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Brandon Hopkins

Assistant Research Professor

Apiary and Laboratory Manager of the WSU Apiary Program

Areas of Interest

Apiculture. Developing improved methods for the cryopreserveation of honey bee semen. Investigating the evolution of different reproductive strategies.


Ph. D., Entomology, Washington State University

M.S., Biology, Eastern Washington University

B.A., Education, Eastern Washington University


Hopkins, B.K., Herr, C. and Sheppard, W.S. 2016 Gel-coated tubes extend above-freezing storage of honey bee (Apis mellifera) semen to 439 days with production of fertilized offspring.  Reproduction, fertility and Development (accepted/in press)

Emamverdi, M Zhandi, M. and Hopkins, B.K. and Technical note: preservation of honey bee spermatozoa using egg yolk and soybean lecithin-based semen extenders and a modified cryopreservation protocol. Journal of Apiculture Research DOI: 10.1080/00218839.2016.1243292

Hopkins, B.K. 2014 Artificial Reproductive Techniques In Honey Bees: Sperm Cell Physiology, Semen Collection And Storage. ProQuest. Dissertation Pub# 3628836

Hopkins, B.K., Herr, C. and Sheppard, W.S. 2012 Sequential generation of honey bee (Apis         mellifera) queens produced using cryopreserved semen.  Reproduction, fertility and    Development 24(8) (

Hopkins, B.K., Baker, P., Sheppard, W.S., and Herr, C. 2011 Value of egg-yolk in the      cryopreservation of honey bee (Apis mellifera) semen Cryobiology (in press)

Hopkins, B.K. and Herr, C. (2010) Factors affecting the successful cryopreservation of honey      bee semen. Apidologie 41 (5) 548-556

Hopkins B.K. and Herr, C. (2008) Cryopreservation of frog (Rana pipiens) sperm cells collected by non-lethal methods. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 20 (1): 120

Stucky, M., Hopkins, B.K., and Herr, C. (2008) Cryopreservation of honey bee spermatozoa.       Reproduction, Fertility and Development 20 (1): 127-128

Talarico, C., Freiberger, D., Jones, T., Hopkins, B., Herr, C., Koh, M. and Rodriguez-Marek, E.    (2008) A Hybrid Approach for Modeling and Assessing Performance of Embedded Systems in a Biologically Critical Application. 15th Annual IEEE International         Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of Computer Based Systems: 227-232











Department of Entomology, Washington State Unviersity, Pullman, WA 99163-6382

Phone: 509-335-8598