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Posted by | April 13, 2018

EGSA Agenda                                                     Meeting #12 March 23, at 9:00am

AMS Dial-in: 772416

Phone Dial-in (509) 358-7935 meeting ID: 2416

Adrian, Alix, Jim, Abigail, Liesl, Rachel, Megan, Abbey, Olivia, Melanie, Ben


ICCC: April 6th Todd Hall 276 – Update from Dane: Doors open at 5:30pm, film starting at 6pm. ‘The Deadly Mantis’ (1957 – supposedly family friendly?) followed by ‘The Thaw’ (2009 – Recent Movie). Advert is covered, we’re all set! Word of mouth to UI and others. Radio Station advertisement KQQQ and NPR. Museum opening that same night.

Insect Expo: April 7th 9:00am-3:00pm, Ensminger Pavilion – Poster for Insect Expo (Joint Marketing for Insect Expo and ICCC). Signup sheet: 9-12pm signed up, but other slots are open. 12-3pm empty. During the local elementary school spring break, but send info to Jeb to advertise to local schools. Peach Jar: Pullman School District posts flyers (free!). GPSA Approved our event.

  1. Paul Catts: Dr. Rufus Isaacs (MSU) April 19th @ 5:00pm (Moscow – 1912 Center) and April 20th @11:00am (FSHN Pullman) – Dinner at Hunga Dunga at 6:30 April 19th – Lunch with Graduate Students on April 20th.

Entom Prom: April 21st in Etsi Bravo @ 7:30pm – Update from Olivia: 20 people. Dress up (like fancy insects or just fancy).

Officer Reports

President (Adrian)

  • Opening nominations for officers at next meeting as well as new faculty advisor

Vice President (Ben)

Treasurer (Joseph)

  • Mini Grants (Olivia) – 3 per semester, winners are on the awards panel for the following year. $100 each, but $600 per year. Application in email from Olivia – based on: dissertation or side project? If you’re funded or not. Scholarly merit.
  • $1000 asked for this round – for honey jars, cavity nests for bees in the fall

Secretary (Alix)

GPSA (Kunle)

Faculty Liaison (Rachel) – See notes from Rachel’s email. Discussion on budgets – buildings getting up to code. Christina Rede is our social media person, facebook twitter and Instagram – collect social media profiles so stories can be linked, plus #bugfactfriday. We have a store on the website for department merchandise (shirts, other merch). E. Paul Catts registration is on the store, see budget code from your advisor. If you’re interested in the Faculty Liaison position next year, see Rachel. Faculty Retreat is in Pullman this year and joint with UI. New Chair position is delayed – but a decision should be out soon. Spousal hire to our department for teaching insect ecology and some other courses.

Communications Director (Abbey)

Primary Committee Reports

  • Advertising (Rachel: Megan):
  • Merchandise (Abigail: Robert): Seed Packets to come
  • Social (Olivia, Leisl): 4th April 9am donuts! May coffee hour may move – TBD. Happy hour 24th 10 am Mimosa Brunch!!! Sunday 25th – egg coloring + Moscow Mules (with peeps!) at 3pm at Olivia’s.

Committee Reports

  • Herma Memorial (Alix: Rachel, Jessa): Update next week as far as how much our club will donate.
  • Library Team (Olivia: Ben): All books but one in the bookshelf on 2nd Will move to the 3rd floor in the big graduate office or live arthropod room.
  • Linnaean Games (Jim): Meetings are happening with good attendance, team is: Abbey, Dane, Jim, Megan, Adrian and Liesl.
  • Meta-analysis (Olivia): Analysis is going well
  • Prelim study (Abigail): Practices are helpful, a few more coming up. Ben’s on Tuesday.
  • Writing Club (Alix): Email if you want to be the contact person for this

Good of the Order

Congratulations to Megan!!!

Next meeting: Monday April 6th at 9am