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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – November 4th, 2014

Honey Sales – November 12th, 2014 in Lighty from 9am-we run out

Digital Fliers have been sent to Dory to disperse via email. Permission granted by Lighty Café Manager. Flash Flushes will be taken to Union Marketing after this meeting and will be displayed for one week before our event. Honey labelled early next week – Monday or Tuesday, will be near Alix’s desk area, come in as you can to label.

Entomological Society of America – November 2014

  • Copyright infringement concerns with the “Bug Lite” and “Gnatty Ice”, but should be ok because it is parody. The scale at which we are selling them should be ok, student legal services has been contacted to check, waiting on a response. The company making the prints should also be able to determine if it is ok. Voted at the meeting to submit all three designs, if the printing company rejects the two “controversial” ones, we will then only sell “Mad Hops”.
  • Bringing t-shirts – need to contact Steve/Dory about selling old shirts
  • Wood impression craft party – Saturday 6:00 pm, Courtney will send out an email, bring snacks!
  • Sign up for tabling slots! Sheet on fridge after this meeting, one hour slots, please sign up for at least two slots. Priority is to fill in the middle of the day slots. Will take table cloth, brochures to advertise department. Will ask Rich if we can sell the stickers or bring some to give away


March 12th – Evan Priesser BUGSS event.

April 22nd-23rd – Mary Gardener BUGSS event.

  • Please note your favorite speakers from ESA 2014 – these will be used to nominate new BUGSS speakers.
  • We will get your feedback at our December 2nd meeting and vote shortly after.

Insect Expo

  • Alix will book Ensminger as soon as possible, will avoid spring break, Easter, etc. Also be careful to avoid Pullman school district breaks.

Student Choice Speaker is still in the works

  • E. Paul Catts Clare Clemen event: April 8th

Purchase thank you notes?

Alix will purchase and bring them to next meeting to sign:

  • Entomology Department for paying for our ESA carpool, Elinor for hosting the CV Workshop, Laura for kegs

Any others?

GPSA Updates:

  • More money  ($173) in assistantships to pay for residual tuition fees.
  • GA available working in the Center for Civic Engagement.
  • Free bowling night Nov 14th, Zeppo’s.
  • Excellence award nominations are due this Friday (Nov 7th).
  • Complete your “what to do with the old Bookie” survey – because some of your tuition/fees will go to the construction (consider that an auxiliary rec will be more expensive than a yoga studio, study center…)
  • If you win GPSA football tickets, DO NOT SCALP THEM. These tickets are assigned numbers, so the university has noticed them appearing on Craigslist, etc. When you pick up free tickets now, you will have to sign a document indicating you won’t scalp them and you will be punished in some way if you do (this prevents GPSA from getting in trouble).


Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at noon in FSHN 354. This week’s presenter is Tom Unruh from USDA-ARS. He is presenting on “Gut content analysis of common predators of codling moth: what are we missing?”  The WECN dial in for all sites is:  5703866.  This number will be the same for all colloquium presentations. Please attend!

  • The last EGSA Meeting of this semester is December 2nd. Look for a BUGSS survey shortly after, and an EGSA survey for next semester’s meeting schedule before the semester starts. We will not meet November 11th (Veteran’s Day) 18th, or 25th