
James Hust, MS
Samantha Whiteside, MS
Herma Amalia, Posthumous PhD