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Fall 2015 Colloquium Speakers

September 2 Mark Fisher, WSU Vancouver – The roles of genetic diversity and SinV-2 viral infection in fitness of the invasive fire ant Solenopsis invicta

September 9 No Colloquium

September 16 Krisztian Magori, Eastern Washington University – (Disease ecology and blood feeding arthropods)

September 23 Anthony Zera, University of Nebraska – (Insect physiology and adaptation)

September 30 Seemay Chou, University of Washington – (Microbiome of blood feeding arthropods)

October 7 William Kabasenche, WSU School of Politics – (Bioethics)

October 14 Joanna Kelley, WSU School of Biological Sciences – (Evolutionary genomics)

October 21 Carmen Blubaugh, WSU Dept. of Entomology – (Insect ecology)

October 28 Robert Orpet, WSU Dept. of Entomology – Ph.D. research proposal

November 4 Allen Moore, University of Georgia – (Evolutionary and behavioral genetics)

December 2 CANCELLED

December 9 John Banks, California State University-Monterey Bay – (Ecology)

December 11 – 9:00 a.m. – FSHN 104A – Carmen Castillo Carrillo, Doctoral Seminar – “Psyllid ecology and biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest”

Contact/Organizer: Dr. Jeb Owen,