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June 1, 2018

Posted by | June 4, 2018

Department Announcements

Calling all social butterflies! We are excited to announce we are on multiple social media platforms. Stay connected to us on our channels below:

Send in any cool photos, news stories, or upcoming events to Christina Rede at for our social media channels.  Please submit by Thursday noon to Christina or our SmartSheet notification page at:

We are pleased to announce that David Crowder was granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor.

On May 30, 2018, CAHNRS News featured Adekunle (Kunle) Adesanya’s research and his being named the 2018 John Henry Comstock Awardee from the Pacific Branch of the Entomological Society of America.  He will receive his award at the 2018 Pacific Branch ESA meeting in Reno, NV, June 12.  Kunle will be recognized at the national ESA meeting this November in Vancouver, B.C. To read the article go to:

Join us on Monday, June 4, 2018, 12:00 PM for a lecture by Dr. Geraldine Wright titled Ambrosia and Royal Jelly: How Bees Meet Their Nutritional Needs.  Dr. Wright is a professor of Insect Neuroethology at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK.  See the attached flyer for more information about Dr. Wight and her research.  This event is hosted at the Mt. Vernon Research and Extension Center and will be broadcast to the R&E centers.  The AMS dial # is 774756.  We will be showing this in the Entomology conference room (FSHN 164).

It is the faculty and lab manager’s responsibility to get all keys returned from their temporary employees who will not be with us after May 5thPlease make sure that your employees keys are turned in to the Entomology Office before leaving Pullman.  This will help us so that we will not have to use faculty budgets to have new keys made

Students who will be leaving for one of the research stations, and not be returning to Pullman in the fall need to:  (1) return their  keys in to the Entomology Office; (2) make sure to remove the items in your office area; and (3) take your trash out to the dumpster before you leave Pullman.  We just don’t have the man power to clean up after others.

Entomology Store is having a clearance sale.  All items are discounted up to 48%.  Check out the on-line store at  You can also reach the Entomology Store from the new Entomology first item on front page banner.  We are now accepting credit card payments.  See the attachment for current pricing.



Congratulations to recent Entomology Department grant awardees:

  • Doug Walsh is the recipient of grants from the Mint Industry Research Council: $16,023 for Monitoring and Management of Mint Root Borer; and $5,532 to work on Multi-State Weed Research in Mint. (5/21/2018)
  • Walter Sheppard, Lori Carris, Jennifer Han & Nicholas Naeger are recipients of a $259,998 from the Whittier Trust Co/WWW Foundation to work on the Development of Novel Strains of the Fungus Metarhizium for Varroa Mite Control. (5/8/2018)
  • David Crowder, Robert Schaeffer & Karen Sowers are the recipients of a $73,356 grant from Western SARE/USDA/NIFA  to work on Exploring Interactions Between Pollinators and Canola on the Palouse. (5/9/2018)
  • Brandon Hopkins & Steve Sheppard are the recipients of a $100,000 grant from the Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission to work on Using Cold Storage to Increase the Stability of Honey Bee Supply. (5/19/2018)
  • Betsy Beers & David Crowder are recipients of a $98,947 to work on Optimize Sterile Ins Rel Cod Moth in WA. (5/19/2018)
  • Vince Jones is the recipient of grants from the Washington Tree Fruit and Research Commission: $81,565 to work on  Optimizing Control for Leafrollers and Western Tentiform Leafminer ; and  $69,032 to work on Developing and Validating Models for Tree Fruit. (5/19/2018)
  • Vince Jones, David Crowder & Ute Chambers are recipients of a $85,049 to work on Evaluating and Improving Biological Control of WAA. (5/19/2018)

For more info go to:


Upcoming Events and Deadlines

Norm Ehmann Urban Pest Management Award July 2018 RFP

Request for proposals: Researchers or educators involved with urban pest management problems which occur in the Pacific Northwest are invited to apply. Research may be conducted outside the Northwest if it involves pests that also occur in the Northwest, like bed bugs.

Purpose: This endowment was developed through donations from the Oregon and Washington Pest Management Associations, the Pacific Northwest Pest Management Conference and a variety of pest control industry suppliers. It is intended to support research and extension and/or educational activities relevant to Urban Pest Management issues.

The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2018.

The 2018 Honey Bee Rearing and Bee Breeding Workshops will be on June 15th & 16th on the Pullman Campus.  Instructors will be Susan Cobey, Jennifer Han, Brandon Hopkins, Melanie Kirby, Tim Lawrence, Nick Naeger and Steve Sheppard. We will also have an outstanding guest speaker from abroad, Jeri Wright from UK to discuss bee nutrition and Gennaro Di Prisco from Italy to present his breeding project in Italy.  Ready to take beekeeping to the next level? For those of you who already have a working foundation in beekeeping, the WSU bee team is offering an event to introduce you to fundamental tools for stock improvement.  The Honey Bee Rearing workshop is designed to improve your understanding of queen rearing, bee breeding systems and selection methods though a combination of presentations and hands-on demonstrations. The Bee Breeding Workshop will also introduce you to the more advanced techniques of instrumental insemination and cryopreservation.  For more information and to register go to:  As if

We are pleased to announce that the James and Marilyn Hyde Estate has made substantial gifts to the Entomology Department for the support of insect education and research.  The Hyde family was recognized by WSU President Schultz and CAHNRS at a reception hosted by the Foundation for their gift to Entomology. To see the full story click here:

Access to the myWSU website was turned off on Thursday, May 31, as Information Technology Services transitioned to a new, mobile friendly myWSU homepage design.  The new site, designed by ITS, launched on June 1, with new custom features for students, faculty and staff universitywide. To fully enjoy the benefits of the new design, visitors should clear their Web browser cache when logging into myWSU. Along with the changes, noted below for each user group, ITS will provide how-to videos via the ITS project updates webpage prior to the slated rollout date.



  1. Post-Doctoral Research Associate/Project Manager, Beers Lab, WSU-TFREC, Wenatchee, WA
  2. Assistant Entomologist, St. Paul Metropolitan Mosquito Control Dist., St. Paul, MN
  3. Research Scientist, St. of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN
  4. Assistant Research Professor, Entomology Dept., Penn State Univ., Univ. Park, PA
  5. Biological Scientist, Dept of Ag., Washington, DC
  6. Interdisciplinary Deputy Chief, Dept of Commerce, Woods Hole, MA
  7. Honey Bee Health & Landscape Ecology Internship (paid), UBEES Precision Beekeeping, Davis, CA
  8. Postdoc Research Scholar, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC & Salinas, CA
  9. Extension Educator (Pesticide Education Spec.), Penn St. Univ., University Park, PA
  10. Research Associate (Field Crops Entomology, Louisiana St. Univ., Baton Rouge)
  11. Post Doc Researcher (Microbial Control of Sweet Potato Weevil), Louisiana St. Univ.
  12. Natural Resource Scientist 3, Dept of Agriculture, St. of Washington, Olympia, WA


Meetings: Regonal, National, International 

Applications for the ESA Science Policy Fellows Program are due by June 1, 2018.

Pacific Branch ESA meeting in Reno, NV, June 10-13, 2018 at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno, NV.  Meeting registrations opened in February. Register at  For information about the Student Competition go to: The deadline for hotel reservations was Monday, May 14, 2018.

The Annual Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting is in New Orleans, LA, August 5-10, 2018 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.  The theme of the meeting is “Extreme events, ecosystem resilience and human well-being.”

The All Entomology Faculty Retreat is scheduled for August 16th and 17th in Pullman this year.

Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting is in Vancouver, BC, Nov 11-15, 2018.  This year’s theme is “Crossing Borders: Entomology in a Changing World.”  Submissions for papers and posters will open in mid-April for the Lunch and Learns and Functions.  For more info go to: