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Posted by | January 27, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – December 9th, 2016

Faculty meeting updates.—Courtney

The faculty discussed fixing the wifi internet upstairs.

GPSA updates.—Eli and Karol

  • Survey in this spring, and we should all participate. It’s important for our health insurance and graduate student benefits.

Affiliate funding: More competitive this year and awards were based mostly on outreach.

  • EGSA received $585, $200 for the Insect Expo. The rest of the money can be used for other outreach events.
  • We didn’t get funding for Student Choice Speaker. In the spring we need to fill out a justification spreadsheet. This change in how GPSA funds us will mean adjusting how we fund speakers.
  • We can no longer fund the entire BUGGS event. Fortunately, Dr. Ali hotel and per diem will be paid for by the Entomology Department. We only have to pay for his flight (about $800). We need to be more frugal. We need to stop paying for breakfasts/dinners that people don’t attend.

Merchandise committee update

  • Honey Sale: We sold out.

We found out that we need to sign up via Cougsync, fortunately we got everything straightened out. A “Honey Sale Protocol” needs to be set up for next year. This can be posted on the EGSA Cougsync. Since GPSA can no longer fund speakers, the Honey Sale should be used to generate funding for these kind of events.

  • Bug Sex Calendar: Send bug sex pictures to Jake. The calendars will be sold at the 2016 ICE.
  • Koozies:  Eli saw lots of schools selling koozies at the ESA conference. Maybe we should buy more of those?
  • Table cloth:  The table cloth is designed and just needs to be purchased. The cost is appx. $185. Karol says we have enough money for it and should buy it. Send any merch ideas to Jake.

Working budget: Jake and Joseph are going to begin a new working budget.

Advertising committee:

Honey flyers were put up in time.

Outreach committee updates:

  • Future outreach events. We need to make a list of all the events we want to do in the fall. This list needs to be submitted by April. Alix, could you help with this? We should also consider some new outreach events since this is now what the GPSA is focused on funding.
  • Insect Expo: Change the format so everyone has their own table. We can each talk about our own research.3 minute elevator speeches.

Constitution revision- Joseph

  • ¾ of the participants have submitted their revisions.
  • Waiting on 1 more person. Then they will present to the club.

Social media updates- Rachel

Recently, we made a new FB group but it should have been a page. Rachel is fixing this. She made a page and will delete the group. Everyone needs to like the new page and share it.

Student choice speaker update by Karol:

Think about what kind of things you want to get out of this experience. We should consider alternative ideas for the social events.

Next Meeting Agenda:

  1. Cougsync training with Karol. Discuss the future of the Outreach Committee and discuss Dr. Ali’s visit.
  2. Vote: getting rid of the dinner and breakfast, or finding an alternative.