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Spring 2021 Colloquium

Spring 2021 Colloquium

Coordinators: Dr. David James & Dr. Jeb Owen
Zoom only
12:00 – 1:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 196 374 958
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January 25No Seminar


February 1Dr. Corrie Moreau, Cornell University, “Macroevolution to Microbiomes: Piecing Together the Puzzle to Understand the Evolution of the Ants” [Zoom Recording]


February 8Dr. Christina Mogren, University of Hawaii, “On the Road to Discovering the Value and Place for Honey Bees in Hawaii” [Zoom Recording]


February 15Dr. Robert Peterson, Montana State University, “Tigers in Yellowstone: Adaptations of Insects to Extreme Environments” [Zoom Recording]


February 22No Seminar


March 1Dr. Jennifer Koop, Northern Illinois University, “The Invasion of the Avian Vampire Fly: Tracking an Invasive Parasite of Darwin’s Finches” [Zoom Recording]


March 8 – Abigail Hayes, Washington State University, “The Wing Polyphenic Sand Cricket Gryllus Firmus: Morph Formation, Environmental Cues, and Transduction Mechanisms” [Zoom Recording]


March 15Dr. Jessica Forrest, University of Ottawa, “Population Ecology of Subalpine Bees in an Era of Global Change” [Zoom Recording]


March 22Connor Auth, Washington State University, “Increasing Accessibility of Honey Bee Semen Cryopreservation” [Zoom Recording]


March 29Dr. Amy Murillo, University of California, Riverside, “How Mites and Lice Affect Chicken Welfare and Behavior.” [Zoom Recording]


April 5Dr. Emily McDermott, University of Arkansas, “Right Trap, Right Study: Understanding Trap Biases in Vector Surveillance” [Zoom Recording]


April 12Dr. Rory Mc Donnell, Oregon State University, “Slime Time: Frontiers in Pest Slug and Snail Management in North America” [Zoom Recording]


April 19Stephen Onayemi, Washington State University, “Indoor Honey Bee Queen Banking as an Alternative to Outdoor Banking Practices” [Zoom Recording]


April 26Dr. Chris Thomas, University of York, “The Dynamics of Anthropocene Biodiversity” [Zoom Recording]