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Posted by | March 12, 2018

EGSA Feb 23, 2018

Attendees: Adrian, Jimmy, Robert, Abigail, Ben, Dane, Abbey, Kunle, Olivia, Joseph, Megan, Liesl


SCS itinerary

–He comes a week from Monday

–Link to a googledoc to sign up for meetings and meals

–Feel free to sign up to slots to double-up student meetings

–Dinner can have 5 attendees


–Date: Friday April 6 (day before Insect Expo; a ‘big bug weekend’

–Location: Todd Hall 276


–Sign-up sheets soon

–10 to 2 PM Emsminger

–activities: face painting, coloring, roach racing, grow your own beetle, NEW-fossil making,

Officer Reports

Adrian: nothing

Ben: PBESA is worried about meeting attendance because it during field season. They have increased the student travel awards to incentivize attendance. Perhaps there will be student drink tickets too. Ben with others is planning student career event. Event will be 5 minute spiels by people with jobs, followed by questions. If you know someone with a job who is going, it is not a big commitment and you could ask them to present at it.

Joseph: we are not paying for SCS hotel because Dr. Zack is hosting. Planning to get purchase orders for meals with students. If you want to buy anything, such as terrariums, we can buy it.

Alix: not present

Kunle: most of GPSA news is in our common emails from WSU or Dept. It costs a lot of money to maintain buildings. Kunle is disappointed that research stations do not get new buildings, have old buildings. There will be a vote during GPSA elections to make undergrads pay $5 a year to pay for Daily Evergreen. GPSA needs 15,000$ to keep 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM hours ??? Volunteers needed for GPSA research expo. Apply to run for GPSA.

Committee Reports


Faculty Liason: Faculty received a “Hyde endowment” which will pay for our fees, starting next year. This may save use a couple thousand dollars a year.

Merch: we could sell things /giveaway things at Insect Expo and ICCC.



  • gambling, bowling, and surprisingly good food at Zeppo’s. Broad support for Zeppo’s.
  • University of Idaho has a social movie night, request info from Abbey.
  • Donuts March 7 (first Wednesday of March)
  • EntomProm: Saturday of E. P. Catts. Probably will rent upstairs of Etsy Bravo again, and dinner.



  • Ben is busy, and studying, so minimal progress. Olivia and Joseph volunteered to take over and order books.

Linnaean Games

  • There was a doodle poll. Dr. Zack will be coach. Thurs 1-2PM will be the time.
  • Megan will get the list of questions from Dr. Zack so we can “extract” it when Dr. Zack can’t attend
  • Kunle suggests creation of a digital database of practice materials


  • Going pretty well. Moving from data collection to statistical analysis and writing of things which can be written. Goal to finish draft by end of semester

Prelim Study

  • Sessions continue.

Writing club

–email and share your manuscripts for group review

Arthropod Collection

–We have primarily arachnids

–Madagascar hissing roaches





–Desert Millipede

–Desert scorpion





–Would like crustaceans

Good of the Order

Kunle: Debate team for ESA. Kunle is helping to organize. Think about if you want to be on the team.

Kunle: SCS could be a good event to get closer to University of Idaho. We should include them in coffee hour, talks, etc.

Kunle: suggests that a student close to graduating join the hiring committees for new faculty to gain valuable experience. Rachel brought this up at faculty meeting.

Future Events

–next meeting Monday March 9, 9AM

–March, outreach event

–Idea: collaborate with Idaho to make solitary bee nesting boxes and sell them / charge to have a workshop where people build them. Timing: spring?

Action Items

–Dane will request giant rolls of tickets from Dr. Sheppard

–Dane will look into putting ad in Mom’s day weekend flyer for ICCC