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Javier Gutierrez Illan

Research Assistant Professor


Areas of Interest

I am a researcher and conservation biologist interested in the effects of environmental changes on biodiversity. My major research deals with the whys and wherefores of biodiversity from a biogeographical perspective. Climatic warming is one of the most worrying environmental problems nowadays. I have published diverse studies which indicate that the distributions of a substantial number of species are moving towards colder zones, and that the phenology of many of them is happening earlier. Due to these problems, my research is focused on sampling effort assessment, biodiversity estimators and predictive modeling. The general objective of my research is being able to identify and predict the ecological processes that determine species distributions and diversity. At the moment, my research in the department of Entomology at Washington State University tries to address the question of how certain insect pests are evolving in the US Pacific Northwest and the development of tools to predict their effects.  I am also part of the DAS (Decision Aid System) group led by Dave Crowder (



Ph.D. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain, Doctor Europaeus Framework, 2009
M.S. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain, Conservation Biology, 2006
B.S Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, Biology (5-years degree), 2003

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Javier Gutierrez Illan

Department of Entomology
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6382