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House Bugs

Ahryssus species

Hemiptera: Rhopalidae

Ahryssus spp. bugs are “in home invasive pests” of the true bug family Rhopalidae. These “scentless plant bugs” have a strong odor and over winter in structures of all sorts especially houses. The try to exit the house in the early spring when the greening of the surrounding environment occurs.

After feeding on plants and reproducing, the new generation of adults migrates to structures. To enter hibernation quarters. Over wintering adults seek moisture on sunny days and move in and out of their protective site.

While they are harmless, the sheer numbers of them over a period of weeks causes anxiety by home occupiers. And they get into beds, etc. I get more calls on these bugs in the spring and late summer than other Arthropods. Thomas Henry identified 3 species collected in the Garfield County Washington, Courthouse, in March.

They are A. barberi Harris, A. crassus Harris, and A. scutatus (Stal).