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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – May 5th, 2015

Congratulations to all graduates!

Staff Appreciation Lunch: Next year we can rent chairs/tables to have for our events.

  • RSO officers have completed training

GPSA, ASWU- opportunities to get more money for our club!

Elections Results:

  • President:  Alix Whitener
  • Vice President:  Robert Orpet
  • Secretary:  Courtney Grula – TBR with new student?
  • Treasurer:  Jake Asplund
  • Faculty Liason:  Courtney Grula
  • GPSA Senators:  Eli Bloom and Karol Krey

Outreach Coordinator- Robbie Zinna

  • New officers contact old officers to get information on your new position
  • Rachael is updating cougsync. Anybody who is interested in helping please contact her!

EGSA Bylaws: EGSA bylaws are out of date, we should update them! Work on them starting next semester!

Social Media and CougSync

These will be updated by Rachel. We will have an internal Facebook page, a public one for events, and CougSync will be cleaned up and made more accessible to the public

Faculty Meeting Updates

  • Kim Kidwell- Ignite program – for undergrad- encourage advisors to help out to get people interested in research
  • Annual Reviews due by This Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Contact your advisor if you haven’t heard about this yet.
  • New hires need to complete a safety checklist. All grad students should have to complete this. Make sure you have done a safety checklist. Incident reports- must have completed safety training with documentation. This form is available online, or through Dory/Adam. Contact your advisor if you are unaware of your qualifications.
  • CHANRS kudos website coming soon – will feature good work from students
  • Office Hours will be changing for the summer, will close by 4pm – look for an email
  • We will continue to discuss what will be happening with Taxonomy

Upcoming Outreach Events

  1. Tuesday June 16 – Thursday June 18, 4-H Camp –in Tucannon – this will be an event where students will be teaching kids about insects and collecting. It will be a 50 minute presentation from us. FOOD IS INCLUDED!!!  is most likely the preferred date–Contact Robbie if you are interested in this event!
  2. Monday May 11th – NEXT MONDAY, 12-4:30, Jefferson Elementary School. Camp Wooten in Pomeroy, This will be 3 1hr sessions to teach about insects and collecting- Contact Robbie ASAP if you are interested.
  3. June 18th – Outdoor Biology Activities and the Insect Walkaround –  PCEI – Contact Robbie ASAP, There will be walking around and collecting and a short talk about insects
  4. May 16th Community Garden Event – Contact Lizz if you are interested – beneficial insect talk

Look for an email in late summer:

Honey Extraction & Honey Bottling! (Bottles are being purchased AND pre-purchased)