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Spring 2017 Colloquium

Mondays, 2:10-3pm, Room 354 FSHN
Faculty contacts: Laura Lavine and Doug Walsh

January 9 – Rich Zack, WSU, “An Entomological Odyssey” Intro by Kunle Adesanya

January 16 – Martin Luther King Day Holiday – no seminar

January 18 – Dr. Peter Landolt, USDA-ARS Entomologist in Wapato, IAREC Seminar Series, “Fun with Wasps,” **Location in room 164 via AMS from Prosser** (to be rescheduled due to weather)

January 23 – Bill Snyder, WSU, “Biodiversity as a buffer against pests and pathogens” Intro by Eli Bloom

January 30 – Vince Hebert, WSU, “Polinator Health: Concerns with Pesticide Use in Urban, Rural and Agricultural Landscapes” Intro by Rachel Olsson

February 6 – Mike Parrella, Dean of the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Univ. of Idaho, “To Antarctica and Back:  The Search for Belgica Antarctica (Diptera: Chironomidae)” Intro by Paul Chisholm

February 13 – Dr. Lisa Neven, USDA-ARS Yakima  Agricultural Research Laborator, Research Leader, Title TBD Intro by Robert Orpert

February 20 – President’s Day – No seminar

February 27 – Dr. Steve Garczynski, USDA-ARS Yakima Agricultural Research Laboratory, “Use of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to determine protein function in codling moth” Intro by Abbey Hayes

March 6 – Brandon Hopkins Colloquium Talk – TBD

March 13 – Spring Break – No seminar

March 20 – Mary Barbercheck, Penn State, “A Growing Concern: Women Farmers Sustaining Agriculture and the Environment” EGSA Student Choice Speaker Intro by Matt Jones  ** Note: Seminar 2-3 p.m. in FSHN T-101 **

March 27 – Catherine Daniels, WSU Puyullap, “On the Topic of Pesticides: Could you be using one and not know it?” Intro by Megan Asche

April 3 – PBESA Meeting – No seminar

April 10 – Paul Chisolm defense seminar

April 17 – Adrienne Godschalx, Portland State University “A tale of two mutualists: How ants and nitrogen-fixing bacteria shape plant chemical ecology” Intro by Carmen Blubaugh

April 20 – Mark Brown, UGA, EP Catts Entomology Lecture “Hormonal Regulation of Mosquito Development and Reproduction” at 2:00 p.m. in FSHN T101 Intro by Alix Whitener

April 21 – Mark Brown, UGA, EP Catts Public Lecture “Mosquitos have Hormones too: Why Bother?” at 5:00pm in CUE 203, dinner to follow in CUE 518

April 24 – Emily Wine, M.S. Exit Seminar, Tentative

May 1 – Final Examinations Begin – No seminar