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David Onstad

Dr. David Onstad lives in Kitsap County and has an office at the Puyallup Research and Extension Center. He worked for 11 years with Corteva Agriscience (formerly DuPont Pioneer).

For 26 years, Dr. David Onstad was a professor at the University of Illinois where he taught applied ecology and focused on IPM. David has created mathematical models of more than 30 species of plants, insects, and diseases, including honey bees, predators, parasitoids, insect pathogens and plant diseases in alfalfa, maize, soybean, broccoli, wheat, grape vineyards, apple orchards, woodlands, and a few other systems.

The third edition of David’s book, co-edited with Lisa Knolhoff, Insect Resistance Management: biology, economics and prediction, was published by Academic Press in 2022. The Economics of Integrated Pest Management of Insects, was co-edited with Phil Crain and published by CABI in 2019.

David’s long-term interests include promotion of entomology in museums, schools, universities, and many other facilities and institutions in society. He continues to advocate for the use of economic analysis in IPM. Entomology and IPM should change to significantly contribute to society and agriculture as the world changes beyond 2040.