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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – April 21st, 2015

Student Choice Speaker Wrap Up: Suggested for next year to make it clear in the invitation that all expenses are paid

Mary Gardiner

  • Lunch Thursday at 12:30 in conference room – please email Alix by Wednesday at noon to RSVP
  • Talk Thursday at 3:30pm in T101 – flyer sent out
  • Reception Thursday evening 5pm at Mark Schwarzländer’s house – flyer sent out

Staff Appreciation Lunch – May 4th at noon (Outside weather permitting, FSHN 164 if not)

Natalie and Robbie will order from Subway. Bring a side, dessert, or soda/juice. Natalie and Robbie will order gift cards/flowers for staff.

LEAD Awards Thursday April 23 5pm (Location unknown, probably the CUB Ballroom)

  • 5 seats towards the front, rest in the back
  • One person to ‘receive’ the award, and everyone is welcome to be in the photo at the front


  • VOTE! You have until Friday, April 24

Merchandising Committee Update:

  • Deadline set to have tablerunner and flags on hand by the Fall Festival next year

GPSA Updates

Civic Engagement Week: Lizz and Jake volunteered at the organic farm.

  • Ice Cream Social at Ferdinand’s
  • April 30th, 1-3 pm – Bring your student ID. End of the Year Party at Belltower!
  • May 2nd, 8-10 pm
  • Food will be provided, alcohol must be purchased. We received our full requested amount of affiliate funding.

Travel grants are still in review:

  • Katie Harris (Anthropology) is the new director of legislative affairs for GPSA
  • Her responsibilities involve lobbying the state senate to improve graduate student wages, insurance, etc.

Upcoming Outreach Events

Email Robbie IMMEDIATELY if you are interested in helping with either event

  • April 25th and June 18th – Outdoor Biology Activities and the Insect Walkaround

Pullman Community Gardens Event

May 16th at the Community Gardens. Plant sales, community organizations, and a bee talk


  • Sonia Altizer will be the guest speaker in the fall
  • We need new committee members – Alix, Cami, and Lizz will not be doing this next year
  • Email Lizz to volunteer

Memorial for Herma

The Student of the Year award came with $1,500 financial award. Due to university rules, we cannot give the money to Herma’s family.This also cannot be a scholarship in Herma’s name, as a minimum $25,000 donation is required to create an endowed scholarship.Therefore, we would like to use these funds to create an on campus memorial for Herma. Please send ideas for the memorial to Robbie as soon as possible; he is working on a proposal to submit to Adam for how we will spend these funds. A poll of the students will be conducted to determine which memorial idea will be funded. Examples of memorials: a bench, a tree with a plaque, etc.

Upcoming Events

  • BUGSS #2 – April 22nd Mary Gardiner
  • April 25th – Outdoor Biology Activities
  • May 1st – Department (with food science) BBQ
  • May 4th – Staff appreciation lunch
  • June 18th – PCEI “Insect Walkaround”