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WSU Graduate Taxonomy Spring 2014


Insects collected by:   WSU Taxonomy, Spring 2014
Taught by:   Andrew Child and Dr. William Turner
Photography by:   Jake Asplund



Family: Buprestidae
Genus: Dicera
Common name: Jeweled Wood-Boring Beetle
Habitat: Larvae found under bark on live trees
Collected: Steptoe Canyon, Washington


Family: Buprestidae
Genus: Acmaeodera
Common name: Wood Boring Beetle
Habitat: Larvae live under bark on live trees
Collected: Steptoe Canyon, Washington
Commonly found visiting flowers during the summer


Family: Scoliidae
Genus: Scolia
Common name: Scoliid Wasp
Collected: Steptoe Canyon, Washington

Predators of white grubs (often scarab larvae) in sandy soils. The female will dig a cell around the prey and lay and egg. Once hatched, the larvae will consume the grub and pupate before emerging from the soil.


Family: Raphidiidae
Genus: Agulla
Common name: Snakefly
Collected: Pullman, Washington

Adults and larvae are predators on aphids and soft-bodied insects. Larvae are terrestrial and often mistaken for ground beetle larvae.


Family: Ceratocombidae
Genus: Ceratocombus
Common name: Exceedingly uncomon, there are no common names for this family.
Habitat: Soil and litter
Collected: Discovery Park in Seattle, Washington


Family: Salphingidae
Genus: Aphodius
Common name: Narrow-waisted Bark Beetle
Habitats: Under Bark
Collected: Spokane, Washington


Family: Scarabidae
Genus: Aphodius
Common name: Dung Beetle (introduced)
Habitat/Food: Mammal dung
Collected: Moscow, Idaho


Family: Lycidae
Genus: Dictyoptorus
Common name: Net-Wing Beetle
Habitat: Larvae live in decaying logs
Collected: Kamiak Butte, Washington
Commonly found resting on dead wood.


Genus: Aclypta
Common name: Lace-Wing Bug
Habitat: Damp moss
Collected: Klemguard Park, Washington


Family: Cydnidae
Common name: Burrowing Bug
Habitat: Soil
Collected: Boise, Idaho


Common name: Cukoo Wasp
Collected: Othello, Washington

These attractive hymenopterans are nest inquilines or “guests” of other wasps and bees. They lay their eggs in the nest of their host and their larvae feed on the same food as the host larvae.


Common name: Predacious Ground Beetle
Habitat: Leaf litter and soils
Collected: Gig Harbor, Washington


Common name: Noctuid Moth
Collected: Pullman, Washington

A very large and diverse group, these are some of the most commonly seen moths around lights, and on the sides of houses in the summer.


Genus: Cucujis
Common name: Flat Bark Beetle
Habitat: Under the bark of downed Cottonwood trees.
Collected: Asotin Creek, Washington
Food: Unknown, it was thought that they fed on fungi, but current research suggests they may prey on other insects.


Genus: Thanatophilus
Common name: Carrion Beetle
Collected: Asotin Creek, Washington

These beetles feed as larvae and adults on rotting meat. This on was collected on the remains of a deer.


Common name: Weevil
Collected: Othello, Washington
Weevils are easily recognized by their elongated snout-like head.


Common name: Weevil
Collected: Gig Harbor, Washington
Weevils feed on seeds and plants, and some are important pests of crops.


Common name: Dry-tree Fungus Beetle
Habitat: Inside polyporus fungi (Conchs)
Collected: Asotin Creek, Washington


Genus: Triplax
Species: Antica
Common name: Pleasing Fungus Beetle
Collected: In Oyster fungus (conchs) near Walla Walla, Washington


Genus: Sinodendron
Species: Rugosum
Common name: Stag Beetle
Habitat: Damp, spongy, rotting alder logs
Collected: Asotin Creek, Washington


Genus: Hololepta
Species: Aequalis
Common name: Hister Beetle
Habitat: Under bark of downed trees
Collected: Asotin Creek, Washington
Food: Other insects and anthropods


Genus: Agonopterix
Species: Alstroemeriana
Common name: Poison Hemlock Defoliating Moth
Food: Conium spp. (Poison Hemlock)

A common moth in wooded areas, this is a bio-control agent released to control or eliminate populations of invasive Conium spp. (Poison Hemlock)


Genus: Brontes
Common name: Silvan Flat Bark Beetle
Habitat: Under bark of downed trees
Collected: Asotin Creek, Washington


Genus: Ptininae
Common name: Spider Beetle
Collected: Pullman, Washington

This Spider Beetle os a scavenger and can often be found wandering on walls and door frames, as they are attracted to light at night.


Common name: Torymid Wasp
Habitat: Galls of other wasps
Collected: Pullman, Washington


Genus: Xyela
Common name: Xyelid Sawfly
Habitat: Pine trees, and specifically male pine cones.
Collected: Pullman, Washington