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October 10, 2016

Posted by | October 31, 2016


Entomology Colloquium:  The speaker for Monday, October 10th at 2:10 PM is Dr Beverly Gerdemen.  The title of her presentation is “Western Washington Entomology: Diverse, Cryptic and Challenging.”  To learn more about Dr. Gerdeman go to:  All colloquium presentations will be held in FSHN 354, the Entomology Department classroom and begin at 2:10 PM.  The AMS dial # is 5709250.

On September 23, 2016, an email went out to all faculty, lab managers, staff regarding the WSU Laboratory Signage Program with a deadline to have this done by the October 28thPlease let Dory know when you have completed this project in your lab.  In case you forgot, a copy of the email is attached. 

Washington State Commission on Pesticide Registration has released the call for 2017 Request Proposals.

Proposals will be presented at the December 13 and 14, 2016 meeting in Ellensburg.  See attachment for more details and application form.

We are pleased to announce the call for nomination letters for 2016-2017 CAHNRS Advising, Extension, Research, Staff, Teaching, and Team Awards:  We encourage administrators, faculty, students, and staff to nominate deserving candidates from your department or program in as many categories as possible, but request nominations be limited to one person per award category per department. As always, people must be nominated to have an opportunity to receive these awards.  Acknowledging people for “beyond the call of duty efforts” creates a celebratory moment for deserving awardees. We often spend our time focusing on what we are concerned about or frustrated with in this environment.  The award process creates a rare opportunity for all of us to acknowledge what we value and appreciate about people that work tirelessly to do their best to make a positive contribution on a daily basis.  It also is important to note that winning a college award typically serves as a gateway for people to be competitive for university, regional and national awards.  Please carefully consider making an effort to acknowledge those among us who have made extraordinary efforts to contribute to the CAHNRS experience, because they deserve to be commended for their efforts.  Discuss your intention to nominate a candidate with your department chair/director prior to submitting a letter to coordinate the process across your program/department.

Details concerning the nomination and selection process are as follows:

  1. To access the official CAHNRS awards webpage where you will find a list of advising, extension, research, staff, teaching, and team awards >> more here.
  2. For more information about these awards and instructions on how to nominate deserving individuals, please click on Advising, Extension, Research, Staff, Teaching and Team Award Nomination Process.
  3. On the award nomination process page, you will find:
  4. Deadline Dates and Activities
  5. Award Eligibility
  6. Nomination Process
  7. Specific details and guidelines for each award can be accessed by clicking on the link for that specific award.
  8. A one-page electronic nomination letter is requested that justifies the merit of the nominee and lists worthy accomplishments related to the intentions of the award.

III.   Submit letters to Alanna Ellis ( by Monday, October 31, 2016

  1. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Alanna Ellis (509-335-4562, in the CAHNRS Academic Programs Office.

Thank you for helping us acknowledge outstanding contributors to our college.

A note from Adam Williams: Nominations are welcome and encouraged from all, but coordination with ENT Faculty Awards Committee charged with nominating Entomology faculty is requested as it will help ensure success in the faculty awards group.  Some faculty nominations have already been identified from the unit, please contact the committee chair Catherine Daniels for ways to assist.



CAHNRS Advising, Extension, Research, Staff, Teaching, and Team Awards Monday, October 31, 2016
WSU President’s Employee Excellence Award Monday, November 9, 2015, at 5:00pm
Faculty Awards and Recognition Ongoing


The Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) is currently recruiting current WSU students for our spring 2017 open tutoring positions. The application will be available until November 18th. I am currently recruiting for all subjects.  They can find out more information and the application here:  Tutors must have completed 30 credits and at least 15 credits must be from WSU.  Tutors must obtain a signed recommendation from a WSU faculty member in the Department for each subject area they wish to tutor and also have the approval of the Tutorial Program Coordinator.  Peer tutor applicants should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and at least a 3.0 in the courses that they wish to tutor. Under special circumstances a GPA below 3.0 will be accepted. Tutors need patience, good verbal communication skills, and the ability to work with students from varied backgrounds and with varieties of skill levels. Tutors who are on an assistantship, TA/RA position need to clear adding tutoring (a time slip position) with their departments. Must Enroll/attend UNIV 497-06 for Spring 2017. Compensation and Benefits:  Paid position $10.00/hour or $13.00/hour for Work Study. This is an opportunity to gain leadership experience and help fellow WSU students succeed.  Tutors can set their own hours if tutoring privately.  Tutoring hours count toward the 80 hours required for certification in Education.  If you  have questions contact Alicia Petersen


The Office of Emergency Management and Environmental Health & Safety sent an email out that said that all laboratories must have a power outage plan.  Power outages impact WSU buildings differently, based upon the back-up power systems available and the cause of the outage. In general, only the life-safety systems within a building, e.g. emergency lighting, exit signs, fire sprinkler systems, are assured emergency power. Back-up power to almost all other building systems is subject to the availability of limited back-up/emergency generator capacity. Do not assume your building has back-up power, even buildings or building systems with emergency generators may be subject to outages if the generator is down. Emergency power may not be immediately available. See the attachment for the complete email that outlines what systems are impacted by power outages and recommendations.



See attachment for details on these positions.

  1. Business and Tech App Analyst, (NSF/CIPM) North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC
  2. Regional Assoc Director/Field Research Coordinator, Univ. of California, Davis, CA
  3. AgCenter Research Associate, Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, LA
  4. Vector Biologist, Debug Project, Verily Life Sci., South San Francisco, CA
  5. Lands Program Manager (Forest Health Prog), Idaho Dept of Lads, Coeur d’Alene, ID
  6. Research Asst. Professor, Central State Univ., Wilberforce, OH
  7. Washington St. Univ., Regional Extension Ag Specialist, Clark County Ext. Office, Vancouver, WA
  8. Pesticide Specialist II, Dept of Agriculture, Wake County, NC
  9. Postdoc RA, Texas A&M AgriLife, Corpus Christi, TX
  10. Coffee Berry Borer Statewide Survey/Field Tech.,


Sign up for Mental Health First Aid training:  Interested in learning how to how to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis? Join Health & Wellness Services for Mental Health First Aid training on October 13 or December 13th.  Learn how you can identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. Get details on the program and see this semester’s training schedule:


The 2017 BIOAg request for proposals is now available!  The RFP is available on the BIOAg Grant Program<> webpage. Letter of intent are requested by Nov. 18th, and project proposals are due Dec. 14th.  For more info contact Tara Zimmerman (


Please consider nominating deserving graduate students from your unit for these awards. Nominees for each scholarship should be sent directly to Alanna Ellis ( in the Academic Programs Office. CAHNRS deadline for nominees for all but the Graduate School Recruitment Scholarship for STEM Disciplines is Thursday, December 8, 2016.  Rich Zack, Interim Associate Dean of Academic Programs will make final selections for the college and submit nominations by the Graduate School deadline.


Effective January 2017, pesticide handlers and workers must be trained on an annual basis and training records must be kept. This is a big change from previous training intervals. For those who wish a copy of the new rules, you’ll find it here:  and the summary or new rules starts on page 67502.  Please make sure you review your training calendars, recordkeeping and content in order to be in compliance by January 1, 2017. For more info contact Catherine Daniels (

 2017 Pacific Branch Entomological Society of America meeting will be April 2-5, 2017 at the Hilton DoubleTree in Portland, OR.

Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting will be November 5-8, 2017 in Denver, CO. Program Symposia and Workshop submissions are now open.[/textblock][/column][/row][/section]