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Posted by | March 9, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – March 4th, 2016

Attendees: Adrian Marshall, Jonathan O’Hearn, Emily Wine, Karol Krey, Jake Asplund, Eli Bloom, Lea Fechon, Rachel Olsson, Robert Orpet, Joseph Taylor, Josh Milnes and Courtney Grula.

Dr Ali’s Visit

We’ve got his schedule all taken care of, though we need to fill one slot because Laura cancelled. We have one open slot either at 2:30 or 3:30. Eli will go to dinner Weds with Jake, Joseph. Social at PCB on Wednesday from 5-6:30. Getting him cougar gold, flour, and a koozie as a gift. We’re getting taco lunch for Wednesday 1:10pm. See email for full schedule.

Committee Updates

Merch: We bought a tablecloth! We still want the insect sutra calendar.

Constitution: They don’t know what’s going on. Let’s check with Alix. Present changes at next EGSA meeting.

Social Media/ Outreach: No updates

Faculty Meeting Updates

We will be using our student ID cards to get into 164 and 364.

E Paul Katz- Schedule:

  • 4/28, 5-6pm Social, CUE 518
  • 4/28, 6-7 Public Lecture, Todd 276
  • 4/28, 7-9 RSVP Dinner, Banyans
  • 4/29, 3-4 Colloquium lecture, T101
  • 4/29 5- ? Informal social, location TBD

Steve wants to come to an EGSA meeting to talk about the insect cinema cult classic- Courtney will invite him to next EGSA meeting and talk about it at the top of the meeting.

Staff Appreciation Lunch

March 11, noon. Dory will send a reminder and add it to the ento news. Jake will buy the food.

Let’s send a formal invitation- Rachel will put this together. Rachel will reserve a bigger room than 164. Either FSHN conference room or kitchen. Lets get the thank you cards signed- find them on the 3rd floor.

Invite list:

  • Entom Admin
  • Business Center
  • Johnson Grad Center
  • Facilities
  • Entom grad students (total about 30 people)

Insect Expo

Big outreach event for the year! Ensminger pavilion is available April 11,18, or 25. These are all Mondays, which doesn’t work well for us because we are trying to reach kids. Can we look into other venues? CUB junior ballroom? Senior ballroom?

Affiliate Funding

Applications due March 9, can get up to $1,000.

Fall Fest:

  1. Insects of the Night with PCEI
  2. Coloring pages
  3. Small bug toys
  4. Farmers Market Booth


Elections are closed, Eli ran and our seat is filled. Thank you Eli!

  • Only 21 people in grad community to run for senate. 40 at large senate seats in total
  • Travel grant period: April 4-15
  • Academic Showcase March 25 9-12pm CUB senior ballroom
  • Excellence Awards applications open March 2- March 18. Get money!
  • GPSA awards luncheon April 22 if you get an award
  • Debate Night for Exec Board- Monday March 7. CUB Junior ballroom, 5:30-7
  • Elections are March 8-9 unless extended

Get involved!