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Fall 2021 Colloquium

Fall 2021 Colloquium

Coordinators: Dr. David Crowder & Dr. Doug Walsh
12:00 – 1:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 925 7824 3353
Passcode: 448803
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September 6 – No Seminar, Labor Day


September 13Jason Sampson, Washington State University – Environmental Health and Safety


September 20Dr. Gengping Zhu, Washington State University, “Spatial Ecology and Management of Invasive Pests”


September 27Dr. Kylie Swisher-Grimm, USDA-ARS Prosser IAREC


October 4 – Dr. Brian Bahder, University of Florida, “From Molecules to Migrations: Epidemiology of Palm Phytoplasmas and Ecology of Their Vectors” [Zoom Recording]


October 11 – Megan Asche, Washington State University, “An Investigation of Chemical Control Techniques for Polistes Paper Wasps” [Zoom Recording]


October 18 – Dr. Justin Clements, University of Idaho, “Pathogens, Parasites, and Predators: A Holistic Approach to Understanding Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee Health Through X-Diagnostics, DNA Multiplex, and Historical Data Analysis & Are Low-Rate Insecticide Applications Driving Insecticide Resistance in Onion Thrips?”


October 25 – Dr. William Walker, USDA-ARS Wapato, “Molecular Biology, Genetics and Genomics of Tree Fruit Pest Insects” [Zoom Recording]


November 1 – No Seminar, 2021 Annual ESA Meeting


November 8Dr. Sara Hermann, Penn State University, “Can Manipulating the Chemical Ecology of Predator-Prey Interactions Make Bad Bugs Behave Better?” [Zoom Recording]


November 15Jennifer Andreas, Washington State University, “Classical Weed Biocontrol Activities in Washington State” [Zoom Recording]


November 22 – No Seminar, Thanksgiving Break


November 29Mario Luppino, Washington State University, “Of Mites and Melittology – How Mites and Other Factors Impact Bee Health” and Kiersten Ritchie, Washington State University, “Reproductive Mechanisms of Evolutionary Differentiation in the Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L.)” [Zoom Recording]


December 6Dr. Luz Maria Gordillo, Washington State University, “Diversity Beyond Insects in Entomology and Allied Disciplines” [Zoom Recording]


December 13Finals Week