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Finding a Lab and Advisor

  1. Identify your general interest area within entomology (e.g., insect physiology, ecology, integrated pest management, evolution, etc.).
  2. Browse through our faculty and identify a faculty advisor(s) that you might want to work with. We have faculty on the Pullman campus, as well as at our statewide research and extension centers (REC) that advise graduate students.
    1. It is best practice to read a few scientific journal articles recently published by the faculty member to understand the direction of their research.
    2. Our faculty are highly collaborative and often have similar interests, so you are encouraged to contact multiple faculty within the department.
  3. Contact faculty through email. It’s a good practice to include your CV/resume in the email. Here’s a helpful blog about why and how to contact a faculty advisor.
  4. It’s good practice to send a follow-up email after a week if you don’t receive a reply from the faculty member.
  5. Set-up a virtual or phone meeting to gauge interest for both parties.
  6. If you are interested, submit an application for the MS or PhD in Entomology.


A completed application is an effective and essential tool for faculty consideration – as well as for the admissions committee.


If you are accepted into the WSU Graduate School, you may be invited to visit the campus and meet the faculty’s lab members or meet lab members via ZOOM.  Meeting with lab members is a good opportunity to learn about current research and lab expectations.