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Posted by | October 11, 2016

EGSA Meeting Minutes – April 22nd, 2016

We nominated 3 people as faculty advisor (Crowder, Nabity, Owen) and they all declined.

  • Robert moves to renominate Dave, Rachel second. We will ask Dave again.

Elections are over. Here is the 2016/2017 leadership team:

  • Prez: Robert Orpet
  • Vice: Karol Krey
  • Secretary: Adrian Marshall
  • Treasurer: Joseph Taylor
  • Comm. director: Rachel Olsson
  • Fac. Liaison: Emily Wine

Attendees: Robert, Karol, Jake, Adrian and Joseph.

  • We need at least 13 people to approve the constitution revision (3/4 of active students), since we don’t usually have that many people ever come to meetings, Robert will send an online vote request.
  • We will revise so that faculty mentor votes happen without knowledge of the faculty, once voted, we will ask president to ask faculty member to join so they don’t feel they are  competing with each other.
  • ICCC was a huge bust. No one came. We need to decide whether we want to continue this event. If we want to do it, we should try to do it in February rather than April  because it will be less busy. We will try to return it to its classic form, we need to communicate with Steve far in advance (August). We need to eat a little crow and then try to give  it back to Steve with our support.

Insect Expo is tomorrow!

  • Joseph and Rachel are on setup. We need more people to help set up and to get tables from Beasley. We need to remember to get our advertisement in the daily evergreen next year.

Events planning:

  • We really need to consolidate and organize our resources for event planning.
  • CUB advertising 2 weeks free.
  • Helpful documents should be placed in Cougsync.
  • We need a timeline.
  • Martin O’Malley- student involvement, we need to get approved 2 weeks ahead of events to get sanction.

Herma memorial

It seems like it will be really difficult to get something placed on university space, but that it might be easier to get something placed inside the building, or on space owned by CAHNRS. So perhaps at the new organic farm? Possibly somewhere in the building like one of the corners with tables and couches where students could gather. Robert’s plan  to move forward: form a committee, chair would propose an idea, work with Adam. Jake volunteers to lead that. Adam will help, Eli will help. Adam joins us!

  • Call from Martin Omalley: Insect Expo is not sanctioned by student involvement and x6152 509-335-6152. We can’t serve food because we aren’t sanctioned. Rachel will call  student involvement and MO and try to sweet talk everything into working.

GPSA updates

  • One more networking event May 14 from 10-12 in the CUB.
  • Cheeky Scientist.
  • Non-academic job seeking event.
  • Karol says super informative.
  • April 28 11-1 free ice cream at Ferds.

New health insurance carrier

  • same plan but premiums went up but covered by grad school. If you have dependents, they will have to pay the increase (~$1,000 per semester). Otherwise, same benefits. Blue Cross is new carrier? Not AIG anymore.