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Posted by | December 18, 2015

EGSA Meeting Minutes – September 2nd, 2015

Minutes for Sept 2 meeting, typed up Sept 3 by Robert Orpet


Welcome, new students Megan, Adrian, Joseph, and Emily. (There are two new mystery students that did not attend). The meeting time will be “re-evaluated.”

Overview of Events for New Students:

  • CAHNRS Fall Festival – Thursday, 10 September 4-6pm in Spillman Plaza. Table setup/takedown, museum displays, live insects, etc. Scholarship opportunities, free ice cream, and BBQ! Sign-up for set-up and take-down is desired. Robbie will create the sign-up and get the key for set-up. Remember to let Dr. Zack know about taking things from him.
  • Beginning of the Year Potluck – Fall 2015 TBD. Since the department picnic is soon (next Friday at 6), the Beginning of the Year Potluck is tabled for now. Possibly we will have one a Jake-Robbie’s eventually.
  • Honey Sales – Fall 2015. We need to know when to do the bottling and how much there is (i.e., how many bottles are needed). Robert O. will ask Dr. Sheppard. Jake will purchase bottles.
  • BUGSS – Dr. Wyatt Hoback, 15 October 2015
  • Insect Feed – TBD. Talk to Dr. Zack if you want to bring something to Bug Appetite (around Father’s Weekend).
  • Insect Cinema Cult Classic – Fall or Spring 2015 TBD
  • Paul Catts Memorial Lecture and Dinner – Spring 2016 TBA
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch – Spring 2016 TBD
  • Student Choice Speaker – Spring 2016 TBA
  • Insect Expo – Spring 2016 TBA
  • BUGSS – Spring 2016 TBA

EGSA Committees – Reports? (if any) New members? Need list of members.

Merch committee:

  • Jenny, Jake, Courtney, Eli, and Robert O. are members. Eli and Jenny ordered feather flags.

BUGSS committee:

  • Looking for a committee to serve on? If so, contact Dave Crowder!

Sonia declined our invitation but would love to come Fall 2016. Wyatt Hoback has accepted our invitation and will speak 15 October. Details and meeting sign-ups to come. We have Alix and Rachel + UI people organizing this. Alix would like to not be on the committee due to not being in Pullman. A volunteer is needed to join this committee.

Advertising committee:

  • Rachel, Courtney, Jenny, and Megan volunteered to be this committee. 

Robbie Z. created an outreach committee. The other members will serve as “henchmen”: Joseph, Emily

Upcoming EGSA goals/new event interest (Form committees, initial stages):

  1. Update EGSA bylaws
  2. A committee was formed to update the by-laws and constitution (currently can be found on Cougsync). Members: Robbie, Alix, Robert, Adrian, Joseph, Courtney
  3. Update Social Media (Facebook) and CougSync
  4. Rachel update: currently the facebook page is a private page just for club memebrs. The goal for the future is to make a public page that could be used for public engagement. Rachel needs help with Cougsync. Robbie is a Cougsync Master.
  5. Campouts and insect collecting trips
  6. Oureach activities are a Robbie job. Non-outreach trips were not discussed here.

Nominations for Secretary

  • Responsibilities are straightforward – take notes at meetings and distribute minutes to students within a day or so
  • Nominate by this Friday, 4 September – send your nominations to Robert Orpet!
  • Poll sometime next week, vote by 15 September
  • New Secretary announced at next meeting
  • Send nominations to Robert O ( by Friday. Poll will be next week. Poll closes Sept 15.
  • Adrian was nominated and he accepted.

Student Choice Speaker:

Send your nominations (a photo, education history, brief bio, a handful of publications) to Robert Orpet. A poll and nominee bank will be sent out soon. Send nominations to

GPSA Updates – Eli Bloom and Karol Krey

Numerous updates:

  • Apply for a travel grant by this Friday if you traveled during the Summer. We get affiliate funding because we are RSO.
  • There are excellence awards: nominate professors, TAs, and Advisers.
  • Social event at Rico’s Sept 10. 50% off from 6-9 PM
  • Grad Student welcome back BBQ: you can’t sign up anymore (i.e. you cannot get free food) but you can still go.
  • Oct 9: free bowling 6-9 at Zippos      Dec 2: Free ice cream 11AM-1PM
  • 10$ football tickets for graduate students
  • In Terrell 4 there is a graduate student study area
  • CUE 414 is a free writing center, but only a 50% off printing center

Faculty Meeting Updates – Courtney Grula and Alix Whitener

Some important notes:

  • Exams for students are open for students to attend. New grad center is in Johnson Hall. Most of the normal Dory stuff goes here now.
  • Send Courtney feedback on the evaluations of students form Alix sent.
  • Looking for a volunteer “student liason” that will give feedback to the Faculty Awards. Committee (which does applications for ESA awards and departmental awards).

Alix attended. Many things were discussed. A detailed report will be sent by Alix.


  1. CAHNRS Fall Festival – Thursday, 10 September 4-6pm in Spillman Plaza
  2. Beginning of the Year Potluck
  3. Entomology Colloquium: Wednesdays at 12:10 pm in FSHN 354.  Please attend!